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Valcárcel: "The incompetence of Zapatero is prime with young people"

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Popular Party president of the Region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said that "Zapatero is prime ineptitude with young people who are paying particularly affected by the economic crisis and lack of socialist government solutions to end it. "

"A million young Spanish people already unemployed, and their unemployment rate is already above 42 percent, returning to the worst days of the socialist governments of Gonzalez," which in his view "is disturbing and insulting by the absence interest policy by the Government of the Nation.

It seems only concerned entangled in controversies that do not matter, "he added.

At the First Meeting of Presidents of New Generations of the Region of Murcia, which have met the 45 local presidents NNGG this morning in San Pedro del Pinatar, Ramón Luis Valcárcel has noted that "while the National Government has stalled the necessary labor reform because it is unable to reach agreement in the Region of Murcia we strive to achieve agreements with unions and employers. "

However, has stated that "employment policies under the National Government and not to autonomy" and lamented that "the socialist government labor reform only encourages dismissal rather than job creation."

In addition, Ramon Luis Valcarcel has highlighted the "initiative and responsibility" of young people of New Generations of the Region, "in mid-summer meet to address their concerns, which are the same society, employment and housing, among others. "


For its part, the regional president of New Generations, Víctor Manuel Martínez, has criticized the Socialist government "now also wants to cut aid to the procurement of OPV" in a sample of the anti-social policies of the Zapatero government, something that however, "not surprising, since in the region still expect the government delegate this year will clarify whether or not made for housing in the Region of Murcia."

Martinez explained that in 2009 more than 1,300 homes classified as protected by the regional government were not built because of lack of funding that would ensure the central government through the Ministry of Housing "something that in the current crisis , is unforgivable, because it means fewer opportunities for access to housing and less employment derived from the construction of new buildings, "he pointed responsible for NNGG.

In this sense, Martinez lamented that "once again the Socialist Party promises something and then forget, in this case, the 183 million euros in loans for construction of OPV as the delegate of the Government and Housing Minister herself said they would come the Region of Murcia, when the truth is we have not known more than headlines. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The regional government Luis Leon Sanchez congratulated for his victory in the Clasica San Sebastian

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The general director of Sports, Antonio Peñalver, congratulated today on behalf of the cyclist Mülenen regional government Luis Leon Sanchez, who was proclaimed winner of the San Sebastian Classic after winning the sprint to his two companions escaped, Alexander Vinokourov and Carlos Sastre.

Peñalver described as "formidable" the actions of the rider from Murcia and welcomed this new success of our sport, which goes "cycling race in the most prestigious one-day Spain."

With a distance of 234 kilometers, the race winners among its riders from the likes of Miguel Indurain, Gianni Bugno and Lance Armstrong.

Also Alejandro Valverde, who seized it in 2008.

"After recently crowned champions of Spain time trial and signed a very good Tour de France this success confirms the great form which is Luis León Sánchez," he said Penalver.

Source: CARM

More than 70 young socialists involved this weekend in the Summer School IV JSRM

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Murcia young socialists involved this weekend, from July 29 to August 1 in San Javier (Santiago de la Ribera) in a training meeting that will discuss proposals for the electoral program of the PSOE.

More than 70 members of Socialist Youth of the Region of Murcia this weekend attending the Fourth JSRM Summer School, held in Santiago de la Ribera.

These seminars are designed to create a space for discussion and sharing of initiatives between the young socialists.

JSRM as "young people have much to say about the enhancement of the Region of Murcia. The outdated development model implemented by the current regional government can not be our only way of life. During the fifteen years of government Valcárcel, the young people have been and remain the forgotten ones in the Region of Murcia. "

Young Socialists will focus among other working groups, to discuss new alternatives to tourism in the region, focusing on innovations that can promote youth entrepreneurship and tourism policies that can be achieved to avoid serious mistakes like that The Manga close almost all the hotels during the off season, in search of job security for young people working in hospitality.

For the youth organization, "the only money spent to promote a youthful image of the region is investing in a small sticker on the worst car in Formula 1, spending 9 million could be invested in tourism or dynamic advertising more effective. "

During these sessions, the youth organization will be attended by Pepa Garcia, Mayor of San Javier, Lola Hernandez, Regional Representative of the Socialist Group, in addition to María González Veracruz, Ministry of Innovation and ICT in the CEF of the PSOE and Chair of the Regional JSE.


The Community supports the sector of furniture and wood to choose the important business of international tenders

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Marin chaired the follow-up meeting of the Bureau of Business Promotion in which highlighted the impact and progress of the 17 measures prioritization of the Industrial Plan agreed

The Minister of Universities and Research Company, Salvador Marín, presided this week follow-up meeting of the Bureau of Business Promotion Sectoral dedicated to furniture and wood which took stock of the 17 priority actions agreed by the Industrial Plan Community and industry, and in which it was stressed at work to try to qualify for the important business opportunity posed by international bidding.

Among these measures was the support for companies, either individually or by joining, participate in public tenders related to the institutional buildings furnished an almost virgin field for this sector in the region.

To start this journey, invoking the know-how, quality, design and advances in R & D + i of these companies, from the Ministry, through the Institute of Development, offered incentives to fund lost 50 percent to hire specialized consultants.

Also in the Forum PymeConecta for business cooperation held in March, included presentations and information on international tenders spaces.

Marin said that the regional government will continue to provide support to the sector to seize opportunities in the area of procurement, especially in Eastern Europe, especially those made by agencies under the European Commission, Latin America and North of Africa. "

"We believe that the work being done by the industrial and wood furniture, relying increasingly on universities and research institutes, will pay off with wealth and jobs," he said.

Also at the meeting it became clear the high degree of implementation of the measures, nearly one hundred percent, and the impact they have had in the sector, which according to business representatives were rated "very positive."

These shares are Furnish Plan, which led to a revival of the sector continues and that in February and March led to the sale of furniture in 1782 30 268 operations.

Of total units, 11,595 are for bedroom furniture, 10,000 living-room, 3,893 sofas, chairs and seats 2,407 and 2,373 tables and occasional furniture.

Funding and R & D + i

Also, companies have also received aid info and the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines framed in the Industrial Plan, which has improved its competitiveness, as well as measures of method-action FinanciaPyme which facilitates access to credit for viable projects.

Also, the Technology Center Furniture and Wood (CETEM) obtained funding for three projects amounting to almost 200,000 euros.

These initiatives focus on improving infrastructure for the R + D + i of materials, acquisition of electronics and automation technology, and equipment and additions to existing robotic cell.

"Our industry and wood furniture is characterized by increasing their competitiveness through innovation in different fields. In the follow-up meeting was highlighted this fact, and the impact they are already taking measures and will grow substantially in the medium term, "said the counselor.

According to Salvador Marín, "the way forward includes evidence on active policies that generate productive economy, clarity of ideas, unity, consensus and work, work, work."

One of the keys to the further progression is, as evidenced by the table of entrepreneurial drive in business cooperation through the regional cluster and wood furniture, which "encourages the internationalization of the sector and can face a coordinated manner challenges to improve its competitiveness, "he said Marin.

The entrepreneurial drive tables are an initiative of the regional government developed by the Ministry of Universities and Research Company, in active coordination with the departments of Agriculture, Water and Education, Training and Employment, in which the representatives of the sector, management and technology centers.

Source: CARM

The Agri-Food Sector Strategic Plan drives the research, marketing and rural development

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The Monitoring Committee, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Water, discussed this week the implementation rate for 2009 of all the measures that up

Cerda said that the document is a planning tool "of policies and actions carried out by the Ministry together with industry to boost agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water and the regional food industry discussed this week the results for the year 2009 of the Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan of the Region of Murcia (SYMPATHY) 2007-2011, which has driven mainly investments in research, marketing and rural development.

The degree of implementation of the Plan was a 79.95 per cent, "a figure quite acceptable given the current crisis," said Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerda, who chaired the annual meeting of the Committee Monitoring the participation of representatives of professional agricultural organizations, cooperatives, canners, and producers and exporters in the region.

The owner of Agriculture and Water stressed that this plan is a planning tool "of policies and actions carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with industry" and directs investment which includes the budget "in this department.

He added that "it is a flexible document and open to the demands and contributions from industry to agriculture in Murcia is more profitable and competitive."

The Agri-Food Sector Strategic Plan was developed in 2007 "and since then circumstances have changed," said Cerda, who explained that in the past year "we have retrofitted several lines of action to prioritize the most cost effective and eliminate those that were ineffective or were duplicates "in the various strands that comprise it.

The Plan currently consists of 262 measurements of 302 that contained the original document.

Also, following the last meeting of the Monitoring Committee held in 2009, formed seven working groups to discuss the specific problems of each subsector and adapt the measures to be taken to solve their problems.

Specific plans

The Minister of Agriculture and Water said the Agri-Food Sector Strategic Plan was developed through "specific plans" that are "active."

He said the Regional Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 "has ensured the perceptions of aid to farmers."

The Ministry of Agriculture has launched all lines of this program in 2009 and has paid farmers Murcia all aid, with an investment of 85 million euros.

Support for biological control and biotechnology led to the Programme 'Murcia, Clean Agriculture', which covers an area of 38,000 hectares and has involved the reduction of 30 percent the use of chemicals.

Also remained Support Programs and Improve Fisheries and Aquaculture funded through the European Fisheries Fund for the modernization and improvement of the conditions of regional fisheries and aquaculture sector, with management of eight million euros.

Plans that affect the livestock sector and involving an amount exceeding 19 million per year have allowed "to have healthier livestock and better conditions in Spain," noted the Minister of Agriculture.

In water, the Regional Plan of drainage and water treatment has made available to farmers over 70 hectometres of purified water for local irrigation of the 110 hectometres the Region of Murcia is recovering thanks to the treatment plants that are in different municipalities and the vast network of collectors that the regional government is running.

Efficiency in water management has also been achieved through the Plan for Modernization and Improvement of Irrigation, which reached 87 percent of the irrigable area regional.

Cerda said "2009 has been difficult for the sector, but noted that agriculture in Murcia has had a decent performance" in the nation overall.

He further noted that the Ministry of Agriculture has received the congratulations of the sector for the development and implementation of this Plan. "

Source: CARM

The university in the region receive their information available via sms UNIBON from next academic year

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The Public Transport Authority has developed an application that will allow the university to know in what state your credit card processing

The number of trips with this pricing system this year increased by 30 percent over the previous year

The Public Transport Authority, in line with improvements in information on regional public transport, has developed a new technology application to report the availability of UNIBON through mobile messages from the next academic year.

The managing director of the Public Transport Authority (EFA), Jose Guillen, said that the students who request "will, although this will entail an additional cost, a notice in the time it is ready for its UNIBON can pick it up at the selected point. "

This initiative is in addition to other activities of the Department of Public Works and Planning to improve the information available on the regional public transport fleet, as the implementation of the Regional Transportation Portal, or the edition of Atlas of Transportation.

These tools, which collect all the information about the 33 different bus operators and local services and medium-haul trains, trams and taxis in the region, also adds information system 'Bluetooth' which is currently installed in hundreds of bus stops.

The UNIBON is a charging system that can benefit students and faculty and staff of the three universities in the region, allows unlimited travel within the cities of Murcia, in the case of UNIBON Murcia or Cartagena, UNIBON in the case of Cartagena, with a monthly charge of 20 euros.

Growing use of 'UNIBON'

After the second academic year of application of UNIBON said Jose Guillen, "the number of bus trips in Murcia and Cartagena University through this system of pricing has been an increase of more than 30 percent over the previous year in which there were more than 600,000 journeys. "

"These data show a considerable increase, reflecting the interest of the university communities in the region by public transport," said Guillen, who stressed that all measures taken by the regional government on public transportation "are designed to maximize service quality standards for Murcia. "

The aim, according to managing director of the EFA, "improve the information provided to citizens and gamble decided by a new mobility culture founded on the progressive modernization of the regional public transport network."

Source: CARM

The number of applicants for subsidized housing in the region grew by 71 percent in the first half

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The registration of applicants for subsidized housing has received 1,566 applications, compared with 915 in the same period last year

The Director General of Planning and Housing, Antonio Navarro, considered "priority" to continue allocating resources to aid and grants to citizens, "despite cuts in Ministry"

The number of registered voters in the regional register of applicants for social housing has increased during the first six months of the year by 71 percent over the same period in 2009.

According to the general director of Planning and Housing, Antonio Navarro, "from January 1 to July 31, 2010 there have been 1566 requests for access to protected housing, compared to 915 in the first half of last year."

The director general said that such requests "and add more requests that all received in 2008," adding that this contributed regional government measures "to increase the information available and to bring the benefits of the Regional Housing Plan."

With this goal was launched earlier this year the Regional Housing Portal.

It is a powerful search engine computer that offers more than 5,000 citizens free housing and protected throughout the region, completed and preferential price and financing.

The CEO also stressed as fundamental the adoption in 2008 of the decree which can convert protected free housing.

This increase in the number of applicants for VPO shown, for Navarro, who "sheltered housing is a fundamental aspect of social policy of the regional government. Thus, despite the cuts in the Ministry of Housing, consider it a priority to continue allocating resources to and subsidies through the Regional Plan. "

The director general said that in 2009 "began in the region a total of 2,519 public housing, so that, according to latest figures from the Ministry, the region is the sixth most VPO Spanish autonomy constructs per capita, which shows the effort investment being made in this matter. "

Specifically, the Community is in that paragraph only behind Madrid, Navarra, Extremadura, Asturias and Andalusia.

The director general said that the demands of Murcia in this area may be served "by increasing the budget for Housing Policy has made the regional executive for the promotion of social housing and rent subsidies for rehabilitation or ".

Finally, Navarro recalled that another factor that has encouraged applicants has been increased enabling the application process through the Internet with digital signature.

"This application simplifies administrative procedures within the regional government's commitment to promote e-government," he said.

Source: CARM

700 unemployed find a job in social economy enterprises

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The Region recorded during the first half of this year 187 new cooperatives and worker-owned companies

Employment grant aid amounting to 11 million euros to promote and create employment in social economy

The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Constantine Sotoca, announced today that during the first half of the year "have been created in the Region of Murcia 187 new social economy enterprises that are allowed to insert into the labor market at about 700 unemployed" .

Sotoca assessed these data, that "once again confirm the social economy as one of our major economic engines," and recalled its commitment to continue supporting the sector "in order to achieve to maintain its growth and continue to contribute to generate wealth, employment and welfare for the citizens of the region. "

Specifically, the holder of Employment said that of all the social economy enterprises created during the first half of the year, 106 correspond to cooperative societies and 81 to work.

By activity, social economy enterprises that best correspond to the service sector created (143), construction (19) and industry (16).

Sotoca said the 11 million euros this year for his department to promote the social economy, "with significant support aimed at strengthening the sector in the existing markets and facilitate the creation of new jobs."

The Minister reiterated his confidence in these forms of social economy, "which are enabling many unemployed find a future project in a particularly difficult time."

He stressed the latest creation of social economy enterprises published by the Ministry of Labour and Immigration, which correspond to the first quarter, and which puts the region autonomy as the second largest number of such companies has created in this period.

Source: CARM

The Community distributes leaflets and posters with tips to enjoy a safe swim

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The information developed by the 1-1-2 and Emergency Management Murcia Health Service, is broadcast from this weekend in the coastal municipalities river beaches and the Region

The autonomous region spreads from this weekend a decalogue with tips for safe bathing on the beach and in rivers, dams or swimming pools in the Region of Murcia.

The advice, prepared by the 1-1-2 and Emergency Management Murcia Health Service, and appearing on posters and brochures will be distributed in coastal towns and river beaches, and in health and elderly among other locations.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage citizens to exercise caution on beaches and follow the signs and indications of the lifeguards.

Furthermore, extreme caution is requested with those weaker, as younger and older children, and avoid swimming alone and, especially, at the slightest sign of unwillingness, to sound the alarm for help.

During this weekend will install signage and distributed 10,500 brochures to hand collect other simple tips to protect yourself from the sun, avoid exposure in the middle of the day, avoid sudden or intense exercise and heavy meals before bath, enter the water slowly and drink water frequently to avoid dehydration.

From June to September, the Plan COPLA attracts a total of 233 people a day, including lifeguards, craft patterns and medical technicians at checkpoints located along the coast and river beaches in the region, located Mula, Calasparra and White.

The Plan has this year with a total of 116 monitoring stations, eight maritime rescue vessels, 20 rescue boats, 15 canoes, 11 quads, 15 motorcycles and 35 water rescue chairs to facilitate disabled access to the beach , five more than in 2009.

Strengthening the medical device on the coast

For its part, the Ministry of Health has activated the device of Healthcare for the summer period, which reinforces the care consultations in 49 family medicine, pediatrics and emergency care and 19 points located on the coast.

This year, as new, was the increase in emergency device with new ambulances in San Javier, an advanced life support vehicle and two new in La Manga del Mar Menor, with two basic life support vehicles, and a total of six new ambulances for transportation.

In total, the Health Service of Murcia has a total of 34 vehicles to cover coastal areas during the summer months.

Of these, six are medicalized Mobile Units (EMU), six advanced life support ambulances, 11 and 11 basic life support to moving unassisted.

Source: CARM

Cecilio Hernández Ayala asked to look in the mirror of PP de Murcia for real budget cuts and landslides

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Infrastructure Secretary PSRM asks if you fear that your boss lets you off the lists because they did not mention the Region during his speech in Congress, and if interested in Galicia

Infrastructure Secretary PSRM, Cecilio Hernandez, responded to the statements of people's deputy, Andres Ayala, recommending that "look in the mirror of PP de Murcia, to see real slides budgets, lack of investment, small and unpaid Murcia medium road closure. And all this due to years of drought that the Government has set Valcárcel public works. "

Cecilio Hernández Ayala believes that it should not forget the hundreds of millions of euros that has failed to invest the PP government of Murcia, considering that these works would affect small and medium entrepreneurs in the public works and the whole of Murcia citizens of the region, given that the road network that covers the map of the region is the sole responsibility of the regional government.

The worst roads

He recalled that as a result, according to the latest study of the Spanish Road Association, are the autonomous region with the worst roads.

"It is ironic and even sarcastic Mr. Ayala is created the words he says when he explains that having kept pace with the PP in 2004 imposed on public works, would be much better. For the reality is that in 8 years Aznar's government left us a work train had to be hired to make more modifications to some famous face. "

He added that did not leave us "even a single project approved by highways and railways to make the relevant investment."

Hence, it is "satire this recall, compared to almost 3,000 million euros that the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has put on the Region of Murcia and including momentary delays and possible cuts will make the railroad a reality in 2014 with the arrival of the AVE, and that in 2012, and hybrid machines Camarillas Alternative, Alternative Camarillas stress, the Madrid Murcia we can go three hours in the line of Cieza, the same as the president Valcárcel Helmets and wiped off the map in the 2001 agreement, "he said.

He noted that the highway from Valencia in the interior will be fully realized with the implementation of the Special Infrastructure Plan with public-private funding, the Ministry will present, while the integration of the railway in Cartagena and Murcia advance within the deadlines.

Empty propaganda

"Tearing his hair out because the road Reguerón have to wait for good times to criticize the straw in the eye of the Socialists, with the PP beam failures in the Coastal North and South of Murcia, Lorca-motorways Caravaca, Jumilla and Yecla-Santomera, who with great fanfare, the Government of Valcárcel, champion of the empty propaganda, shows quite often. "

For the executive socialist employment in Murcia and Murcia welfare depend largely on what the Government Valcárcel with public investment in infrastructure.

"To date, much cellophane but little substance and this is against the citizens of all counties in the region and, especially, small and medium enterprises in public works, although their representatives in business organizations not reporting it, is to cap the affair of the PP government. "

Finally, Mr. Ayala reminded that the appearance of the Minister of Development, on 22 July, when he had to defend the position of PP and Murcia, did not mention the name of Murcia itself in no time and was very interested what the minister was going to do in Galicia.

To what was asked "whether it is feared that his boss Mr Rajoy will leave out of future lists. The deputy of Murcia, the PP, which therefore fills her mouth to defend the interests of the region, did not raise not a single question to the minister to resolve the problems now reporting. "