The CHS facilitates the processing of documents through the Virtual Office

Users can download from the web 45 types of forms to facilitate their relationship with the Administration

The Segura basin (CHS) has reinforced its commitment to new technologies with the Virtual Office, a section of its website that allows downloading of documents for the initiation of proceedings.

In total, users can download 45 different kinds of forms and process them through the website of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

Electronic processing, using new technologies, is a way to bring government to citizen, and in turn expedite the bureaucratic process inherent in any processing.

The publication of the proceedings via the Internet to enable citizens to begin the process of a file without having to physically come to the offices of the administration.

CHS to facilitate citizen access to services of the Confederation, has published the list of procedures of interest to citizens within its jurisdiction.

For each of these procedures can download different types of application available from the address / chs / services / oficinavirtual

After downloading the forms that interest you, the citizen may submit by traditional means or start your electronic processing by accessing the Electronic Office, Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, available at http://sede.marm . .

Confederations procedures are included within the theme of Water and once selected, the procedure is necessary to indicate the Hydrographic Confederation which will be presented.

To initiate proceedings electronically via the generic application, you must have a valid digital certificate and accepted by Headquarters Electronic MARM as the start address of a procedure requires authentication every citizen through the appropriate certification.

Note: The digital certificate is available on this page: .

Source: CHS


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