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Music, magic and dance to present sustainable architecture projects OBS

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, opened today at the Royal Casino de Murcia seven projects planned under the initiative 'Tisspas, Workshop for social innovation and the development of sustainable architectural services and products', promoted by the Ministry Culture and Tourism through the Centre of Design and Architecture in the Region (OBS) and sponsored by the Foundation Cajamurcia.

The presentation of the projects has been accompanied, in addition to lectures by authors, musical performances, magic and dance numbers.

These seven projects are listed in a catalog, in the words of Cruz, "is intended to be a major reference works in the field of architecture and contemporary thought."

The Minister of Culture said that "this is the first visualization of a system absolutely pioneering work in Spain."

The projects, according to Cruz, "come with a considerable challenge, which is renewing the idea of sustainability and ecology, and get it emphatically" by the "transformation from heavy to light through it, through projects themselves are lightweight structures "and thanks to gender mainstreaming as" While these projects are covered by the Ministry of Culture, could also belong to other fields such as agriculture, sustainable development, public works or universities. "

For this reason, said the adviser, "we must strive to build management frameworks that are flexible enough to make these projects go forward."

He also indicated that efforts are "not want to stop at the theoretical level but want to put into practice" and why some municipalities have already shown interest.

The projects that comprise this initiative are 'scalable Huerta' by Antonio Abellán and Izaskun Chinchilla; 'All age city' by Andrés Jaque and Mold Architecture; 'Golf productive' by Carlos Arroyo and Enrique Nieto, 'Shrink', Martin Lejárraga and Federico Soriano, 'Energy of the Sea' by Javier Peña and Enric Ruiz, 'Badlands raid "by Vicente and Miguel Guallart Mesa del Castillo, and' scenarios of degradation 'by BATB and Fernando de Retes.

Source: CARM

The PP criticized the tax increases of more than 400 million for economic recovery ballasted Murcia

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

José Gabriel Ruiz Murcia warns that society still does not know the views of the PSOE on the 'tax hike' July

The middle classes and the most vulnerable will be hardest hit by the VAT hike with Zapatero will take leave of the EU Presidency

Deputy Secretary of PP believes that without austerity policies, structural and tax cut no economic recovery

Sector Deputy Secretary of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia, José Gabriel Ruiz, today criticized that "tax increases of more than 400 million euros in the region, following the VAT rise will come into force on 1 July, will have a negative impact negatively affecting economic recovery. "

José Gabriel Ruiz has stated that this increase will result in an increase in general tax rates and reduced (from 7 to 8% and 16 to 18%, respectively) and the taxation of savings, and warned that " society today Murcia is not yet known what the position of the Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia and its regional secretary, Pedro Saura, about the 'tax hike' Zapatero government in July. "

Ruiz pointed out that this tax increase, "along with the elimination of 'electoral check' of 400 euros, will produce" a pernicious effect on inflation and will move directly to higher prices "

"This situation, coupled with the high level of household debt and unemployment, will depress the purchasing power of families and Spanish Murcia, sink and consumption as disposable income will be significantly reduced," he underlined.

According to Deputy Secretary has added the PP sector, "the workers and pensioners have already noticed what they are raising taxes, seeing their salaries have been reduced compared to the previous year."

"It is unacceptable that the minister Corbacho send a letter to pensioners, saying that pensions will rise by 2010 and that when they received the income, it is less than what they charged last year," said José Gabriel Ruiz, who has remarked that "is something unprecedented in the history of Social Security."

The middle classes and the most vulnerable, the hardest hit

The head of the Popular Party has explained that "we face a general tax increase, which is the most unfair and disproportionate, that has been done in our country, affecting in particular the workers, pensioners, unemployed, middle classes and young people , which bear 96% of tax increases, while higher incomes will affect only 4%. "

"Besides the increase in the taxation of savings affect more strongly to low incomes, according to José Gabriel Ruiz has meaning.

"On the contrary, the Investment Companies, which are investment vehicles of the very wealthy who have earned over 8,000 million euros of profit from the start of the Zapatero government will not be affected by tax increases," he added .

According to the deputy people, the VAT increase scheduled for this summer, "the Region will cost more than 400 billion euros."

In this sense, José Gabriel Ruiz has stated that "every family Murcia will have to pay 720 euros more per year in tax increases, regardless of their economic capacity.

Thus, young or unemployed will pay an average of 420 euros more to buy a car or $ 1,000 more in VAT when purchasing a home with an average value of 100,000 euros. "

Ruiz has criticized that "both experts and international organizations recognize that without a recovery in private consumption will be unable to resume the path of sustained economic growth."

In this regard, he assured that "this tax increase will cost much more fraud and increase the economy, reducing the tax base and jeopardizing tax collection with all the consequences in terms of solidarity that implies."

Zapatero, overwhelmed by the crisis

According to José Gabriel Ruiz said, "Zapatero is overwhelmed by the crisis as soon announced an austerity plan denies or improvise a 'pensionazo' without listening to society."

"Against this, the president made Valcárcel demonstrates its commitment to the Region of Murcia, betting on new perspectives and initiatives for the region, maintaining social and welfare policies, promoting employment, lowering taxes and deepening austerity measures" he stressed.

The deputy secretary of the PP sector has stated that "with the regional finance bill this year, more than 50,000 taxpayers in the region are benefiting in tax breaks, linking tax incentives for families, youth, disabled people, self , SMEs and farmers. "

For example, Ruiz has detailed "personal income tax deductions are spread over 33,000 young Murcia, contrary to what makes Zapatero.

Thus, a young man from our region to acquire a home used an average value of 100,000 euros this year will pay $ 1,000 less by way of transfer of property. "

José Gabriel Ruiz has noted that "Zapatero intends to celebrate the end of the EU Presidency with the tax increase more brutal, unfair and unsupportive of the history of Spain as the other countries while lowering taxes to resolve the crisis, Spain which is the largest number of unemployed, rising.

Zapatero remains committed to move in the opposite direction as a suicide. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Valverde: "With a good feeling before the Paris-Nice

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Two weeks after scoring the Mediterranean Tour, Alejandro Valverde is back to compete this Sunday 28 February on the Clasica Almeria.

After passing in the second position at the top of the heights of La Serrata, Murcian finished the race won by the Dutch sprinter Theo Bos in the peloton at 29 th place while his teammate Luis Leon Sanchez became the fourth and another broker Caisse d'Epargne, Iván Gutiérrez, very active throughout the test, scoring the sprints classification.

"The race developed as expected and could not avoid being the sprint despite having worked well in ports to try to cut the pack and distancing the sprinters," said Alexander in the Almeria goal.

"The most important is having a good feeling after two weeks without running.

The week after training did fairly mild Mediterranean while since last Monday rolling train harder and more miles. "

"Next Sunday we will be out of the Paris-Nice.

It is a very important race for me and for the team.

Our intention is to dispute it with the intention of winning.

We know we will have many opponents, among them Contador, but we have a very strong.

We present two leaders and I think from Luis Leon won last year and I will do a great job.

Room with two leaders is an advantage rather than a disadvantage because we have more possibilities to exploit the opportunities presented by the race, "said Alexander, highly motivated by their participation in the" Course au soleil "as the French call it.

Source: Agencias

The Socialist Party calls for Valcárcel take advantage of increased state funding for employment and training

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

deputy Mariano Garcia accuses the regional government of hiding in victimhood "to justify the inefficiency in the management of its responsibility for active employment policies"

The head of the Socialist Group Jobs, Mariano Garcia, asked the regional government not to waste the funds distributed on Friday, the Government of Spain for active employment policies, to finance various programs of work resulting from EUR 78.3 million in the Region of Murcia in 2010.

The socialist parliamentarian stressed that while the regional government has reduced the 2010 budget for employment and training a 9.71%, the national government such transfers has increased 9.30%, assuming 6.6 million more than in 2009 for Murcia Region, "which gives an idea of the priorities of each."

Garcia explained that the action of the Government of Spain means more money to promote entrepreneurship and improve the adaptability of workers and enterprises, promoting employability, social inclusion and equality between men and women and the modernization of employment services or renew contracts during 2010.

"Laying the blame on others"

For the Socialist deputy, it is regrettable that "the more the funds arrive to active employment policies, Valcárcel feel less responsible and more guilt begins to others."

He added that only then explained that the regional government voted against the new criteria for distributing funds for employment programs and training to unemployed persons for the period 2010-2013, despite the supposed one of the largest increases of all regions, "putting the interests of the PP party national workers to Murcia."

Garcia asked the regional government to stop hiding in victimhood, to hide the failure in the management of active employment policies within its jurisdiction, "which led us to be the region where unemployment increases over the past three years, "he lamented.


Lola Hernandez asked the regional government which has not paid its 2009 aid to the families of multiple births, large families and special category

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

The lawmaker criticized that "it is clear that the regional government protects the family's mouthpiece, because facts show that reducing the budget and pay "

The Socialist deputy and head of Social Welfare PSRM, Lola Hernandez, will present at the Regional Assembly, a request for information, which calls for explanation from the Ministry of Social Policy of why have not yet paid individual regional aid , for 2009, families with multiple birth children and families numerous special category.

Hernandez said that the call was made in January 2009, to respond quickly to the needs of these families, as expressed in that notice "and as of today we are not aware that payments have been made."

The Socialist deputy asks if this is the concept that the government has de Valcárcel respect to addressing the needs of families, "spread to the four winds the existence of such aid and then not pay them."

According to the parliamentary socialist "is clear that the regional government protects the family nozzle, because the facts show that reducing the budget for them and not pay the promised aid."

Lola Hernandez further alleged that the First Plan for the Promotion of family and concluded in 2008 and has been evaluated and has been given continuity.

So does the resource guide for families, located on the website of the Ministry, and that has not been updated since 2008.


The Centre for Tourism and Jecomur Qualification organized a series of conferences devoted to gastronomy Murcia

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Qualification Centre Tourism (CCT), in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Chefs and Cooks of the Region of Murcia, Jecomur, developed during every Monday of the month of March a monograph on the kitchen cycle Murcia.

The sessions will take place on the premises of CCT during the mornings, and meet some of the most prestigious chefs in the region, will share their experiences with the audience and approached them from a professional perspective to the products and recipes from the land.

The conference, which are aimed at students and professionals CST, will address the handling of typical products tasting and recognition of different flavors and cooking techniques applied to the preparation of the dishes.

The cycle begins March 1 with the seminars' colors and flavors Murcia 'and' Cooking vegetables in Murcia. "

On March 8, will focus on "Vegetables, Murcia importance in the kitchen 'and' lesser known fish Murcia coast ', while the March 15 meeting will be devoted to the' Lamb segureño, parenting and importance in the kitchen Murcia 'and 'Desserts Murcia for restaurants. "

The series concludes on March 22 with the seminar 'The fruits of Murcia, not just desserts "and" Kitchen Murcia in the events. "

These actions are born from collaboration plan initiated in 2002 between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Jecomur, whereby both entities agreed to promote and publicize Murcia products both inside and outside the Region.

Thus, the Center continues its qualification Tourist informative work and training, aimed to provide recycling opportunities to all persons associated with the sector.

Last year, the CST organized 215 courses involving 4,150 students and 9,440 students who enrolled.

These figures represent an increase in the number of courses of ten per cent compared with 197 in 2008, along with the increase of hours taught, 10,691 in 2009 compared to 7,467 in 2008, resulting in greater empowerment of courses for long-term occupational training.

For more information and registration, interested parties can visit the web

Source: CARM

The Regional Housing Portal registers more than a thousand queries per day

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

There have been over 400,000 visits since its launch in April 2009

The Web offers citizens of the region more than 5,000 homes and has a simulator that allows the citizen to know the aid managed by the regional government

The Director General of Planning and Housing, Antonio Navarro, reported today that "the Regional Housing Portal on the Internet,, the Ministry of Public Works and Planning, receives an average of 1,000 queries per day" .

To date, the website which offers citizens of the region more than 5,000 housing and on preferential terms of price and financing, has received about 400,000 inquiries from their operation in April 2009.

In addition to citizens of the region, there have been inquiries from 132 Spanish cities and 65 countries around the world.

The Regional Portal has a powerful search engine that allows you to find the specific type of housing from its size, location and price.

It also acts as an information space on the network on which citizens can learn and benefit from the aid programs that the regional government established to facilitate access to housing.

Also, the CEO explained that the Portal has an alert service that allows citizens to be constantly informed through an SMS message to your cell phone or e-mail to your e-mail, new housing developments developed that best meet the required characteristics. "

On the other hand, Antonio Navarro said that to achieve administrative simplification, "the website allows enroll directly in the register of claimants, thus saving time for the public and the facility to perform the procedures without leaving home."

Antonio Navarro added that this information service on the network "also has a simulator that lets the user know the grants and subsidies managed by the Community that may be requested."

In addition, citizens can learn about support schemes for the purchase, rental and housing rehabilitation, as well as the Basic Income Emancipation, among others.

The user may find on the web all the information on assistance programs Regional Housing Plan 2009-2012.

These programs are tailored according to personal characteristics of each applicant and supports a greater extent to the lower income citizens, particularly the group of people under 35 entering for the first time in a home.

"This is a fantastic tool to serve all Murcia which facilitates access to housing with price and financing terms tailored to their needs, an initiative which helps to respond to citizen's right to enjoy decent housing "he said Navarro.

Source: CARM

Open the summons examinations for certificates of carrier

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Those interested in obtaining the certificate for the transport of goods and travelers can apply until 11 March at the Ministry of Public Works and Planning

Applicants for safety advisers for the transport of dangerous goods by road or rail have until March 19

The Ministry of Public Works and Planning, through the Directorate General for Transport and Ports, has called for the exams to obtain the qualifications that enable carrier to perform the activities of freight and passengers, as well as those of safety advisers.

"From the Department will convene these tests to demonstrate the preparation of stakeholders and ensure maximum safety in the exercise of their activities transportation professionals whose work requires a high degree of expertise," said the director general of Transport and Ports, Carmen Sandoval.

In the case of vocational training certificate, which allows national and international transport of goods and passengers, candidates must answer multiple choice questions and one hundred six cases to solve practical.

For its part, to obtain a certificate of safety advisers for the transport of dangerous goods by road or rail will be necessary to pass a multiple choice test of 50 questions and a study or course.

In the case of examinations for renewal, only take out the multiple choice test.

Those interested in testing can apply until March 11, in the case of safety advisers, and until 19 March for road transport activities, both on the premises of the Ministry, in Santoña Plaza, 6, Murcia, or online through page / op.

Proof goods will be held on May 15 in the General Lecture at the University of Murcia Espinardo, while the passenger is on 17 May at the auditorium of the Ministry.

The first call for proof of safety advisers, both access and renewal, will be on 5 May for the highway mode.

For the second call, which may be eligible for renewal of the certificate is valid for five years, the deadline for applications will be open from 15 to 30 June and the test will be held on 19 October.

The director general said that "during the past year were 826 people who were presented to different modalities of these qualifications, which shows the weight of this sector, a mainstay of the regional economy."

Source: CARM

Health takes your blood donation campaign at the University of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

mobile teams carry out extractions in the faculties and colleges of different campus

Regional Center of Blood Donation held during the month of March the second half of the blood donation campaign in the 2009-2010 academic year at the University of Murcia and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

Center teams will be present in all faculties and colleges of Espinardo campus and La Merced, University of Murcia, and on the campus of Sea Wall, Antigone, Alfonso XIII and the former headquarters of Seamanship Training (CIM) of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, as well as travel to the headquarters of the Cartagena UNED.

From the Regional Blood Donation Center encourages all students, faculty and staff of academic institutions to come to donate blood for the blood and its derivatives are essential for the functioning of health facilities, where operations are performed daily, requiring treatment and transplants from blood donations.

Source: CARM

The Community will invest more than 14 million to promote employment in the municipalities of the Region

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

aid, aimed at municipalities and nonprofit institutions, encourage the hiring of a thousand unemployed to carry out works of general interest social

The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment will invest 14.2 million euros in aid for the creation of nearly a thousand jobs in the municipalities of the Region, through the Local Public Employment Programs and Institutional.

Specifically, it includes an allocation of 11.9 million euros for a first program, aimed at the municipal corporations and associates, allowing the recruitment of about 800 unemployed, and 2.3 million for a second program, aimed a non-profit organizations, other governments and universities, which will employ about 120 unemployed.

The aid will cover the cost of hiring the unemployed to carry out works and services of general interest and social.

The main objective is to provide a primary way of entering the market work for the unemployed, and allow employment of persons with special difficulties, such as women, young or long-term unemployed, who can then take the first step towards their definitive the labor market.

The Local Employment Program allows unemployed achieve training and experience they need to develop a productive activity.

In this way more dynamic, locally, the realization of development projects and public works and social utility, while reducing unemployment.

The Institutional Public Employment Program, meanwhile, provides work experience and improve the employability of the unemployed, particularly in cultural areas, environmental or social assistance, and generally in the field of new sources of employment, which holes are untapped productive able to create new jobs.

Source: CARM