In 2009 Solidaire sleep Wednesday September 30 in the town of L'Ayoun, the center of Western Sahara

The route today, Atlas – L'Ayoun, about 750 km., Has been the longest of all the caravan.

Almost fourteen hours to cross Morocco and the Sahara, the coast road.

The group was adjourned at 4:30 pm to face the hard way, two-way road, with no shoulder but with much traffic.

Approximately 20 hours came to L'Ayoun, where they stayed in the House of Spain, being received by the Trustee Goods

Spain in the Sahara, Mr. Collado D. Mariano Lara.

In 2009 Solidaire leave tomorrow Thursday to the Mauritanian border, spending the night in a camp about two hours drive from the border.

Scheduled to arrive in Nouakchott on Friday October 2, a day later than originally planned due to delays experienced in the office of Tanger with heavy vehicles.

In the last two days, the group has stayed in camps in remote areas of populations.

Make their own food, organizing working groups, quartermaster, cooks, drivers, luggage unloading, cleaning, etc.

During the day, taking advantage of the sunny hours, the caravan is on the road.

In the evening they set up camp at dawn and disassembled.

In Morocco there are two fewer hours of difference with Spain at this time of year.

Volunteers requires a double effort, the time change.

During the drive to stop the caravan is followed by numerous police checkpoints that exist in all populations and in any number of km.

They ask for all documentation and passports of all passengers, what comes to delay each stop on almost half an hour.

For now the heat is no problem.

With spring temperatures and clear skies, the weather is mild and favorable to the caravan.

Are expected to rise in temperatures over the next few days.

Source: Agencias


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