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In 2009 Solidaire sleep Wednesday September 30 in the town of L'Ayoun, the center of Western Sahara

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The route today, Atlas – L'Ayoun, about 750 km., Has been the longest of all the caravan.

Almost fourteen hours to cross Morocco and the Sahara, the coast road.

The group was adjourned at 4:30 pm to face the hard way, two-way road, with no shoulder but with much traffic.

Approximately 20 hours came to L'Ayoun, where they stayed in the House of Spain, being received by the Trustee Goods

Spain in the Sahara, Mr. Collado D. Mariano Lara.

In 2009 Solidaire leave tomorrow Thursday to the Mauritanian border, spending the night in a camp about two hours drive from the border.

Scheduled to arrive in Nouakchott on Friday October 2, a day later than originally planned due to delays experienced in the office of Tanger with heavy vehicles.

In the last two days, the group has stayed in camps in remote areas of populations.

Make their own food, organizing working groups, quartermaster, cooks, drivers, luggage unloading, cleaning, etc.

During the day, taking advantage of the sunny hours, the caravan is on the road.

In the evening they set up camp at dawn and disassembled.

In Morocco there are two fewer hours of difference with Spain at this time of year.

Volunteers requires a double effort, the time change.

During the drive to stop the caravan is followed by numerous police checkpoints that exist in all populations and in any number of km.

They ask for all documentation and passports of all passengers, what comes to delay each stop on almost half an hour.

For now the heat is no problem.

With spring temperatures and clear skies, the weather is mild and favorable to the caravan.

Are expected to rise in temperatures over the next few days.

Source: Agencias

Begin Photo itineraries of the "Ramblas live"

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Columbares Association begins Routes Photo of the "Ramblas Vivas" through the Ramblas Valley Regional Park and Carrascoy

This project is part of the Volunteer Programme in Rivers Environmental Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

The activity aims to bring amateur and professional photographers to present the current state of the Ramblas and its ecological values.

The Association provides citizens Columbares participation in project activities Vivas Ramblas: Las Ramblas Photo Tour.

The aim of these routes is to sensitize the population about the need to maintain and restore environmentally wadi through the exhibition of photographs of the same and involve groups keen on photography and people photography in project activities as volunteers.

It will be three routes each photo in the 3 watercourses included in the project to organize screenings and exhibitions with a selection of images obtained in the itineraries, cultural centers and public places of the surrounding villages of area of operation.

The first photographic output is Saturday October 3 at 10 AM.

And run along the Rambla del Puerto de la Cadena.

The activities are offered free of charge and non-profit to any groups, associations, Schools, Groups, Youth Centers, Centers for Women, etc..

Well as to individuals who are interested in working together and learn about the ecological values of the streams in order to be able to develop an informative work and social involvement for the conservation and restoration of such environments.

The following itineraries will be developed:

Saturday 17 October.

In the Rambla del Valle.

10 a.m.

Saturday 31 October.

On the Precipice of Sordo.

10:00 a.m.

Source: Asociación Columbares

The UCAM welcomes Erasmus students 2009

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Most foreign students have chosen to pursue their studies UCAM from Italy

The UCAM was held this morning the welcome ceremony for students of the Erasmus and Latin America.

In total they have been around 70 university students participating in this new edition.

The students come from various countries including France, Germany, Poland and Brazil.

The Vice President of International Relations, Pablo Blesa, said a few words of welcome young and have been advised to avoid Erasmitis, avoiding relate only to people from the same country.

Blesa encouraged them at the same time, it has integrated into the Spanish culture.

The students have made contact with the university and its history, and have received regular information about the activities that may develop at the university level throughout your stay, such as soccer practice, or various gatherings with other students.

Students will enjoy an informal dinner on Friday, which will have the opportunity to taste typical dishes of the cuisine of Murcia.

The UCAM provide information about these activities through the Erasmus group / Latin America developed by the University on the social network Facebook.

Source: UCAM

The CHS welcomes the Council of Good Men and pledges to redouble the effort to maintain vegetable gardens and orchards

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Fuentes Zorita congratulates the Board of Landowners de la Huerta de Murcia

The president of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (CHS), José Salvador Fuentes Zorita, on behalf of the presiding body, today congratulated the Board of Landowners de la Huerta de Murcia by the statement by the United Nations Organization Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), the Council of Good Men of the Huerta de Murcia as World Intangible Heritage.

Fuentes Zorita, who personally conveyed congratulations to President of the Board of Landowners in the Huerta de Murcia, Sigifredo Hernandez, also a member of the Board of Governors of the CHS, consider this appointment an honor and recognition for all generations that over the centuries have been watching this rich heritage that eventually took as his own all mankind.

In addition, CHS president has said that this statement by the Unesco commits all agencies involved in the Huerta de Murcia, as is the case of CHS own, to intensify all efforts to defend this emblematic of the Vega del Segura .

Source: CHS

Culture presents the Family Album of Cartagena, which presents 320 photos

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, through Cehiform, consists of three editions and was presented earlier in Puerto Lumbreras and soon in Murcia

The exhibition opens tomorrow at the Palacio de Molina de Cartagena, and will remain open until November 30

The general director of Books, Archives and Libraries, Francisco Giménez, together with the Councillor for Culture of Cartagena, Rosario Montero, and the director of the Historical Center Photo of the Region of Murcia (Cehiform), Fernando Vázquez, today presented the exhibition "The Cartagena family album ', composed by a selection of 1,500 photographs donated by individuals to Cehiform of which will be presented a total of 320 from tomorrow to November 30 at the Palacio de Molina de Cartagena.

Giménez said, "This project fits in with the policy carried out by the Directorate General, which is to understand the aspect of culture rather epidermis.

This is a job that falls squarely within the core of the memory of every citizen. "

He said "I would like this exhibition to travel to Murcia, and vice versa, as I believe that through this project, we will see from inside what's different each of these cities that make up the core fundamental part of this region ".

This project is part of the initiative promoted by the Cehiform under the name "Family Album of the Region of Murcia ', whose purpose is to collect images of citizenship in order to create, through its digitization, a photographic memory which serves social as well as a means of knowledge of the intra regional.

The file available to the society of Murcia as much graphic material that are considered part of those assets both from public and private, and distribute these funds through publications and exhibitions, new media or through Internet.

Source: CARM

Martínez-Pujalte: Murcia 800,000 will pay more taxes "

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

" The irrigators may not be comfortable with a government that is committed to ensuring the transfer Tejo

The national deputy spokesman Murcia and Budget Group in the Congress of Deputies, Vicente Martínez-Pujalte has warned that "Murcia 800,000 will pay more taxes with the tax reform has raised the Zapatero government."

PP deputy explained that the abolition of rebate of 400 euros in income tax and that tax increase savings, "affects more than 800,000 Murcia, which this year will pay more taxes."

"The increase in VAT will be taken from consumption and taxes on savings will increase the difficulties of small and medium enterprises to access credit," he pointed the gentleman from Murcia.

Similarly, Martinez-Pujalte has highlighted the contradictions between the Government of Zapatero and the PSOE.

"While speaking Pajín Zapatero and that the tax increase is temporary, Salgado vice president recognizes that this increase is going to pay the middle classes and in no way going to be temporary."

According to Martinez-Pujalte, "the mismanagement of this government is making the middle classes pay for the waste of Zapatero."


For Martinez-Pujalte, the Socialist government has presented a Budget that "are bad for Spain and the Region of Murcia" and gave as an example in water "do not provide a single project in the region.

On the other hand, PP deputy responded to the Organizing Secretary of the PSOE, Leire Pajin that "irrigators can not be comfortable with a government and a party, the PSOE, who refuses to commit to the transfer Tejo .

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Pujante: "Plan 2000E is very limited and does not include sufficient environmental requirements"

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The regional deputy IU-LV, José Antonio Pujante, said today that the effectiveness of the Plan 2000E is "very limited" and criticized that this measure does not include "more environmental requirements" to reduce the effects of PM10 pollution, derived from traffic.

Booming said that plan would offer more advantages to the buyer and include a requirement for the purchase of vehicles to suit European regulations governing the emission of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases from new vehicles.

Also asked about the benefits of this measure in terms of direct employment in the region since there are no car manufacturing industries, and warned that their application does not involve a change in consumption patterns, transportation-oriented development private.

The IU-LV Parliamentary Committee in calling for a regional public transportation plan that includes the strengthening of the nearby train, bus ecological and moving goods by rail, which would reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

He also stressed the need for technological innovation is a major objective in the process of vehicle production and its final result, a proposal whose implementation would help increase the production of electric cars that emit less polluting gases.

Source: IU+LV Región de Murcia

Ruiz Live: "There is a social outcry for Valcárcel continue to lead the Region"

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

"The President has always acted with responsibility and interest of citizens shall at all times priority"

Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo, said that "there is a social outcry both in the Region of Murcia as the Partido Popular, which is why in acts have been occurring in recent days grassroots activists and citizens asked the president to continue to lead the Murcia Region in the coming years. "

PP spokesman said that "although there is no official news about it, it is true that President Valcárcel has always acted responsibly throughout his entire political career and the interests of Murcia at all times has been and will be its primary objective. "

Therefore, "his words should always be viewed from that context."

Finally, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo has been sent to the regional president's words in the breakfast briefing held last summer and they said that their commitment is real substance in the electoral program of the Popular Party and the vocation of service to Murcia.

Source: PP Región de Murcia

Valcárcel receives President of the Union Méd ico in the Region of Murcia

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, received today in the Palacio de San Esteban, Murcia, the president of the Medical Association of Murcia, Francisco Miralles, accompanied by the secretary general, Angel Victoria.

At the meeting, union president explained to the chief doctor of the regional executive, among other things, the need to establish the Forum for the Medical Profession in the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM

Nine roads open to traffic after heavy rain on various parts of the Region

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

maintenance teams worked through the night to circulate today Mula road, Blanca Campos del Río, Albudeite and Alhama

Conservation teams of the Directorate General of Highways carried out last night cleaning and repair work in nine roads in the region of Valle de Ricote and the Mula River, opened to traffic from early this morning.

The cleaning and preservation have enabled restore normal circulation in various parts of Mula, White, Campos del Rio Alhama by heavy rains in the region occurred during the last days.

In particular, new roads are the RM-530 between Archena and Puebla de Mula Yéchar up to the RM-561, at the entrance to Baños de Mula, MR-C2 between Librilla and Puebla de Mula, MR- 415 to the height of Puebla de Mula, MR-B17 among Abarán White, MR-520 between White and eyes in the vicinity of solvent, the RM-B11 between Northwest Highway and Fields River at several points, the RM-531 between the height of the bridge Albudeite, and RM-515, between Alhama and Gebas.

As explained by the general director of Roads, Jose Guijarro, "on the roads affected have been out of drag cleanup, removing remnants of landslides at various points and the remains of fallen trees."

He also said that "conservation teams are alert and work tirelessly for the weather because of the cold drop interrupted as little as possible to driving on the Highway Network region."

Thus, the Ministry of Public Works continues with the security device launched on Sunday to restore traffic on the roads that are affected.

"The regional government is mindful of the risk of rain that persists in the region so that we maintain active steps to ensure at all times the highest standards of safety for drivers Murcia, in this case through the work carried out by teams conservation and Operational Centres in coordination with the Emergency Coordination Center of the Community, "said Guijarro.

Source: CARM