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Monday, February 28th, 2011





Begoña García Retegui – Autonomous presidential candidate


Joaquín López Pagán


María González Veracruz


Oñate Francisco Javier Marín


Alfonso Navarro Gavilán


Look Clavero Esher


Martínez Francisca Baraza


Francisco Antonio Gómez Gómez


Abellán José Manuel Abellán


Enrique Fernandez Ayuso


José Luis Gabaldon Nohales


Concepción Martínez Estrada


Juan Pedro López Juárez


Pastor Nuria Morcillo


Ivars Emilio Ferrer


José Antonio Ramírez Lucas


Pablo Belmonte López


Turpin Fuensanta Cano


Antonia Campbell Abenza


Cesar Nicolas Gomariz


María López Ruiz

S1 M ª Carmen López Pérez

S2 Javier López Hernández

Mariana García Oporto S3



Miras Manuel Soler


M ª Carmen Moreno Pérez


Alfonso Martínez Baños


Ana García Vivancos


Rosa Isabel Román Cabrera


María Dolores Alarcon Olivares.

María Isabel S1 Casalduero Jodar

Ramón Román Díaz S2

Eva María Heredia Acosta S3



Antonio Martínez Bernal


Teresa Rodriguez Rosillo


Fernando Vera Albaladejo


Gil Encarna Castejon


Larry Ruiz Virtues


Elena Lozano Joseph Bledsoe


Antonio Jesús García Conesa


Albaladejo José María Álvarez


Manuel Leal Manzanera


Nuria Martínez Noguera

Julio López Guillén S1

S2 Teresa Marín Marín

S3 Vila Cristina Parra



Jesus Navarro Jimenez


Magdalena García Fernández


Ascension Ludeman


José Garrido Fernández Salvador

S1 Julia Giménez Marín

Aira S2 Boluda Blaya

José María López López S3



Francisco Abellán Martínez


Peter J. Blas

Hernández Navarro


Yolanda Fernández Sánchez

S1 Fuensanta Olivares García

Jesus Sanchez Cutillas S2


The PSOE PSRM-renewal commitment to regional lists

Monday, February 28th, 2011

lists, presented at the Regional Committee of the party, show a clear commitment to young people, ready and willing to undertake a new project of Region

The Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia has presented this afternoon at the Regional Committee will be their final regional lists.

Some lists, according to the Socialist candidate for president of the autonomous region, Begoña García Retegui, "involving the safety of a new prosperity for the Region of Murcia as they are the real alternative to the Government of Valcárcel, a government that cuts social rights, salaries and basic public services. "

Begoña García Retegui said that "we have another way of understanding the economy and believe you can do things differently. The bid we have submitted meets the need of the Murcia Region a new government. New people this application form are the people who can take over an exhausted government, a government without ideas, a government that only knows how to announce further cuts in social and more cuts in the welfare state. "

Regarding the regional lists submitted ahead of the next election compared to past lists of 2007, Begoña García Retegui stressed that "have been renewed almost all the chief candidates, has entered many young but highly trained young people, some of them have already passed municipal management is knowing how to manage people in times of crisis. These young people combined with the usual party people, who have been in positions of responsibility, who knows what is management. The situation Murcia Region in this crisis is very committed, is a situation that goes beyond that is more difficult than the whole of Spain. We are in an economy operated. The regional government is going to leave the regional coffers bloodless, with debt providers, families, people with cuts in social … "

"The Region of Murcia need hope, need to expectations, you need to know that we will preserve the welfare state. And within the applications we present are people who mean reflection, have been in difficult times, when things have been if it were more complicated for the Socialists and have been able to hold and manage and to make up for the Murcia and Murcia, "said the Socialist candidate, who concluded by stating that" the socialist candidate has the ability and training to make these lists an exciting project that an alternative change to this region. "


Beatriz Jurado: "Zapatero is a catastrophe for the young Spanish"

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Criticism that young Murcia "also have to endure discrimination Zapatero

The presidential candidate of the New Generations, Beatriz Jurado, stated that "Zapatero has been an absolute disaster for all young people."

Jury has announced that one of the main issues we discussed at the XIII National Congress of NNGG to be held in Zaragoza from 15th and April 16th will be the job because "it is one of the major problems of our country , with a rate of 43 percent youth unemployment. "

"Young people have the obligation to close the cycle of Zapatero and open the door to a political organization and prepared, the PP, Mariano Rajoy forward."

For this reason stated that "we will work with forcefulness and Rajoy content to take the best projects" and it "will take you to this conference the best ideas into jobs and creating opportunities."

After a meeting with the president of the PP in the Region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, has shown concern that young Murcia "because they are the same as the rest and do not deserve the contempt that the government of Rodriguez Zapatero is having with the Region. "

"What other people from other parts of Spain have better infrastructure and greater opportunities for their communities with greater investment and greater affection by the central government is the most unfair thing that can happen to young people, who are faring quite badly and as also receive the contempt and lack of importance that the PSOE and Zapatero gives the Murcia Region. "

Beatriz Jurado has advanced the NNGG Congress "is not a debate of people, but the choice of a good content and projects with the aim of being at the height of the Spanish youth and the problems they have."

It has pointed out that domestic issues will be discussed and reviewed the statutes and the policy paper "to respond to all social and ideological debates in a very interesting time where NNGG of Murcia is bringing ideas and projects."

Source: PP Región de Murcia

IU-Greens Sotoca accuses of supporting the "attacks" Ramirez to the teacher

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Ensure that the dismissal of 80 temporary "denies" the Minister of Education and warns that in September there will be more

IU-Greens in the Region of Murcia today criticized the Minister of Education, Constantine Sotoca for "support" the attitude of the general director of Human Resources, José María Ramírez, stating that "attacks" of this against the teachers "the in the name of the PP. "

Education responsible for IU-Greens Murcia, Diego Reina, has said that this way Sotoca "get rid of the bad image that provides Ramirez to faculty and public school teachers, thus hiding the chaos of his counseling. "

Reina has said the job losses of about 80 interns "denies" the statements of Minister of Education in which claimed last December that the Law on Extraordinary Measures driven by the regional government would not involve "any temporary dismissal."

"Besides, he adds noteworthy is the pernicious effect of this law to the students because, for a political whim of the President of the Region, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, and Constantine Sotoca, thousands of students are going to change the teacher in the middle the second quarter of course. "

Has denounced the "disorganization" of counseling leads to a day before returning to the workplace shop stewards, "Education has not clear who has to stop his union work," and has criticized the counseling " been put on hold this measure up to the CEO knows who has to return, generating anxiety and nervousness among the 80 temporary teachers. "

The leader of IU-Greens' education has also warned that next September will take place firing "hundreds" of interim coinciding with the start of the school year.

"The measures imposed by the PP does not aim to reduce the deficit, but to undermine the foundations of the teaching unions, which in our region have been a bulwark against the policy of cuts," concluded Quinn.

Source: IURM

Monday, February 28th, 2011

and UGT not participate in the fair Entreculturas "] | trade union organizations consider a" Paripe "and a cynical exercise in" marketing "this event, especially after the drastic fall in funds dedicated to integration |


and UGT are not going to participate in the celebration Entreculturas, IV Hall for the Integration of Immigrants and Development Cooperation in the Region of Murcia, sponsored by the Directorate General of Social Affairs and Immigration Equality, which will take place on 4 , 5 and 6 March next at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of IFEP in Torre Pacheco.

In previous years both CCOO and UGT have participated in this event, setting up a stand and using it to inform and advise immigrants on rights at all levels, in Aliens on, work and residence permit, social embeddedness and employment, family reunification, renewals, nationalities, expulsions, student card, community, visas, etc., in labor on employment, social security, labor and social legislation on the education of children, education, social protection, health, traffic , housing, etc.

Such advice and subsequently processed by the Immigration Office has been undermined and reduced our ability to intervene at a drastically reduced subsidies to the Autonomous Region last year came up giving different social organizations, citing the reduction in integration funding by the central government also assumed that if 60%, C.

Autonomous reduced by 80% and up to 90%.

In this situation, not knowing today what will be the allocation of funds for integration, not to plan the present or the future of care for this group, since CC.OO.

and UGT, we think the important thing is to serve the immigrant population in our region represent a 16.5% of the registered population (ie approximately 241,865 people), care that unfortunately are not going to continue to make and the consequences will have to take Regional Government and the Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration, and the different municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Murcia.

Given this, CCOO

UGT and ask us for celebrations are we?

Why Exhibitions?

We think not.

The priority from our point of view is to serve the immigrants, advice, information, process files, integrate them into society Murcia, etc.

We therefore believe that resources should go for it and help them as much as possible to pass along with other citizens the crisis we are facing and that the group of immigrants are suffering twice the not have the cushion of family and friends who can help them overcome it.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Regional Government, Bascuñana Adviser, Director General, Leopoldo Navarro, President Valcarcel, this time for the first time, the most representative of the Region, CCOO

and UGT, we will not participate in a waste of funds, a pantomime, to distort how things are in reality, that is, hunger, unemployment, poverty, uncertainty, so we say now, not now touch Fairs Now do not touch celebrations, now plays not look away, now it solidarity, resources for the weakest, not wasting tap, tap our word that we preach politics, ultimately turn to believe in what we say, a more just, egalitarian without discrimination, where diversity reigns, and yourselves have been shown to maintain this "fair" that what matters is the marketing, facing out, outside.

Source: CCOO Región de Murcia

Movistar offers a second phone line for free to all customers

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Second Line Movistar offers customers one additional number on their mobile as ever, you can use a simple way without configurations or downloads to your device.

The client can use this second line in less trusted environments, such as social networking sites on the Internet sales, promotions, temporary contacts, etc., Thus keeping the privacy of your primary number in these environments.

Movistar launches in beta "Second Line" which offers all its customers, contract and prepaid card, the possibility of having a second phone line associated with your phone card and always free.

In this way, they can decide who provide the main line and to whom this second issue, being able to separate trust environments easily, and manage all your communications from your mobile.

With this initiative, Movistar provides more privacy to the client, the leading online reservation for your personal contacts and use for other efforts – ads, jobs, shopping on the Internet … – the second line.

The user can easily identify incoming calls through this number as displayed on the screen of your phone with the prefix 22, which allows you to decide whether to accede to the call at that time or not.

The simplicity of both the high and in use is a reality, as Second Line is activated with a 22522 or call toll free from the web

Similarly, simply dial the prefix 22 before the number you want to contact you or you want to send an SMS through the second line.

Customers who enjoy the service does not pay anything to get their second line.

In addition, the service is available to all customers of Movistar, since there are no monthly fees.

The client receives a single invoice which will reflect both the calls from the main number as those made since the Second Line, the latter invoiced under the contract rates for the first line.

The customer can manage their web-based Second Line in, you can access the activity log of its second line, listen and download your voicemail messages, set your availability and customize your contact mailbox greeting.

In addition, customers can decide what you want to receive calls and SMS on your second line and which sent directly to your mailbox (spam, hidden numbers, etc.).

This site is enabled and Movistar and customers wishing to sign up for the beta can do today.

As of March 15 will begin to activate the service to customers who have requested it.

Source: Movistar

About 3,000 people gather at the Family Meeting organized by the Diocese of Cartagena

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The sports hall became a domestic church where hundreds of Christian families share their experiences

Titled "Family, faith passes, the Diocese of Cartagena yesterday afternoon held a traditional meeting of Christian families.

About 3,000 people gathered at the Palacio de Deportes de Murcia to share and learn new experiences on the Christian family.

The event was attended by the Bishop of Teruel-Albarracín, Monsignor Carlos Escribano, the mayor of Murcia, D.

Miguel Angel House and Pastor of the diocese, Bishop José Manuel Lorca Planes, who chaired this meeting.

The feast of the family began between songs and prayers inspired by the diocesan choir.

Next, the CEO of Family Ministry, D.

Pedro Tudela, presented to Bishop Escribano, who developed a great presentation on the evangelization of the family as domestic Church.

The Bishop of Teruel-Albarracín, recalled the words of John Paul II: "The evangelization of the third millennium, it is only possible from the family."

For the prelate, the Christian family must be an active subject of evangelization.

"This does not evangelize for a commission, but because domestic church, that is, families are playing all that is the Church," Bishop said.

The rapporteur said that the family must be transmitting the faith.

According Escribano, "one of the tests we have to raise the subject is Christian.

This occurs when the person that we recognize Jesus Christ's message. "

"As we evangelize evangelized.

Thus the Christian family has to play the episode of Road to Emmaus.

Jesus begins to explain the Scriptures from the beginning.

This is a big challenge for us. "

The Bishop of Teruel, proposed a second important element in family evangelization: the testimony.

According to this, the transmission of faith within the family has to motivate the vocation of love: "We are all loved and we were born to love."

That particular call to love in marriage or in consecrated life.

The bishop said that "membership in the Christian family has to assume as a vocation and not a function."

Monsignor Carlos Escribano explained that the purpose of family ministry is to have a full life, as it marks the coexistence of each day.

"When the family lives in these coordinates can live an abundant life" says the prelate.

In his lecture, said that "if the family is the Church, must also have the function of serving the Gospel and celebrate."

Alluding to the words of Benedict XVI, Bishop claimed that the Christian family passes on the faith when parents teach their children to pray.

"When we say that the family has to evangelize is to start by itself," explains Bishop.

To conclude his speech, Bishop of Teruel-Albarracín, outlined three key elements in the process of evangelization family: the Eucharist as food for the domestic church, to live the Sacrament of Forgiveness and Family Prayer.

To accomplish the latter, you need personal prayer, marriage and prayer among all family members.

The bishop ended his presentation by stating that "The aim of the Christian family is none other than find the love of God."

Moreover, the mayor of Murcia, D.

Miguel Ángel Cámara, also appreciated the sentiments of the Christian family saying that it allows the development and happiness.

Chamber referred to the Easter century as an essential tool to transmit the faith through the popular religiosity.

"Despite that want to destroy the family will live and hope," asserted the mayor.

After intervention the ecclesiastical and civil authorities, the second part of the meeting began with an account of several witnesses.

The first was that of a family of Neocatechumenal way that indicated the importance of living in the love of God.

"I felt loved by my wife who has been able to demonstrate the love of God."

A family with five children, two of them priests.

The second witness was led by a group of families belonging to the Teams of Our Lady.

One of the youngest said to have had the good fortune of belonging to a Christian family: "My parents have taught me to be a good Christian."

Another member pointed out that the best way to experience the spirituality of marriage is to have God present in their lives.

The meeting ended with the celebration of the Eucharist.

More than half a hundred priests accompanied the Bishop of the Diocese who presided over the mass.

During the homily, Bishop Plans Lorca said, "The Christian family has to work in the transformation of this world to God.

Clarifies that, "Monseigneur," the challenge before us to the current situation is pastoral care for the family. "

"I have called for recuperéis your face of God, for you to work with the heart of a believer."

"Christians are called to witness and be a true evangelists" said Lorca Planes.

The Shepherd of the diocese argued that "a family living in their midst Christian love becomes a path of spiritual realization and a way for society."

Monsignor José Manuel Lorca invited those present to live each day together, and have God as one in the home.

On the other hand, encouraged parents to read with their children, and to have religious symbols in the home.

The Bishop of Cartagena concluded his homily urging families to be apostles in the Gospel, "because they can only evangelize those who have previously been evangelized."

A day spent in a festive and family.

Source: Obispado de Cartagena

The Community will promote the streamlining of the registration of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The Director General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control, Francisco Espejo, met today with members of the Club Emas of the Region of Murcia and environmental verifiers more representative perform their work in our Community (AENOR, SGS, Bureau Veritas and LRQA), in order to promote the streamlining of administrative procedures for registration EMAS, the Eco-Management and Audit Mediomabiental.

The Emas Club, founded in 2009, is a non-profit association, currently formed by 15 companies and organizations across many sectors with broad representation, the scope of which includes at least one center in our region.

Common commitment to the Club's environmental improvement and transparency in its management.

Mirror said it has agreed to regularly hold such meetings to facilitate the procedures concerning the procedure for EMAS registration, with the participation of other existing environmental verifiers and the National Accreditation ENAC.

Source: CARM

Ecologists in Action welcomes the speed limit on motorways

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Murcia Region Ecologists in Action welcomes the move announced by the Ministry of Interior of reduction to a maximum speed of 110 km / h, and encourages it to make it permanent, as well as the earlier proposal to reduce to 30 km / h speed zones residential.

The environmental organization is ten years called a speed limit more strict in highways, roads and cities for several reasons.

First, it means a significant savings in fuel consumption, secondly that the rate reduction is the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2, third would reduce emissions of pollutants combustion product of traffic and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or microparticles PM10 and PM 2.5, which affect public health.

Finally, it would be an element of reduced traffic noise and a contributing factor in moderating the accident.

All these reasons lead to Ecologists in Action in the Region of Murcia actually welcomes this measure.

In fact, the environmental organization has been arguing for years that speed limits are reduced to 100 km / h on motorways and expressways, 80-90 on the road, that actually meets the limit of 50 km / h in large urban avenues, and 30 km / h in residential areas.

Indeed, slowing oil would be saved.

Transport is one of the most wasteful of energy and greater environmental impact.

Consumes 40% of energy, of which 85% corresponds to the road.

Therefore, stop wasting energy in the sector involves, among other measures, to reduce the speeds at which traffic moves, since the maximum energy efficiency of cars is around 90 km / h.

But, while reducing fuel oil consumption, reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, which would allow us to reduce our excessive contribution to this major global problem.

On the other hand, next to carbon dioxide in the exhaust gases and particles out harming our health, and that these reductions also reduce speed as proven with numerous experiences.

This would also reduce noise levels in our metropolitan areas such as Murcia and its environment and, last but not least, would be a reason for reducing the accident rate and severity of accidents, which are proportional in number and magnitude to the velocity of circulation.

For this reason, Ecologists in Action welcomes the measures announced by the Ministry of Interior, and applications to the institution and the regional and local administrations to make them permanent and even more ambitious to be limitations.

Source: Ecologistas en Acción

Manifesta canning and receive two awards' Discovering the art 'for its contribution to culture

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The magazine awards the prizes in art' Innovation and Experimentation "and" Support for Artistic Expression "on March 9 at the museum Reina Sofia

Contemporary Art Center 'La Conservera' and the European Biennial of Contemporary Art 'Manifesta 8' have been recognized with awards 'Discovering Art' to 'Innovation and Experimentation' and the 'Support for Artistic Expression', respectively.

On 9 March, the awards ceremony held at the National Museum Reina Sofia Art Center, which provide professionals in the Editorial Unit review and recognize institutions and leading people in the field of culture and national art.

The sculptor Alberto Bañuelos has made awards to the winners and will consist of 14 original sculptures made in puiedra.

The prizes III 'Discovering the art' also have recognized the work of the Fundación Santander, the Carmen Thyssen Bornemisza de Málaga, Fundación Bancaja, the Heritage Museum in Malaga, TF Editores, Reina Sofia Museum, the exhibition "Matisse in Alhambra ', Museum of Human Evolution and Alocarte.

Also been made at the individual level the artist Alberto Corazón, the director of the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Consuelo Ciscar, and the chairman of Iberia Center Beijing Beijing, Gao Ping.

Source: CARM