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Amador Ferrer managed to double to become champion of the Copa del Rey

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The pilot of Totana, Antonio Costa, ranked in third place

The dispute of the Copa del Rey dismissed the domestic season of jet skis, with the conclusion of the test circuit, jet and offshore rally in the campground in San Javier Mar Menor.

Two days of competition in which, as usual, Murcia pilots proved to be the best in the sport.

Thus, Amador Ferrer, a veteran pilot of San Pedro del Pinatar, champion of the Copa del Rey in the supreme offshore, making double this season as champions of Spain is only a month ago.

Amador said he was very pleased to get the two titles, ensuring that this last race was quite complicated, "the strong side wind made the bike crossed his path and was quite difficult to control, also had a steering problem that still more complicated. "

The San Pedro broke his bike on Saturday afternoon, during testing of jet rally, forcing his crew to an extra effort to make it ready for Sunday morning.

In this category, second place went to the Spaniard Galo Polo, and in third place driver Totana, Antonio Costa, who said reaching the goal exhausted by the struggle against prevailing wind gusts throughout the test.

In the F2, the second and third place was occupied two Murcia, Navarro and Oliva, ranking first Valencian Quevedo.

The story of the day the starring Antonio Vivanco, a hundred meters before the finish, when he held the top spot, broke down.

Vivanco jumped into the water to try to reach the finish swimming, which caused a moment of excitement among the audience.

The first three declared, upon his arrival in mind, feel, in part, sorry for the bad luck to his opponent.

Also in promotion, Murcia Ezequiel Carrillo and Miguel Angel Hervás took second and third place, coming in first place the Spaniard Miguel Angel Quiros.

The test was attended, as invited by France's Bruno Pastorello, one of the world's most competitive drivers, who completed a hundred miles off the coast of Mar Menor with almost 6 minutes ahead of the runner.

Her victory was not accounted for being a national championship.

On Saturday

The previous day's specialties competed rally circuit and jet.

In the test circuit Murcia said the young man, Kevin Moreno, who won in F3 jet ski and second place in jet ski F1.

Specializing in jet rally, Ezequiel Carrillo won first place in the category promotion, and also Murcia, Escudero, proclaimed third.

In F2 the Vivanco Murcia and Costa got the second and third place, winning the Galician fields test.

In the premier class, F1, the best place for him occupied Murcia Juan Manuel Sáez, who got the third position.

The first was the Catalan Jordi Tomas and the second Galo Polo.


On Saturday night during the awards ceremony of the jet rally mode, offered a heartfelt tribute to José Manuel Cruzado Cadiz pilot, who suffered a serious accident while participating in a trial of Andalusian championship.

Cross was forced to spend a month immobilized by a broken hip, being still recovering and the recovery process.

The organizers, the Spanish Federation of Powerboating, the Federation and the club Murcia Jetriders, wanted to show their support for the athlete who, visibly moved, received clear signs of affection by all those present at the event.



Jet Ski F1

1 .- Nacho Armillas

2 .- Kevin Moreno

3 .- Salvador Vila

Jet Ski F3

1 .- Kevin Moreno

2 .- Fede Fuster

3 .- Roger Pujol

Runabout F1

1 .- Roberto Alexandre

2 .- Fernando Martín

3 .- Arturo Campos

Runabout F2

1 .- Salem Benabdelkader

2 .- Ismael Rojas

3 .- Oscar Gonzalez

Jet Rally

Runabout F1

1 .- Jordi Tomas

2 .- Galo Polo

3 .- Juan Manuel Sáez

Runabout F2

1 .- Arturo Campos

2 .- Marco Vivanco

3 .- Antonio Costa

Runabout Promotion

1 .- Ezequiel Carrillo

2 .- Alberto Ríos

3 .- Escudero

Off Shore

Runabout F1

1 .- Amador Ferrer

2 .- Galo Polo

3 .- Antonio Costa

Runabout F2

1 .- Quevedo Sarmiento

2 .- Sánchez Navarro

3 .- Juan de Dios Oliva

Runabout Promotion

1 .- Miguel Angel Quiros

2 .- Ezequiel Carrillo

3 .- Miguel Angel Hervás

Source: Federación de Motonáutica de la Región de Murcia

Valcárcel promoted a meeting between Moroccan authorities and the rulers of the UMU and UPCT in Agadir to enhance the Campus Mare Nostrum

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The president of the Community confirms that the Campus of Excellence will be present at the meeting of the Regional Assembly and Local Mediterranean ( ARLEM), to be held in January in Morocco

The Chief Executive announced Murcia and offered to the strategic importance ARLEM International Campus as "an instrument" with which to cooperate with colleges and Mediterranean regions

Valcárcel notes that "the Mediterranean regions were very enthusiastic about the project

The President of the Autonomous Region and vice president of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Ramón Luis Valcárcel, promotes a meeting between Moroccan authorities and the governing of the University of Murcia (UMU) and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) in city of Agadir to enhance the Campus Mare Nostrum.

Ramón Luis Valcárcel coordinate the preparatory work for this campus include in the agenda of the next meeting of the Regional Assembly and Local Mediterranean (ARLEM), to be held on 29 January.

The regional chief executive, who offered this Thursday ARLEM meeting in Brussels, the value of this initiative at the University of Murcia and Cartagena University and strategic educational space, said the Campus Mare Nostrum "was received with enthusiasm "by the members of the assembly.

Also, Valcarcel said the Mayor of Agadir, who is also co-chair of the ARLEM, Mohammed Boudre, conveyed the interest of their region to arrange a meeting between Morocco and the governing of universities that are leading this action Murcia recently recognized Campus of Excellence and International European Regional level.

The president said the Campus Community International Excellence "is a tool with which to cooperate with the Mediterranean as a whole, and project and share knowledge and research."

Is also added, "a bridge between people of the basin, most especially with the Maghreb and specifically in Morocco."

The president said that the Community shall make the universities of Murcia and Cartagena "available to the regions of the Mediterranean, European, Asian, African and, to operate as a great bridge and link to open new avenues of collaboration and exchange of experiences and researchers. "

Mare Nostrum campus will specialize in the pockets of excellence in agri-food based bio-economy, quality of life and health technology.

It will also focus on the Mediterranean Sea and the naval and marine technologies.

The UMU and UPCT achieved on 21 October, the rating Campus of Excellence by the Ministry of Education.

The proposal by the universities of Murcia was analyzed by an international commission of experts had to decide between 22 projects from 39 universities.

Source: CARM

The Assembly rejected the parliamentary procedure of three motions of the PSOE in support of the Agriculture and Fisheries

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Bartolomé Soler stressed the importance of supporting the primary sector in these times of crisis, explains that the reason given for not debating is "because involve increased appropriations "

The Regional Assembly has rejected three initiatives dealing with socialist parliamentary deputy, Bartolomé Soler, "on the grounds that involve increased appropriations."

In particular there are three motions related to agriculture and fisheries sector.

The first called for the establishment of insurance to compensate the regional fleet in case of temporary withdrawal.

Another motion called for the establishment of agricultural waste collection points and the construction of a plant's energy use and two of recycled plastics in the Valley Guadalentín and Cartagena.

And in the third called for support for the sector of nuts.

Socialist MP expressed his surprise at the decision and stressed the importance of supporting the primary sector, especially at a time like the present so critical to the regional economy.

Soler asked Valcárcel and government support of truth and facts to agriculture and fisheries in the region.


The Regional Transportation Portal receives more than half a million hits since its start-up

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The bus from Murcia to Cartagena was the most visited in September on the web

The managing director of the Public Transport Authority says that this application "integrated into the detail all the services provided by operators and the public transport"

The Regional Transport Portal of the autonomous region has been, since their operation last April, nearly 500,000 citizens inquiries to plan their journeys by public transport.

The managing director of the Public Transport Authority (EFA), Jose Guillen, he explained that this application "integrated into the detail all the services provided by different operators and public transport companies in the region."

"The increase in monthly visits demonstrates the confidence of citizens in the Portal, which last September registered more than 40,000 consultations in August," said Guillen.

On the Web, citizens can learn about and plan their trips throughout the region and know the routes, schedules and stops both city and intercity buses as taxis, trains and trams.

According to the official said autonomous, "during the month of September has been an increase in requests for information about the routes between Murcia and Cartagena, motivated by the celebration of festivals in both cities."

In July and August, the preferences of users focused on routes to the coast, particularly in La Manga del Mar Menor.

Guillen said that the statistics "show that Murcia are increasingly useful option for public transport for their journeys, compared to private vehicles."

Thousands of miles to serve the public

This Portal was born of an R + D + i for EFA developed in collaboration with the University of Murcia, with the goal of allowing citizens to plan your journey by public transport.

The user can search by origin and destination, by town or online.

And with the recent launch of the system 'SMS: BUS' the user can know the exact time of arrival of the bus without having to wait at the stop, the origin and destination, if a bus is adapted for people with mobility reduced, the lines and stop frequencies requested and on schedule for the whole day.

Another initiative is the option to alert that warns the user-requested before the time of your next vehicle.

The regional network of public transport by road, consisting of about 7,000 miles, serves 40 million passengers a year.

They are a total of 264 miles belonging to the services and medium-haul commuter rail network comprising, in addition to taxi and tram.

Source: CARM

Region Turespaña strengthens its collaboration with the Board of Directors General of Tourism

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Murcia gastronomic product joins the 'Taste Spain', of which 13 cities are now part Spanish

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism signed an agreement with the Tourism Institute of Spain (Turespaña), enabling the implementation of a joint advertising campaign designed to promote the Region of Murcia as a tourist destination nationally and internationally.

This was announced by the Director General of Tourism, Marina Garcia, who attended the responsible officers of the branch held in Santiago de Compostela on Thursday 28 October.

This is a meeting that aims to strengthen cooperation among regional and state tourism policies.

In this way, said Marina García, "strengthening our partnership with Turespaña for local promotion and effective global action, aimed at a wider target audience."

Another of the key themes of the meeting was the implementation by Turespaña of a new marketing plan, focused on solving the local nature of the plans of competitiveness and excellence of the autonomous communities, with the update of the brand and its catalog of travel.

The Director General expressed his satisfaction "with the recognition that, during the course of the board of directors, Turespaña performed pioneering work in the region in terms of product creation of clubs, including particularly the language, the health and beauty, conference and incentive and golf. "

Moreover, Marina Garcia announced that during the meeting confirmed the incorporation of the city of Murcia club food product 'Taste Spain', which are currently part 13 Spanish cities.

In the area of sustainable tourism, advanced to regional manager has requested the creation of the club Turespaña product of Fisheries, Tourism, in the case of the Region will be a project associated with tourism competitiveness plan Eagles.

Spanish Tourism Quality Bureau

As for the incorporation of the Community to the Spanish Tourism Quality Bureau, which on this occasion also celebrated the day before in the Galician capital, the director general of Tourism was equally pleased "by the leadership that the region has acquired recent years on everything related to this area. "

As indicated, during the day welcomed the Region "by the proactive nature has shown in implementing quality systems."

The CEO explained that the Community has eight destinations included in the Quality System in Tourism Destinations (Sicted), with more than 308 distinguished establishments, and hundreds of businesses and public entities certified with the Q for Quality Tourism.

At the meeting, participants also discussed the launch of a campaign to promote the brand, primarily through electronic means, and stressed that this year has especially supported Turespaña certification in beaches.

The Region of Murcia won three of these certifications, two in San Javier and one in Cartagena.

In connection with the program 'Host', which aims to improve the quality of companies and destinations, we analyzed the one hand the momentum of the culture of detail and other beautification of tourist destinations to positively influence the overall perception by the tourist.

Source: CARM

The region exceeded the goals set by the EU for the collection of light packaging and paperboard

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Last year recycled 61.4 percent of this waste from urban, while the European institutions set the target of 55 percent

The Director General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control, Francisco Espejo, said that the Region of Murcia has exceeded the goals set by the European Union for the collection of light packaging and paperboard.

Francisco Espejo said that last year the region recycled 61.4 percent of these residues of urban origin registered in its territory, "thereby exceeding the target of 55 percent set by the European institutions."

The annual report by Ecoembalajes Spain SA (Ecoembes) compares this data with that obtained in other regions.

The regional manager said that there has been rapid growth in the recycling of the plastic fraction in the period between 2008 and 2010, which rose from 27.1 percent to 41.6 percent, "above 22.5 percent set by the European Union. "

In the other fractions also exceed the targets set in the EU directive on packaging and packaging waste, as it recycles 77.5 percent of paperboard and 86.6 percent of the fraction present in metal containers the yellow bin.

For these parameters, said Francisco Espejo, "the Directive sets minimum targets of 60 percent and 50 percent respectively."

These data were obtained through cooperation between local authorities in the Region and the Autonomous Community of Murcia, through the collaboration agreement signed in 2003 with Ecoembes entity, which is the integrated management system responsible for financing of municipal collection of light packaging and paperboard sector representing the product packaging.

The director general noted that, as a result of this cooperation, "has achieved a gradual increase citizen input container in the yellow light during the last four years."

In particular, there was a 7.8 per cent in 2006, 13 percent in 2007, nine percent in 2008 and 4.7 percent in 2009.

The role of crisis

Paper and cardboard fraction has experienced similar increases in the same period.

However, Espejo said, "During the past year has seen a 3.6 percent fall in the contribution of citizens, motivated by the effects of economic crisis on sales of packaged products."

The annual survey conducted by the Nielsen consulting throughout the country, used to assess the degree of fulfillment of the objectives proposed by the legislation in this area has revealed a decline in consumption by 5.6 percent in the Region Murcia.

The study reveals that the quality of contributions in light packaging container and paperboard made by citizens in the municipalities of the Region of Murcia has increased, reaching 80 percent, compared with 77.1 percent representing the Spanish average.

This figure, said the CEO, "demonstrates the high level of awareness of citizens of packaging waste to be deposited in the yellow and blue containers, as well as the impact they have had extensive information campaigns and public awareness, made by local authorities and the Community under that agreement. "

Source: CARM

The Community Plan presents the successful initiative undertaken as the creation and consolidation of companies

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

More than 200 representatives from Regional Development Agencies, including the info, gathered at the National Forum of Santiago de Compostela

The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research through the Institute of Development, presented this week Emprendemos Murcia Plan as an example of good practice in the X Forum Spanish Regional Development Agencies (RDA) held in Santiago de Compostela.

The paper offered by the deputy director of Info, Francisco Fuentes, was entitled "Talent management as a pillar of business competition" and focused on the operation of the Plan undertake.

For this initiative, the Community received the award this year 'European Region Entrepreneur 2011', awarded by the Committee of the Regions of the European Union.

The focus of this program is the implementation of public policies and strategies to encourage and promote the creation and consolidation of new companies.

Planning to take part in the 45 agencies aimed at business creation and promotion of entrepreneurship, and to ensure a complete offer, competitive and skilled entrepreneurs.

This is achieved through the coordination, stimulation and continuous improvement of the services offered in the support system.

During the two-day celebration of this event in Santiago de Compostela, representatives of the 18 Regional Development Agencies and another 220 experts discussed the management of innovation and challenge of business transformation, process of internationalization of high competitiveness and the new model agencies.

In this context also discussed the strategies necessary to strengthen the role of these agencies as triggers of economic development in their respective regions.

Source: CARM

The Complete Science Week programming techniques with a conference on "Design and Science '

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

internationally recognized experts will show the possibilities of linking science and technology and design in areas such as architecture, visual communication and fashion

The tenth edition of the Week of Science and Technology, organized by the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research through the Seneca Foundation completes its nearly 400 outreach activities in the Garden of El Malecon de Murcia with a technical conference on 'Design and Science', in which internationally renowned experts will show the links between science, technology and design.

This initiative is a collaboration between the Seneca Foundation and the Centre of Design and Architecture in the Region of Murcia, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in order to show the possibilities of joint work between researchers from different scientific fields art and design.

Is to show how the relationship between them can generate innovative proposals and business opportunities.

The experts involved in the papers explore some contemporary proposals that designers look to science and will be a reflection on what has been and is the relationship between the two disciplines in fields such as architecture, communications, audiovisual or new fabrics for fashion.

Participants in this conference, held on 5 November in the Auditorium annex building and Murcia Congress Centre, the presence of Marc de Vries, the Dutch university of Delft, with the presentation "The design methodology and relations with science 'and the Professor of Design School of Design Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Gabriel Songel.

The sessions are free.

For more information, please visit the website of the Week of Science and Technology or the Centre.

Source: CARM

Fotogenio 2010 turns over the weekend to Mazarrón in the National Center of Photography

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

The largest gathering of photographers from Spain is celebrated with lectures, activities, seminars and the presence of the most prominent names in the world of photography

The Director General of Tourism, Marina García, today visited with the mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco Blaya and Tourism Councillor of the village, Alicia Jiménez, facilities Fotogenio 2010.

This is the biggest gathering of photographers in Spain to be held throughout the weekend at the seaside.

Marina Garcia stressed that due to the progress and quality of the event, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been actively involved with this project, "which has built up its own merits as a great event can turn to Mazarrón in the National Center of Photography and Region headquarters in a macro artistic and cultural events. "

On the second day of Fotogenio 2010 highlighted the presentation by Argentinian photographer Walter Astrada, entitled 'Why documented?'.

Astrada has extensive experience in the photography world, and has achieved three consecutive years World Press Photo Award.

In addition, since 2008 has been awarded eight international awards related to photojournalism.

Several seminars and conferences gave continuity to the day.

Were 'From idea to commercial product, stage and photographic product development' by Fernando Bayona, "The photographer and director of photography, first cousins' by Tomas Pladewal, 'A different vision of wedding photography' by Fran Russo and workshops Jorge Salgado 'digital postproduction in the picture: surgery and makeup "and" Advanced Techniques with Photoshop image optimization. "

To conclude the day, participants can attend evening activities, as a practice chat with studio lighting models, Laregula Pere's hand, and the projection photography of cultures commented on tight, I looked to Jordan.

Source: CARM

Llamazares advocates a mobilization mechanism to address the "politics of rights"

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

IU deputy in Congress, Gaspar Llamazares, called for the creation of a social mechanism for participation and mobilization to cope with the "politics of rights" and strive to promote public initiative as a tool to overcome the economic crisis.

Llamazares was speaking a public meeting yesterday in Cieza, where he went to support the candidacy of Antonio Penalva for mayor of the municipality, who won in their favor, 96.6 percent of the votes cast by the 150 attendees.

IU parliamentarian, who began his remarks by noting the historic work of Marcelino Camacho in the conquest of labor rights, said the current crisis is marked by the "inequality" between labor income and capital.

He criticized the role played by the financial sector, because in his opinion, "has been saved by the intervention of states and now calls for efforts to reduce public spending and the intended social benefits and unemployment."

To Llamazares, adjustments and reforms of central government "are merely examples of double standards and cuts in social achievements" which highlights that the government "has bowed to pressure from the powerful to the detriment of workers. "

Referring to the pension reform, wanted to dismantle the arguments that try to justify it and said "not true that we have a long life expectancy compared with the European average, and that our pension expenditure is excessive and unworkable."

He stressed that the alternative to the current economic policy goes through the maintenance of public initiative, "to protect the weak, and unemployed workers, and generate tax resources to fortunes of this country."

In this regard, said that if the Government of Spain had not abolished the tax on large fortunes Heritage, "could pay the pensions that have been frozen," and said the tax revenues taken out of income from work the most part.

Source: IURM