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One hundred restaurateurs in the region participate in the First conference on celiac disease

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

About a hundred of restaurateurs in the region of Murcia have participated in the First Conference on Celiac Disease, a misdiagnosed more than 30,000 Murcia.

It is a disease with a prevalence of 1% in the Spanish population.

The president of the Celiac Association of Murcia (ACMU), Ramon Navarro, said that currently "only 20% of diagnosed cases in the Region."

Navarro recalled that celiacs have an intolerance to gluten proteins, a substance found in wheat, oats, barley and rye.

Celiac's diet should be strictly followed throughout life and is based on all kinds of natural products free of gluten by nature: milk, meat, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals allowed as rice and maize.

Row, said that eating gluten damages the lining of the small intestine and, in turn, reduces the ability to absorb enough food to meet the minimum needs of the individual. "

In his view, the greatest danger in the catering sector lies in the so-called "cross contamination", ie, in the process of storing, handling and processing of foods, especially those sold in bulk or handmade.

The seminar, organized by the Restaurant Association of the Region of Murcia, including the Regional Federation of Employers of Hospitality and Tourism (Hostemur) – together with the Cultural Association of Chefs and Cooks of the Region of Murcia (Jecomur) is aimed at professionals in the catering sector.

In parallel, the day aims to disclose what is celiac disease and what are the basics that must be taken into account to develop and serve gluten-free menus guarantees in the catering sector.

The event took place in the facilities of Qualification Tourism (CCT) in the presence of the Director of CST, Monica Meroño; Jecomur president, Juan Pedro Espinosa, Vice President of the Restaurant Association of the Region of Murcia, Lorenzo Pagán, as well as Jose Maria Gonzalez, a member of the board of this organization.

Source: Hostemur

Valcárcel is re-elected vice president of the Political Bureau of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The president of the community renews its mandate at the head of the largest 'lobby' of European Union pressure, which brings together 161 regions from 28 states and works to promote more balanced development of the Community

The President of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, and vice president of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Ramon Luis Valcarcel, was today re-elected vice president of the Political Bureau of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) on behalf of Spain, during the celebration of the XXXVIII General Assembly in the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

The renewed regional chief executive office in charge of this important 'lobby' in lobbying the EU institutions, which brings together 161 regions from 28 states (members or not of the European Union), and works to promote sustainable more balanced EU territory.

In this General Assembly was appointed President of the CPMR THE president of the French region of Brittany, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Upon his election to this position, President Valcarcel said "continue to work, as it has done since this organization since 2002 and through the Committee of the Regions of the EU to defend the interests of all Spanish and Mediterranean regions to the main European institutions, to promote regional development and territorial cohesion in Europe. "

"It is very important," he said Murcia representation in the 'lobby' of pressure, the greater weight to the European Commission to defend the interests of the Region and cohesion, backbone and solidarity, which are the basic principles the EU. "

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe is interlocutor of the EU institutions and national governments, and works since 1973 in order to meet the needs and interests of the territories of its member regions.

The organization works on issues such as regional policy, maritime, sustainable development, transport and land use, fisheries, environment, agriculture and rural development, research and innovation, energy, climate change, migration and tourism.

Source: CARM

The Civil Guard intercepted a boat 9 miles from the coast with 16 immigrants

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Murcia, October 30, 2010 .- The Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil intercepted at 19.40 hours this afternoon a boat 9 miles south of Cartagena with 16 immigrants, all men and in apparent health.

Have been rescued by boat Salvamar and now are being attended to then proceed to their identification and transfer to the Center for Foreigners.

At the same time two boats were seen more than 10 miles south of Cabo de Palos, a place which has also led a Civil Guard vessel interception.

Murcia, October 30, 2010 .- The Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil intercepted two boats at 20.20 this afternoon spotted 10 miles south of Cabo de Palos.

The first was occupied by 12 immigrants and the second by 13, all male, elderly and in apparent good health, except a person who had a minor injury as a result of a blow for the boat maneuvers.

All of them are being moved to the port of Cartagena with a coastguard vessel, which is usually fitted with the Red Cross to provide health care and humanitarian need.

Therefore, as result of interception of the three boats reported tonight have been a total of 41 immigrants, apparently from Algeria, which will be made available to the National Police for identification, transfer and start ICN records returned to their country of origin.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

Is increased by more than 25 percent of applications to study vocational courses in the Region

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Education highlights the regional government's effort to reconcile the interests of students with the real demands of business

The Director General of Vocational and Adult Education, Joaquín Buendía, announced today that "requests for access to vocational training has increased this year, more than 25 percent" and said that the Ministry of Education, Job training and final offers seats for 90 percent of the applications received.

Buendia said that the Ministry is making an effort "very important to balance the interests of students with the real demands of the production, with rigorous planning to contribute in a special way of training the local commissions."

"Our obligation is for students entering the vocational training system may build a degree of interest, but at the same time find a job opportunity after completing the studies," he said.

The regional manager stressed the commitment of the Ministry "in the field of vocational training, which is embodied year after year in a better offer, new training courses and in more places, mainly in those training courses that have a greater demand, such as Health or cultural services. "

Buendia explained that "at this time applicants students participate in a computerized admission process which ended yesterday in the regional phase, but continues from today at the registration center in the seats that remain vacant.

The director general's statements criticized Socialist deputy Jesus Lopez, who "once again moves into the realm of speculation and criticism easily without knowing or recognizing such important advances have been made in vocational training, as implementation of integrated centers of vocational training, bilingual vocational training courses, overseas practices, upgrading of vocational training qualifications and the procedure for recognition of professional skills. "

Also, Buendia said that "few lessons can make the Socialist Party to the regional government, which advances by consensus and an astonishing pace in the development of the Integrated Vocational Training, by setting up a counseling that integrates the fields of education and employment compared to the lack of coordination of the ministries of Education and nationally. "

The director general said that once completed the enrollment process, the Ministry will provide all information concerning the supply of training and developments that have been built for this year 2010-2011.

Source: CARM

IU question of compliance with regional investments included in PGE 2011

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The regional coordinator of IU, José Antonio Pujante, have shown today their doubts about the performance of the investments the State Budget provides for the Region in 2011, and has ensured that some of them are designed as ad electioneering ahead of the regional and municipal elections next year.

Thriving has indicated that the difficulty of realizing these projects lies primarily in the decline of public revenues as a result, in his opinion, the measures "restrictive" by the central government that do not serve to boost consumption, but to retract and thus hinder the economic recovery.

"This government can not be trusted," said the leader of the federation of the left, after ensuring that the 2011 budgets undermine the functioning of health, education and social policy, among other public services, and will not serve combat the effects of the economic crisis.

Also discussed that these assumptions "do not face a change in production model and represent the" dismantling "of the" fragile "state of being, while it has opted for increased investment in research, development and training, as well as promoting sustainable economy to create stable and quality employment.

Source: IURM

Reverte asks where investment in infrastructure in the region Zapatero

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Murcia's government spokesman says the State Budget "means the unemployment and punishment Murcia

María Pedro Reverte recalls that the PP government "saw new expressways, the extension of the Basin of tailings and undertook the airport and the AVE, the Socialists refused and then delayed"

The regional government spokeswoman, Maria Pedro Reverte, today asked "where is the infrastructure investment Rodríguez Zapatero in the Region of Murcia, with the new and former State Budget."

Reverte stressed that the Budget for next year are the "the arrest and punishment of Murcia" and explained that the governments of the Popular Party in Spain, "we saw new highways in the Region, as the Sewer-El Palmar, Cartagena -Alicante, Cartagena-Vera and Murcia-Albacete.

The regional government spokesman cited other infrastructure to which green light was given during the government of José María Aznar, as "the expansion of the tailings Dock International Airport and the Region of Murcia, among others, to what must be added the strong commitment on the AVE, the Socialists refused and then delayed. "

Also, the regional government spokesman, Maria Pedro Reverte, stressed, when asked by reporters at the inauguration of the Forum Eurodyssey, the need for the central executive "analyze and modify the State Budget of 2011 to avoid higher unemployment ".

Reverte explained that "the central government itself has acknowledged that the budget not only solve the problem of unemployment of so many Spanish, but are also a Budget in which the strike will actually increase."

The Murcia government spokesman also noted that after a day of strike, "now opens a period of reflection for Executive Rodríguez Zapatero, as the company" asked loud and clear to take measures "because the Spanish" we and we need to work. "

"If the current government has no such solutions out of this crisis, like other European countries are already doing, you have to consider is whether it has to go," he concluded.

Source: CARM

IURM considered "unacceptable" the increase of electricity bills from tomorrow

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The regional coordinator of IU in Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, now considered "unjustified" and "unacceptable" the increase of electricity bills by 4.8 percent starting tomorrow, and has proposed a "social pact" that intended to recover the public control over the strategic energy sector.

Thriving has complained that this rate increase, which may affect more than twenty million households and SMEs, is well above the rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and represents "a new attack of the central government to citizens , making him pay a crisis that has generated. "

He has accused the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade Miguel Sebastian, "giving side" to domestic consumers and interested in meeting the goals of large corporations power, while public administration has defended the light, being an appeal "strategic" and "indispensable."

In his view, "the proposed liberalization has not served, since neither has improved the quality of service, or the rights of consumers or the price of electricity, which in January rose 2.64 percent."

"This is a further demonstration that the socialist government yields to market demands by accepting without question, the price that utilities make," he Apostille Pujante, after defending the implementation of a sustainable development model to energy dependence.

Source: IURM

The Civil Guard dismantles two points of production and distribution of marijuana and Pliego Archena

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

have been arrested four people for an alleged CRIME AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH

Have been apprehended several doses of cocaine and a dozen marijuana plants in various production processes and products and tools for cultivation

Civil Guard officers have developed two devices in the locations of police and Pliego Archena culminating with the arrest of four people suspected of a crime AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH, dismantling two points of production and distribution of marijuana.

Have performed two separate home searches at both locations, in which they had seized a large quantity of marijuana in various production processes doses of hashish production effects of marijuana and ammunition.

This action is framed within the prevention services of public safety that the Guardia Civil de Murcia has enabled the detection and eradication of drug trafficking, point of sale and distribution of narcotics.

Both investigations were initiated during the last month, to detect alleged illegal activity relating to drug trafficking in the towns of Archena and Conditions.

Early investigations led to the Civil Guard to verify that the suspects allegedly were connected with the production and sale of marijuana to small distributors and consumers.

Having obtained all the evidence, and prior judicial authorization, developed two tickets and registration with the aim of the research houses which were dismantled two points of distribution of marijuana.

This was followed by the arrest of four people suspected of crimes against public health, seizing a large quantity of marijuana presented in various stages of growth and all purposes related to their production.


In these two actions have proceeded to the arrest of four people suspected of CRIME AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH, 55, 49, 33 and 23 years respectively.

Some of the detainees have a history of committing similar crimes before.

Substances seized

75 kilos of cannabis sativa marijuana, with high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), presented in various stages of production.

25 grams of hashish.

Seized property

All the elements needed to carry out the production and care of marijuana, as there are light, heat, ventilation, irrigation and growth (pesticides, fertilizers).

Products and utensils to prepare doses for drug distribution such as scales, containers and packaging.

238 rounds of ammunition of various calibres.

Those arrested, drugs seized property and instructed the police had been made available to the judicial authorities concerned.

With the completion of these interventions, the Guardia Civil has managed to dismantle two points of drug production in the towns of Archena and avoiding harmful Pliego distribution among the population.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

The Socialist Party claims that hundreds of vocational students do not get a place in the qualification request, while others on

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Jesus Lopez asked the regional government to meet the schedule of commissioning of the Integrated Professional Training Centers, to improve media, increase the supply of qualifications and meets the market demand

The head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Education, Jesus Lopez, said that "the institutes that offer vocational training living these days his particular ordeal."

The problem will be similar to those of last year.

"On one side hundreds of students who fail to place in the studies they want, at the other school positions remain vacant. In addition, not always the most requested qualifications by students are the most requested by the market."

Lopez said that the 28th of September, the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment published relations supported and unsupported in vocational training courses at intermediate and higher level, with hundreds of students who may not wish to pursue studies.

After that date open waiting lists that will be accommodated to many who in principle have been left out.

"Not everyone will be lucky."

The most popular

According to the Ministry of Education itself, the deficit last year of school places in the institutes that offer vocational training cycles in the region was of 2,902, after closing waiting lists and readjudicaciones.

Lopez said that this year the figure may be higher, "judging by the lists of newly published unsupported, although the final calculation can not be doing until readjudicaciones whole process."

The deputy criticized that have not been corrected the huge imbalances that we suffer.

Only just take a look at the lists are not allowed.

Last year, the same will happen in this, the excess demand is concentrated in certain specialties, with broad deployment among schools in the region, such as nursing assistants care, with 367 not supported or administration and management of middle and grade top with 244.

There was also much in demand in some cycles professional family health and social services and the Community, which only exists in three public schools in the community, highlighting the technician in Early Childhood Education, which left no space to 467 applicants, mostly in a single center.

In general, the family of Sanitation is the most excess demand had, with almost 600 different top level cycles were not square.

High pressure

Jesus Lopez added that in addition there is strong pressure on some large institutions, especially those of Murcia ("Miguel de Cervantes", "Ramón y Cajal", "Ingeniero de la Cierva" and "Carlos III").

On the contrary, there are some specialties with a high level of recruitment in which too many places, such as family or professional mechanical engineering and power electronics.

For the MP, the regional government must meet the schedule of operation of the Integrated FP and improve livelihoods, increasing the supply of qualifications, improve planning and guidance for young people to adjust demand to market needs.


Pastora Soler morning guest of "The Magnificent 7"

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

New players will struggle to remain in the talent contest 7RM

Music, dance, beauty, surprises and illusions are some of the ingredients of the talent contest the Autonomous "The Magnificent 7."

One of the stars of the show tomorrow Friday, at 22:20 hours, Pastora Soler.

Throughout the more than two hours of this space will sing some songs from his latest work.

Presented by Antonio Hidalgo, in this scenario also display their art, the 27 contestants.

Among them the winners of last week, those rescued by the public and new participants from different localities of the region, who will do their best to convince the jury of his tenure.

Another novelty this season is the makeover that the styling team every week.

This time the surprise will be a neighbor of Murcia.

Contestants this week are:


Abel Ruiz.


Carlos Martín.


Vicente Julián Bravo.


Francisco José Encrypt.



Welcome Ferrer.


M ª José García.


José Antonio Hernández.


Zahira Alfonso.



Irene Thomas.


Rosario Sánchez.


Maria Bermudez.


Abellán Elvira.



M ª Carmen House.


Mamen Navarro.


Anabel Molina.


M ª Teresa Vicente.

Los Alcázares


Loli Terol.


Naomi Paredes.


Matthew Férez.


Micaela Martínez.



Alma M ª Morote.


Josbelys Roca.


Josefa Cordova.


Carmen Caler.



Álvaro Jiménez.


Pablo Diez.


Alejandro Manzanares.

Llano de Brujas

Source: 7RM