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García Valcárcel Retegui criticizes rather than help citizens of the region engaged in opposition to Zapatero

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The Socialist deputy spokesman lamented the criticism of the president and asked him to engage in work in the area of responsibility to leave as soon as before this crisis

The deputy spokesman of the Socialist parliamentary group, Begoña García Retegui, deplored the declarations of President Ramon Luis Valcarcel, who spoke on the implications of the "lack of economic foresight of the Government of Spain in the regional economy."

The deputy said "back in utter disregard to citizens, but especially those who are faring worse by the crisis, such as unemployed, freelancers and small businesses, the regional government is dedicated to making opposition to the Government of Spain instead of engaging in work in the field of its competence to respond to citizens and to efficiently manage public services.

In short, "rowing in the same direction to check out this serious economic crisis."

He recalled that the forecasts made by the regional government on the taxes that fall directly manages the Community, such as property transfer and stamp duty are "false, since in the first two months of 2010, do not cover even 8 % of predicted for the whole year "and rely solely on their activities in relation to income."

Failure of all the forecasts

Something happened in 2009, "when they failed all expectations assigned taxes on income, while state revenues increased by more than 250 million euros as a result of the new model of regional financing.

"With the fall of these taxes assigned, the regional government in the lurch has left thousands of suppliers and thousands of organizations and associations that have had to put money in your pocket or lay off workers for lack of payment of the regional government" .

Still, "the government has continued Valcárcel wasting and wasting in advertising, propaganda, entertainment, travel and sponsorships without which put a stop to this waste."

In short, he added that the regional government "punishes those who create and maintain employment and need public money to provide essential services, and waste and squander the money of Murcia to finish, as usual, blaming the government of Zapatero.

Yes, take the money with one hand and, in turn, exacerbates the political criticism, "he said.


The Executive Murcia studying the impact of the lack of economic forecasting in the regional economy Zapatero

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The Executive Committee for Economic Affairs examines the consequences of falling state revenues in 2010 and requires the same treatment as other communities recognition of the historical debt

The Minister of Economy said that the Bank of Spain report should reflect the Socialist government to implement structural and prevent the economic 'drag' to all Spanish

The regional government president, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, chaired today the meeting of the Executive Committee for Economic Affairs, which analyzed the implications of the lack of economic foresight of the Government of Spain in the regional economy.

The Commission addressed the end of 2009 and studied the implications of falling revenues and the allocation of regional funding in the budgets of the Community, 2010.

In this regard, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Inmaculada García, said the attitude 'party' of the Government of Spain, "which has just approved the recognition of EUR 784 million historic debt to Andalusia, in addition to more than 500 million and were granted in October to Aragon, the so-called institutional loyalty, or in 2009 in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. "

Garcia explained that the region deserves the same treatment as other regions, as 'gifts' electioneering Zapatero paid with money from the Spanish people. "

The Executive Committee on Economic Affairs today also discussed the latest report from the Bank of Spain, which requires the Socialist government "that would have applied and structural measures to prevent the economic 'drag' to all Spanish, and that predicted one and a half hours over job losses in our country, "said the Minister of Economy and Finance.

Faced with this attitude, "the regional government was able to react in time to the first indicators of change in trend, and never stopped working and let his guard down," Garcia said, which show the latest data published economic situation by the INE, which reflect the Community in 2009 decreased 3.4 percent compared to the decline experienced by the whole of Spain, which was 3.6 percent.

The data, said Garcia, confirm the expectations of the regional government, "since according to our model, we have always said that the fall in economic growth in the region in 2009 would be lower than the national."

"The region would grow more if Spain grew more"

According to the minister, "the region would grow more if Spain grow more," and added in this sense that "our economy has been experiencing for three consecutive quarters of GDP growth slightly, something that does not happen nationally."

Garcia also noted that the latest data from INE also reflect the high growth of the region in the period 2000-2009 and, despite the impact of the crisis in 2009, the Community continues to lead economic growth in that period.

The Executive Committee on Economic Affairs is composed of the directors of Finance, Education, Training and Employment, Universities, Business and Research, Agriculture and Water, and Public Works and Planning, chaired by the head of Regional Executive.

Source: CARM

Murcia is the first community to set up a Training Plan for Child Abuse

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

director general of Family and Children, Laura Muñoz, has approved courses for those responsible for social services of municipalities of the Region

Of the 6,000 reports received in the period 2003-2009, 85.6 percent are suspected abuse

The director general of Family and Children, Laura Muñoz, today introduced the Care Plan Training Child Abuse those responsible and professional social services councils in the region, the first course of its kind launched by a community autonomously.

The director general said during the presentation of the Autonomous Region in the period 2003-2009 received a total of 5,994 reports of child abuse, from mostly 5077 (84.7 percent) in the field of specialized social services, 691 (11.5) of the police and 226 (3.8) for healthcare.

In all the above fields, the majority of notifications (85.6 percent) are suspected of abuse, while those who report abuse are evident around 14.4 percent.

At both the police and social services most commonly used typology is negligence, while in the toilet and relatively stress of physical and sexual abuse.

Overall, 60 percent of reported abuse and neglect are, 11 percent physical abuse, 10 percent emotional abuse and 9 percent for sexual abuse.

Regarding the level of severity, the predominant category of major in the field of social services, and mild and moderate levels in the health and police.

In general, are considered serious almost 40 percent (39.5) of notifications, 30 percent moderate (29.8) and mild, 17.3 percent.

In the police, the notifications are more frequent around adolescence (14-16 years), while in the toilet predominate in the first year of life and childhood (0-5 years).

In social services, most correspond to early adolescence (12-13 years) as well as in the first year of life.

The majority (61 percent) of reported cases on social services affects male children, while in the health sector include the lowest (54.5), compared with rates of around 29-40 percent in the police and social services.

The profile of the abused child is a boy of ten years, and most cases are discovered by social service centers.

As the Training Plan for Child Abuse from the social services field, the general manager noted that the Region of Murcia is the only community that is making these courses approved, as also is the only Data abuse has on all areas.

So now it is said that realizing the cooperation and coordination between relevant institutions to join forces and prevent child abuse situations.

Muñoz also referred to the tools available to work together, such as the Service Manual, Module Abuse and the Instrument for the Assessment of the severity of the situation of vulnerability.

Source: CARM

Cerda says, "The guilt complex Saura is a danger to the Tajo-Segura

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The Minister of Agriculture and Water regrets the lack of discretion by the socialist Murcia, saying its" recklessness "threatens water delivery the Region

Regional states that the executive has been working "with discretion and institutional loyalty" to authorize the sending of 87.4 hectometres

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, said today that "guilt complex" of the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia, Pedro Saura "endangers" shipments of water for irrigation Tajo Segura Murcia "for his recklessness" .

Water responsible for regional government, said in response to statements by Pedro Saura on sending of 87.4 hectometres for irrigation, the regional government "has been working with discretion and above all loyalty to authorize this shipment "

Cerdá recalled that "insecurity and uncertainty that we live every Murcia to the future of the aqueduct are the result of votes and decisions of Saura in the previous term as a deputy" and now "with his recklessness again to compromise new shipment of water to the region "because, he said," can raise the anger and the lies of their fellow party, the socialist president of Castilla-La Mancha, José María Barreda.

The Minister stressed that in the last two weeks the President of Castilla-La Mancha "has been lavished on the falsehoods" about the use of water from the Tajo-Segura in the region "with false and inaccurate statements," which he said "attempt to smear the good use of irrigation water do Murcia."

According to the Minister, the President Barreda "must explain where it has invested millions of euros from Murcia irrigators have paid for the water transfer as an end to this community and sanitation works."

The owner of Water's regional government Jose Maria Barreda urged to "learn from the Murcia and infrastructure we have," and noted that "if Castilla-La Mancha have done the same, at this time more water will be superfluous."

Source: CARM

The PSRM welcomes "great news" tender informative study for high-speed line between Albacete and Murcia

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Infrastructure Secretary PSRM, Cecilio Hernández stressed that the criticism of the PP and the regional government the Government of Spain objects to events

Infrastructure Secretary PSRM, Cecilio Hernández, today welcomed to the "great news" study the bid information for high-speed line between Albacete and Murcia by Cieza.

Hernandez said that is being fulfilled in this way, the commitment of the Government of Spain with the Strategic Infrastructure Plan 2005-2020, and the personal commitment of the Minister of Public Works, José Blanco.

Faced with this "very good news," he said, it should be noted that the agreement of January 8, 2001, "which has been touted as the regional government and the president Valcárcel, was to take the High Speed Madrid Murcia Elche, erasing Cieza line map high-speed communications. "

The arrival of the socialist government in 2004, and the impetus given by the Socialist Government in the Region of Murcia, "led by our Secretary General, Pedro Saura, allowed in the Strategic Plan be replenished line mentioned by Cieza, as line High Speed. "

Thus, the Region of Murcia you can enjoy high-speed two lines: one in the Mediterranean corridor, and another, direct to Madrid, now tender.

250 million in 5 years

The Government of Spain has invested in these 5 years, around 250 million euros in line Cieza-Albacete, where the main work, the variant of Camarillo, whose super-structure work will be tendered it to enter service in 2012 .

This, coupled with the possibility of incorporating, as he said in his day, machine hybrid electric drive and diesel, it will allow in 2012, Murcia make the trip to Madrid in around three hours, "being this activity first phase of high-speed future that lies tendered informative study, "he added.

Moreover, he added, the works of the high-speed line will be awarded by Elche and running, all sections within this semester.

This will, as announced by the Minister of Development, access Elche Madrid about two hours, by 2014.

"While the Popular Party is dedicated to rant against the Government of Spain, led by Zapatero, speaking of marginalization and lack of investment, with the old saying actions speak louder, 'said the Government of Spain to Murcia," he concluded.


Saura: "With the decision of the Operating Committee, the Tajo-Segura water continue to bring at least a hundred years"

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

PSRM general secretary Pedro Saura, announced this morning at a press conference, the Region of Murcia will include the transfer of 114 cubic hectometres "Most desembalsando in the last six years"

Pedro Saura announced that: "We will in the Region of Murcia with the transfer of 87.4 hectometres for irrigation, which in addition to those approved for human consumption the last 17, making a total of 114 hm 3.

In my opinion, should have been done before March 17, but in any case, it is good news because it is the largest amount desembalsando in the last six years and noted further that the Tajo-Segura water continue to bring at least one hundred years. "

PSRM leader explained: "What has made the Operating Committee, is to set the amount you have to desembalsando.

Still, irrigators must not only respect them always, should be supported and understand that we are not satisfied. "

Letter to the unity of the Region

"I think before the next day, April 8" Saura pointed out, "should meet with the farmers, and also the President of the Autonomous Region with PSRM leader, to make clear to all of Spanish society, which we disagree with what is happening with the reform of the Statute.

Would be the way to stage the unity of the Region of Murcia to Spain. "

Referring to rebuff suffered by the irrigators in Madrid by the PP, Saura noted, "I think I Valcárcel Cospedal and they agreed that they agreed, so Sáez de Santamaría not get to irrigators and even from the People's Party Region has requested this meeting. "

PSRM general secretary added: "Where the danger of shipping is in my view, the Congress of Deputies and the reform of the statute itself.

So this morning I asked for a formal letter to Ramón Luis Valcárcel to bring before the next meeting April 8 to show that we agree on the text of the statute must be returned to the Cortes de Castilla La Mancha " .


Development bids informative study of the High Speed Line Albacete-Murcia

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The budget of the contract worth $ 1.2 million

The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, announced this morning that the Ministry of Public Works has approved the tender for the contract services for the preparation of informative study of high-speed line Albacete-Murcia.

The budget of the tender, which was published shortly in the Official Gazette, amounts to 1,271,187.33 euros (excluding VAT).

Although the Ministry of Development has been implementing various measures to improve equipment and performance of the conventional line Chinchilla-Cartagena, it was deemed necessary to a new study of this relationship railway line with its inclusion within the high-performance network traffic defined in the Joint Strategic Plan for Infrastructure and Transport (PEIT) 2005-2020.

González Tovar added that is true and also the commitment made by the Development Minister, José Blanco, the president of the Region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, to bid this performance during the first quarter of 2010.

The study report will be developed in several phases in order to define and compare the various alternatives that may be considered to fulfill the target.

In the work now being auctioned including conducting technical documents defining the paths and the environmental impact study of the performance.

Also be made public information procedures and environmental impact assessment to obtain the final Environmental Impact Statement.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno en Murcia

Ruiz Vivo Saura calls to send your letter to Zapatero

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

"is the wrong window.

Valcárcel tablacho has already put the Socialists sought to close the transfer Tejo |

Ruiz Live "is very easy to speak out in the region and remain silent on Ferraz, where it has not done their homework"

Saura complains that "we have not heard yet require an amendment to Barreda for his criticism of the irrigators Murcia"

Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo, today called on the secretary general of PSRM, Pedro Saura, who directed the letter to discuss the status of Castilla La Mancha Rodriguez Zapatero, "for a once and for all to rule in favor of the transfer Tejo

Therefore, Ruiz Saura Vivo to task "that is wrong window again asking for a meeting with President Valcarcel, who has and who has put the socialist pretensions tablacho to close the transfer of the Tagus and has always been clear and forceful in defending the maintenance of water diversion and irrigation interests. "

"Threats to the transfer of the Tagus are always from the PSOE, has affected the PP spokesman.

The head of PP added that "it is very easy to speak up and keep quiet in Murcia Ferraz, where Saura has not done their homework.

I go to Madrid and to insist that Zapatero, who has the responsibility to ensure the future of the transfer of the Tagus and the thousands of irrigators who rely on it "

Finally, Ruiz Vivo has accused the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia that "have not we heard you ask for a public correction Barreda his partner after he has insulted the irrigators Murcia seriously."

Source: PP Región de Murcia

IU regional government claims that the measures to prevent child abuse

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The head of the UI Social Policy in the Region of Murcia, Worship Peñas, today called for the autonomous government to put in place measures aimed at prevention and early detection of child abuse in the social sphere, education and health.

Peñas was speaking after meeting the Community received between 2003 and 2009 a total of 5,994 reports of abuse in children, of whom 60 percent were for neglect, 11 percent physical abuse, emotional abuse and 10 per 9 per sexual abuse.

In his view, the regional government should support private enterprise social environment associations with child abuse, but "can not be delegated exclusively on this type of initiative as important as the care of children, it is the responsibility of public authorities ".

In this regard, said that the Ministry of Social Policy "continues a trend of outsourcing, and delegates and too often their roles in the private sector, applying just the function of supervision, monitoring and funding."

Peñas highlighted the reduction in social assistance programs, including those relating to minors, in the budgets of the Autonomous Community of 2010, which, in his view, shows "little interest" in the regional government matter.

It has also highlighted the importance of the work of social services in health and wellness of children, adolescents and youth, and prevention of conflict situations that can lead to abuse and marginalization or social risk for children .

Source: IURM

The Region of Murcia added its name to the great Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante with the creation of a new university chair

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The president of the Community presented by this project that "puts the name of Murcia, and his University, in all the national and international literary forum "

The regional government, the University of Murcia, Caja Mediterráneo and FCG are the drivers of this Chair, which will promote and disseminate from the region's life and works of literary

The President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, today introduced the Chair Guillermo Cabrera Infante, created in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Murcia (UMU) to promote and disseminate from the Region of Murcia institutions and through the work of famous Cuban writer.

It is a cultural and educational project based in the region but universal in scope and significance, given the particular profile of the figure of the writer who paid tribute, which said the president "means to place the name of Murcia, and the the University, in all national and international literary forum. "

The name of the great Latin American writer today remain attached to the region through this Chair that drive the Regional Government, the very UMU, Caja Mediterráneo and FCG.

The Chief Executive chaired today Murcia at the Palacio de San Esteban de Murcia a meeting which was attended by the writer's widow, Miriam Gómez, and representatives of the CAM, the UMU and the FCG.

Cabrera Infante's work, said the president, is more alive than ever with this chair "Let's give all the necessary impetus for greater national and international."

Thus, from the region are to disseminate important literary values that glow in the literature of Cabrera Infante, "so universal," he said.

"What we want is that this chair will become a meeting point for the dissemination of Cuban writer as well as create a precise scenario in which Spain and Latin America to shake hands through his work," said Valcárcel .

This project was created within the administrative law at the University of Murcia and has as its aim the development of actions of a literary, artistic and cultural activities in the framework of research and dissemination of the work and life of the writer.

Specifically, the main actions envisaged in the Chair are the creation of a strategic recovery plan and promote the work and life of the writer of Caribbean origin, act as a focus of the encounter between culture and society of Latin American and Mediterranean announces scholarships study, promote literary events, promoting the publication of books and literary publications, the creation of a documentation center, audiovisual and library compilation, and work directly in the development of activities of other cultural and social institutions.

With this Chair will be made available to students and, in general, all citizens interested in literature, a number of research activities, publishing or broadcasting, led by teams of international and related to the world literature written in Spanish.

Publication of unpublished work

Much of Cabrera Infante's work is unprecedented and is now with the momentum that is granted with the creation of this institution when you can begin editing, with the seal and the direct supervision of the same.

THE Scientific Committee Chair honor will be chaired by the Chief Executive of Murcia and will also be representatives of the participating institutions and a director, as well as relevant persons in the world of culture.

Source: CARM