Cerdá highlights the close collaboration between farmers and the regional government to find solutions to the problems of the sector

The Minister of Agriculture and Water visit the greenhouses where they develop new tests for biological control of pepper

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water successfully implemented a pioneering system for effective control of aphids on this crop under the program 'Murcia, Clean Agriculture'

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, today visited several farms organically grown peppers from the San Javier, where they develop new tests for biological control of pepper in the actions included in the program 'Murcia, Agriculture clean '.

The owner of Agriculture and Water highlighted the close collaboration between farmers and the regional government to "find solutions to the demands of the sector" with which "we can offer security, differentiate and more competitive."

Cerda said that the current situation "calls for prioritizing the research agenda" in agricultural production systems and "optimize all resources."

He said "Murcia is a reference for other production areas in the biological control of pests" and stressed that the aim of the Ministry "is to respond to the demands posed by the sector more effectively in relation to the crop and the pest concerning him. "

Technique pioneered in organically grown bell pepper

Agriculture responsible for regional government highlighted the "success" of a "pioneer in Spain," the regional government is implementing a pilot basis for the biological control of aphids on organic farming of pepper.

This new technique involves the introduction of insect predators of the family of the ladybird, known as ladybugs, whose effectiveness can eliminate this pest without the need for the application of plant protection products of chemical synthesis.

Also, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water develops new methods based on the mating systems of mass capture and application of liquid pheromones for pest biological control of Ostrinia also affects the crop.

Cerdá recalled that the first biological control techniques "began to be applied in the region a decade ago" and noted that "90 percent of the surface of pepper is subject to these biological practices that allow us to eliminate the main pests and reduce use of plant protection products. "

Transfer of results

Held responsible for Agriculture, after visiting the areas of emissions, a meeting with farmers and producers in the Technology Transfer Center of El Mirador to present the results achieved so far in implementing these systems.

Cerda said that biological control practices "require continuous modifications" because of the presence of new pests emerging arise from the elimination of plant applications.

Responsible for Agriculture stressed the need to "transfer from the faster the results" to achieve, he said, "effective implementation" in the remaining farms.

The Minister of Agriculture and Water noted that the "evolution of farming lies in the progress in the field of research, transfer of results and training of farmers", in order, he added, "to obtain quality products with more added value and security. "

Source: CARM


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