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The Integrated Environmental Protection Act shall enter into force on January 2

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The new standard significantly reduces the number of projects for environmental impact assessment

On January 2 enter into force the Law 4 / 2009 of May 14, Integrated Environmental Protection in the Region of Murcia, which updates the legal mechanisms of control of activities, plans and projects with impact on the environment and repealing the Law on Environmental Protection in the Region of Murcia, adopted in 1995.

In the new regional law are developed and assembled all devices for protection against contamination, such as guidelines, plans, authorizations or environmental assessment of plans and projects, among others, mostly from European directives, which were incorporated into national a dispersed state by basic standards.

Since it was published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia on 22 May, the Ministry has been working with different business sectors, agencies and institutions.

The next January 22 will be announced the findings of the various conferences that were held and the joint action plan to be developed during 2010 for the law enforcement contribution is expected benefits.

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerda, emphasized that "the fact that the new rule significantly reduces the number of projects for environmental impact assessment will undoubtedly benefit the economic development of the region, without affecting the environmental protection. "

He also noted that will support local authorities that have fewer resources, value and unify and promote joint action on environmental campaigns and projects.

In this regard, he stressed that "bring together human, technical and economic saving costs to both government and sectors of activity."


The new text provides a model of integrated environmental permits to coordinate and systematize all environmental permits with a single system, which makes possible the reduction of processing times.

Integrated management also allows to find global solutions to the pollution caused by industries and prevent it from moving from one focus to another within the same industry, for which it will adopt the solution that respects the environment.

The new standard also meets the demand to clarify many of the ambiguities created by state law, subject to editorial open, thus providing greater legal security and certainty of the rules applicable to all operators affected: businessmen, consultants and designers neighbors, environmental organizations and authorities involved.

To this end, the law regulates the procedures and allows any person connected with the administration know how, when and where.

The 160 articles of the text allow you to act like a real environmental guide.

Authorization of activities

To achieve its purpose integrator, the Act distinguishes between two broad categories of activities: those subject to environmental clearance regional and subject only to a business license.

A novelty in this area is known as increasing the safe or free activities, those with little or no environmental impact, as an office or a drapery, for which the license processing speeds up to maximum.

The new annexes and exempt activities subject to environmental assessment and entered into force when this Standard was published in the Official Gazette of the Region.

Source: CARM

The Community's nearly 9 million euros in the Regional Tourism Partnerships

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Among the actions include investment in the Northwest Greenway Caravaca occasion of Jubilee 2010, which amounts to 2,100,000 euros

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, through the Directorate General of Tourism in 2009 spent a total of 8,848,333 euros in infrastructure for the various Regional Tourism Partnerships.

The Director General of Tourism, Marina Garcia, said the proceedings at the Tourist Consortium of the Northwest Greenway occasion of the Jubilee 2010 celebration of Caravaca, which 2,100,000 euros were allocated to six investments.

Among these is the adequacy of the old train stations Caravaca de la Cruz, Cehegín, Albudeite, River Fields and Alguazas, all for hostels for pilgrims, and a new hostel building in the Bullas Rafa.

"In mid-2010 is expected to inaugurate the hostel in El Llano, which will have 200 seats," said the director general.

Marina Garcia also said that "through an agreement signed in 2005 with the Partnership Development Agency for the Northwest Region of Murcia and the city of Caravaca de la Cruz, the Ministry will invest a total of 600,000 euros per year until 2017, with the priority of the adequacy and proper functioning of the actions executed in the project Caravaca Jubilee. "

Murcia Tourist Consortium Crossroads received 860,000 euros to the adequacy of the proposed Visitor Center San Cayetano in its second phase.

As to the Commonwealth Tourism Consortium Espuña was allocated € 300,000 for, among other actions, put the Water Trail.

In addition, the Consortium de Mazarrón received 280,000 euros and the Commonwealth of the Mar Menor won 240,000 euros for the rehabilitation and improvement of beaches.

Moreover, the Consortium Springs Resort Villas received 100,000 euros, the Torre Pacheco and Fuente Alamo, Land and Tradition, received 120,000 euros, and La Manga Consortium, 600,000 euros for landscaping improvements and accessibility of beaches, among other actions .

The Commonwealth Tourist Consortium of the Northeast received 240,000 euros for, among other things, the packaging of the Cueva Negra de Fortuna appreciation of the countryside and Songs of Arabi Mount Visor Yecla.

Northwest Commonwealth Consortium won 360,000 euros for access control and security fencing in the Rafa de Bullas, among others.

A total of 600,000 euros were allocated to the Partnership for tourism and cultural development of Lorca and Cartagena Puerto de Culturas received 1,620,000 euros to cover protection of the archaeological remains of the winch.

The Almadenes Gorge Tourist Consortium, received 461,666 euros for, among other actions, to build the shelter in the Cave of the Port of Calasparra.

In addition, the Partnership received 366,667 euros Nogalte Medina.

One of the most important actions that took place was tourist-commercial appropriateness of the streets Pintor José Pérez and Rigoberta Menchu of Puerto Lumbreras.

Source: CARM

The Community settled in 2009 more than 17,000 meters of barriers to protect motorists

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

security has been improved from 338 new sections with sharp bends in the regional network of roads

The Director of Roads, Jose Guijarro, today announced the installation of barriers balance protection of motorists in parts of the Road Network of the Autonomous Region of Murcia in 2009, which has meant more to join 17,000 new meters this safety device for drivers of these vehicles.

According to the director general said, "the Executive is aware of Murcia large number of motorcyclists who are in the region and the additional risk that they have an accident, so that the installation of approved protective barriers on our roads has become a priority for the past two years. "

In total, 338 have provided new sections of barriers to protect motorists on tight curves of 34 roads in the state, thus preventing amputation in case of disaster.

"This is a security measure that already has more than 90 percent of regional roads in some sections," he said.

The director general said the Road Safety Plan 2009 "has affected especially in the adaptation of road infrastructure on the movement of motorcycles, and increased protection of drivers by installing next-generation barriers.

This has been possible thanks to the budget plan, which has quadrupled in the last two years. "

"In this way, and after a thorough analysis of the points where it was most needed this reinforcement, we are developing specific actions in areas where we have found an increased risk of accidents, such as dangerous curves, considering the speed, the radius of curvature and the slope of the ground, for the installation of more effective barriers, "he said.

Commitment to innovation

Barriers installed to protect motorists on the roads in Murcia are approved.

Some of ekkas have been made with resin and glass fiber reinforcements, as the hulls of Moto GP and F1, giving them a flexibility that dissipates impact energy by deformation of the guardrail.

This new system, the regional government ordered in white stripes and red to alert drivers to the presence of the curve, reduces the force of the crash biker and also prevents the body ejected from the bottom of the security barrier.

Source: CARM

The official period of winter sales begin this Saturday and lasts until March 1

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Inspectors ensure that all requirements are met and remember that in this period have the same rights as the rest of the year

The departments of Universities, Business and Research, and Health, report that the period of the winter sales officially start on Saturday January 2 and continues until 1 March.

Establishments will be responsible for determining the length of this sales period, which may be a week at least two months.

Both experts from the Directorate General of Commerce and Handicrafts, such as the Directorate General Citizen Services, Addictions and Consumer ensure that consumers and merchants will benefit from these discounts winter with the highest standards.

Among them is that retailers specify the start and end of the sales, the items for sale have been included in the stock prior to the establishment and normal-priced items and discounted prices are sufficiently separated.

In addition, the regional government points out that both consumers and traders have the same rights and obligations in the sales period than during the rest of the year.


From DGs Consumption and Trade offered the following tips for shopping season:

Both the discounted price as above must appear on the label, or the percentage of rebate, or even a single price for each item type.

In case of second or successive reductions shall be stamped items with the original price, the price of the first price reduction and subsequent sales.

Keep the ticket or bill of sale as security for a possible return or complaint.

Also require the warranty period.

If a facility accepts returns throughout the season will also do so at sales time, otherwise, you should warn explicitly.

If settlement occurs Apparel As with returns.

Facilities that support credit card payments for the rest of the year are required to do so in sales time at no charge on the price.

The vendor is required to inform consumers through its general advertising exposure visible from outside the establishment.

Stock availability and sales of products shall be sufficient.

If the sales are limited to the exhaustion of the items, the vendor must clearly inform about the total number of units covered by the activity.

Labelling should be correct and legible in Castilian.

In the case of clothing, the label should include washing and ironing instructions and report preparation materials and information from the manufacturer.

It generally prohibits the existence of unfair terms and in particular the decoupling based on typographical errors and printing.

The items for sale in rebates should have been included before, and for a minimum period of one month in the usual run of sales, in perfect condition unless defective or manufactured specifically for these sales.

We also must reject articles that do not meet the necessary health and safety conditions.

If you believe that trade has not respected their rights as required by the consumer complaint form and try to resolve the problem amicably.

In addition, you may contact the Municipal Office of Consumer Information nearest to the Directorate General of Citizen Services, Addictions and Consumption and the Directorate General of Trade and Handicraft of the Autonomous Region or any consumer association.

Also available to the consumer telephone 901 501 601.

Source: CARM

José Gabriel Ruiz: "Once again Saura again making ominous for the Region of Murcia"

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

says that "his only interest is to show a false image and dark in the region" and that "it belies reality"

States that the INE The Region is the community that grew most in the period 2000-2008

Sector Deputy Secretary of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia, José Gabriel Ruiz, has criticized that "once again the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia, Pedro Saura ominous exercise again for the Region of Murcia."

PP Deputy Secretary explained that "within two year balances made in just two weeks, the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia has shown that its only interest is to provide a dark and false image of the region."

In fact, José Gabriel Ruiz added that "it back to deny reality.

Today, the National Institute of Statistics, under the National Government has recognized that the Region of Murcia Autonomous Community is the highest growth in the period 2000-2008. "

For the head of the PP, "against these objective and realistic economic recovery of our community, despite the lack of support from the Government of Zapatero, Saura again tries to mislead and distort reality with their words showing his disinterest in the situation workers and their families and the unwillingness to have to lend a hand in this difficult economic situation. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia

IURM believe Polaris is the Titanic model Valcárcel

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Y requires the President to work to prevent the loss of 700 jobs as he worked to create a giant with feet of clay

The Head of Environment IURM, Victoria Rodriguez, described the situation of the company Polaris inevitable shipwreck, as the debt accumulated by the group, more than 100 million euros, can only be addressed through the sale of assets or, in other words, the fragmentation and sale of the group into smaller pieces, which end in the hands of other companies or banks.

Rodriguez also recalled the long string of instructions which, against all odds, IURM been making in recent years, denouncing the serious error involved, carrying the weight of the balance of regional growth in real estate projects of pharaonic dimensions, who based their success in the massive rezoning and the influx of hundreds of thousands of foreign buyers, finally nonexistent.

To IURM the current priority should be to save approximately 700 jobs that depend on the group, driving a process of restructuring and reorganization group towards sectors such as hospitality, leisure and services, since, as Rodriguez points out: the model resorts is dead for many years.

The experiment Alhama grand coalition or pro-Polaris.

Victoria Rodriguez wanted to, finally, to note the serious political responsibilities, in his view, involves the sinking of this group.

According to Rodriguez, to make available to the Polaris model a great test, PP and PSOE PSRM-tested in Alhama, a coalition against nature to smooth project called "Condado de Alhama.

Now the model is shipwrecked, and highlights the serious inconsistencies in the PPSOE Alhameño.

Source: IURM

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the contest awards prizes 'Christmas Pinta' 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

The Director of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Enrique Ujaldón today presented awards to the fifth edition of the painting competition "Painting in the Mubam Christmas', held on 23 December.

The competition included nearly a hundred children aged between 3 and 12 years.

The works will be exhibited in the Mubam from 24th December to 6th January.

In addition, you can also see the museum website

The competition established five categories (for 3, 4 and 5 years, others 6 and 7, 8 and 9, 10, 11 and 12, and children with special educational needs, which was deserted) with a first second and third prizes in each.

The winners received a diploma, lots of books and painting materials for 100, 75 and 50 euros respectively.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel advances in 2010 will define the major projects for the next decade

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

meet President earlier this year to economic and social actors to define the milestones 20-20, which will enable the region move forward on economic recovery

The regional chief executive said the Region has already started a trend of economic growth ", as in the third quarter of Murcia economy grew 0.20 percent, while in Spain fell by 0.30

Highlights that the negative elements of 2009 were unemployed, water and regional funding

Notes that in 2010 the regional government will maintain the tax cuts to "offset the sharp rise by the Government of Spain"

The President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, stated today, "a new framework for action to build, from now and together, the Region of Murcia we want in 2020" and announced that the Region has already started a trend economic growth to overcome the crisis. "

During the policy review undertaken by the regional government in 2009, Valcárcel emphasized that the goal is "relaunching the Murcia Region with the implementation of new projects and ideas that emerged from the consensus will enable us to provide the framework upon Region to build the future for 2020. "

Referring to economic data, the regional chief executive said that "between April and September the regional economy has grown," according to the latest data available, and specified that during the second half of 2009 saw a growth of 0 , 15 per cent and 0.20 per cent, third, and hopefully in the fourth trend is upward. "

These data, said the president, "imply a change in trend, a halt to the crisis or slowdown due to this growth," adding that "we are the first in Spain, again, we started to grow above the national average ".

For the president the project milestones 20-20 "will improve the data," and invited all the representatives of civil society to join this project on which work will begin next week.

The head of Murcia will meet after the Christmas period with economic and social to begin to define the milestones 20-20, "we will advance the economic recovery."

We met in 2009

During the balance of 2009, Valcárcel listed some of the actions carried out by the regional government in education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, business, local government or public safety.

The president stressed the Social Pact for Education in 2009 "has been re-signed with the unanimous support of the entire educational community," noting that "the region is also advanced in this area since it is now when it seems national could reach agreement in this regard. "

On Health, the chief executive stressed that the completion of construction of new hospitals in Cartagena and Los Arcos del Mar Menor, and the beginning of the first phase of the Maternal Infant Arrixaca, "respond to a regional government's commitment Health and place a century as one of the most valued of all Spain. "

Also, Valcárcel referred to the momentum that has given this year to work on the International Airport and announced that the regional government guarantees the financing "for the second quarter of 2011 and the first plane landing."

Another of the highlights in infrastructure has been the opening of the highway Zeneta-San Javier, and publication of informative studies of new highways North (Caravaca, Jumilla), West (Lorca, Caravaca) and Eastern (Yecla-Santomera).

In this regard, Valcarcel said the regional government "has done its homework but not the Ministry of Development, that the stretch-Santomera Zeneta takes more than a year late."

Remarked that in water purification and irrigation modernization, the Region of Murcia "stood at the podium in Europe, since we have to debug all water quantity and quality, and are the first region of Spain to modernize irrigation and conserve this resource. "

The Chief Executive referred to the Regional Public Safety Plan, "fully implemented" with the addition of 628 agents, the construction of 4 new headquarters of the local police and the start of construction of seven, and referred also to the transfer more than 10 million euros to municipalities for the maintenance of current spending, "contrary to what the central government has reduced aid to local authorities," he added Valcárcel.

The president also recalled that the regional government has opted for the business sector in this period of crisis and created in 2009, Credit and Finance Institute, to promote investment.

Also referred to the Plan for Internationalization of Business, FinanciaPyme Plan, with almost 2,000 million euros, planning to undertake, aid to the self, or the Industrial Plan, with more than 131 million euros.

Valcárcel also discussed the implementation of the Science Park and the "significant budgetary effort made by the regional government in R + D + i, while the central government," said Valcarcel, talks about sustainable economy based on R + D + i but, HOWEVER, the fall of the budget in this matter is deafening. "

Paro, water and regional funding, major concerns

The President of the Autonomous Region said that the year 2009 has also had "negative elements" and stressed that "the biggest concern remains executive of unemployment suffered by Murcia due to national economic crisis that Zapatero has not given any solution. "

"While in the Region of Murcia the increase in unemployment has gone to a much slower rate than the rest of Spain, we will not hide behind data that does not comfort anyone in my government because the unemployed are not percentages but human dramas, and while there a political drama that is required to be in constant vigilance to remedy that situation, "said Valcarcel.

He said "the region of Murcia is ten points below the national average (49 percent vs. 59 percent nationwide, EPA data) and the sixth region of Spain with less standing in the last year"

Another negative element is that the president said the water problem, "whose solution was in the National Hydrological Plan in the Ebro was repealed by the vote of a Murcia, then member of Congress," said Valcarcel, adding that "the problem remains unresolved despite the program have shown that water was a fiasco and a failure."

On regional financing, Valcarcel said "in this case, once again, the central government punishes the Murcia Region, using sectarianism as if money were not Zapatero and the Spanish people."

Regional financing

The president reiterated that "the government of Rodriguez Zapatero back again to punish the Murcia Region with the approval of a regional financing model" unsupportive. "

"This new system puts us below the average per capita funding," said Valcarcel, while he wondered "why communities such as Madrid, Valencia and Murcia, governed by the PP, are the hardest hit in Spain."

"Again sectarianism is applied as if the money out of Rodríguez Zapatero, when money is all Spanish and Murcia," he added.

This, said the president, adding that "no debt has been recognized by the increased population, 350,000 new Murcia, who work and pay taxes and for which we obtain about 1,740 million euros."

Tax cut in 2010

Valcárcel moved some of the commitments and challenges that will face the regional executive for the next year, as "the need to offset the tax increase marked by the Government of Spain."

In this regard, he stressed that the regional government will carry out the tax cut over 10 million euros through various deductions in the Income Tax of Individuals (income tax), tax on inheritance and gift tax or Property Transfer, among others, "especially benefit young people with disabilities, independent, small businesses and farmers."

Also highlighted the investment of 217 million euros that will receive the universities in the region, 4.5 percent more than in 2009, and almost 950 million more than seek the Credit and Finance Institute and "bring more solvent and efficiency "to the regional economic system.

Source: CARM

Zapatero promises to introduce measures within a month to stem the crisis in agriculture

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

The secretary general of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, he was "satisfied" after the meeting held yesterday by representatives of organization to be agricultural, COAG, UPA and Agrifood Cooperatives with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Prime Minister, at the Palace de la Moncloa.

For the professional organization has met the objective of this meeting was to move the head of the Spanish claims in agriculture and even it has undertaken to provide "concrete measures within a month."

The balance of the meeting held yesterday by representatives of ASAJA Murcia, COAG, UPA and Agrifood Cooperatives with President of Government and the Minister for Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Elena Espinosa, is "positive" because it was determined that Zapatero undertakes to produce "concrete measures within a month, especially with regard to the restructuring of the productive sectors and the issue price, as has been noted by the secretary general of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca.

During the meeting, which was developed for three hours, the chief executive was receptive to the crisis that, in general, the Spanish society and, in particular the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, also referred to the Spanish EU presidency this semester and the need to mark the way forward in the CAP beyond 2013.

More specifically, is committed to provide funding in three areas: official moratorium on existing loans, financing ICO and reinsurance for exports, including oil and wine productions, as well as fruits and vegetables.

It will also ask the Minister of Industry a favorable solution for the electric rates of agricultural sector and to set up a ministerial committee headed by Minister of Environment, and Rural and Marine Affairs, to address issues affecting other ministries.

On the question of prices going to do a political job in lobbying industry and the National Competition Commission which should lead to a revision of standards and participation in agriculture in the composition of prices.

Finally, it urges the Minister of Environment and Rural and Marine who was present to act on a plan for activating the application, among others, in the following sectors: cereals, olives, wine, fruit and vegetables, milk, sheep- goats, pigs and beef Iberian.

In short, in the words of the owner of BDA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, "this meeting has generated high expectations for revitalizing the agricultural sector, but nevertheless, we should expect to February, when we get back to see if are working on the correct line and see if it really proves that Zapatero is sensitized to solve rural problems Murcia and Spanish. "

Source: ASAJA Murcia

Services Consumer Advocacy, Arbitration and Consumer Market Control is transferred to the headquarters of Health

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

All were located on the street Calderon de la Barca and become part of the building of the Ministry of Health in Ronda Levante

The Consumer Protection Services, Arbitration and Control of Market Department of Consumer Affairs of the Region of Murcia, whose head is the general director of Citizen Services, Chemical Dependency and Consumption, Juan Manuel Ruiz, have moved to the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in Ronda de Levante, number 11.

So far, all these services were in the street Calderon de la Barca, 14, in the Atlas building and spend, thus, part of the building of the Ministry of Health.

The advantages of this move, according to Ruiz, result in an "increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of services offered from the Department of Consumer Affairs to streamline the distribution of functions in offices, saving time and providing the citizen and the consumer access to all available services. "

Notably, the phone numbers of these services, as well as consumer information, do not suffer any variation despite this transfer.

So, the phone will remain the Consumer 901 501 601, the Consumer Protection 968 35 71 88, Inspection Consumer 968 35 71 78, Offences and Penalties 968 35 71 87 and the Board the Consumer Arbitration 968 35 71 82 / 83.

Source: CARM