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Alejandro Valverde: "In all quietness"

Monday, August 31st, 2009

18 seconds still Fabian Cancellara in the overall standings

Alejandro Valverde was ranked the 119th in the third stage of the Tour of Spain, which took place today between Zutphen and Venlo, the Netherlands provided for a distance of 189.7 kilometers.

Alejandro continues to 18 seconds of Fabian Cancellara in the overall standings, now in twelfth position.

"Besides the fact that the sun had gone, today's stage had nothing to do with yesterday.

We can say it's been a quiet day. "

"The roads were wider and there was no such danger.

Despite that, I chose travel as part of the stage at the head of the pack and stay there focused, as it did yesterday. "

"I pulled away in the last kilometers to make room for the sprinters."

"After three days without going up or a coordinate stage tomorrow will be something different.

Also if it is true that just in Liege, the final stage has nothing to do with the classical.

I think rather it will appear to some to the Amstel, and which we will pass through the top of the Cauberg.

That means we have one more day to go carefully through the narrow roads that well known. "

Source: Prensa Alejandro Valverde

The Socialist Party calls on the Regional Government to explain whether Portman Golf has paid 5.4 million raft Yenni

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Teresa Rosique argues that the regional government "only announced it would charge the cleaning work when he learned that Portman Golf Corruption was investigating "

The regional deputy Rosique socialist Teresa said that the regional government "has a lot of explaining about his actions in relation to the matter of the raft Yenni."

In his view, "only when the Executive Valcárcel was surprised by the fact that the anti-corruption prosecutor investigating a possible treatment for the regional government to the company Portman Golf is when backtracked on the commitment he had acquired such enterprise for public funding of cleaning the pond clean, and announced it would charge the amount to Portman Golf. "

The Facts

Rosique Teresa recalled that the so-called raft Yenni was a huge waste dump pollutants from mining operations in the area, whose owner was the company Portman Golf.

It so happens that according to Law 10/1998 on Wastes from the region the actions necessary for cleaning and recovery of contaminated soil "is for the polluters."

In this case, the said Portman Golf.


Rosique said the regional government was aware that the raft Yenni was "contaminated soil."

However, from the beginning the Executive was clear that the elimination of waste contained therein would be undertaken with public money from the Autonomous Community, as evidenced by the publication in the BORM, in May 2001, the Environmental Impact Study request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment, not the company, which would have been logical.

According to Rosique, when, later, Executive Valcárcel realized he could not fund with public money cleaning action on the raft Yenni to be a private property, what he did was, instead of requiring a Golf Portman to pay those works, take the free transfer of the contaminated pond and turn it into public land. "

The transfer of land by Portman Golf to the Autonomous Community was published in the BORM of November 30, 2001, with the corresponding acceptance by the community, "which mandates that check in the new" good "in the General inventory of properties and rights of the Autonomous Community of Murcia. "

And the firm's own Ramon Luis Valcarcel.

In addition, continued Rosique, "in the Ordinance accepting the transfer has not been said at any time that the actions had to be done in the Yenni raft had to be the elimination of waste pollutants, in contrast, was not mentioned that it was a raft containing highly polluting, and we had to eliminate waste, only spoke to make on the ground 'actions to afforestation and water reserves in the area'. "


On October 5, 2002 is published in the BORM a contract notice "works of removal and subsequent disposal of the raft Yenni in Llano del Beal, with a budget of 5 million, and funding is said to be" are funds of the Autonomous Community of Murcia. "


Following the acceptance of free transfer on 30 May 2003 the regional government reissued the procurement notice BORM an "execution phase construction of the raft Yenni with a budget of 5.4 million euros and it is said that the works would be financed with funds from the European Union.

"Until then," continued Rosique, "seemed to be clear about the intentions of the regional government with public money to fund what was to be executed by the owners of contaminated soil, according to established legal requirements."

That way, you save a whopping amount Portman Golf 5.4 million euros.


In April 2004, the Caretaker Government of Aznar Golf Portman awarded through a public company, hiring a floor, worth 2.7 million euros, to lay waste the raft Yenni.


The regional government learns in late 2006 that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor is investigating the actions of Valcárcel Executive itself on the issue of the raft Yenni.

And in 2007 from the regional government begin to say that although the actions of the raft Yenni (now completed) had been financed with public money, the bill would pass Portman is the Golf.

Explanations Advisor

Rosique Teresa announced that the Socialist parliamentary group will return to request the attendance of the Minister for the Environment in the Regional Assembly "to explain the whole performance of the Executive on this issue," request that the deputy recalled, "we brought in regional parliament since 2007, but so far have given even the slightest explanation. "

"We will also be asked to explain what knowledge he had in his counseling of the awards to the company numeorsas Thader.

"And we will submit a request for information for the regional government respond if he has claimed to Portman Golf 5.4 million euros, two years after announcing that it would."

Copying files

In addition, the Socialist parliamentary group will request a copy of the entire record pertaining to the announcement from the regional government of charging Portman Golf 5.4 million euros spent on removing the raft Yenni, and copies of all records win for Thader consulting.


Health vaccinated chronically ill, pregnant women and health workers against influenza A

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Region of Murcia advance the onset of seasonal influenza vaccination to 21 September in order to have more time without matching both vaccination flus

The Council ruled Interterritorial vaccinate children under 14 years and based the selection of risk groups in the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the European Union

The Ministry has informed the Minister of Health that the vaccine is ready for the end of November and will be available for all risk groups are vaccinated

The Inter-Territorial Council of Health has defined risk groups for early vaccination against influenza A.

As anticipated the Minister of Health of the Region of Murcia, María Ángeles Palacios, last Friday, the first risk groups, which make up 20 percent of all people to be vaccinated, are pregnant, staff health and the chronically ill more than six months.

After the Council meeting, Palacios explained that "all communities have agreed to appoint the first risk groups and also we have also decided that the groups can vary depending on the evolution of the pandemic in our country.

The first groups of pregnant women are vaccinated, healthcare workers and the chronically ill more than six months, according to the relation of chronic diseases is available on the website of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy. "

The Minister stressed that the risk groups that will receive the vaccination this fall will be vaccinated once vaccines are available and approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), and recalled that it acquired 37 million doses of vaccine.

Palacios said that "in the Region of Murcia vaccines will meet 40 percent of the population and, if necessary, will arrive at 60 percent, as is expected for the whole country."

He added that "we plan to start vaccinating in late November or early December."

Regarding the beginning of the school, the minister recalled that "in the current situation, it is necessary to delay the start of classes, as we have been saying, and today we confirmed at the Council meeting.

The incidence of influenza is minimal in the Region of Murcia and so far, he is behaving like a common cold. "

Concerning the timing of seasonal influenza, the Inter-Territorial Council has agreed to advance as far as possible, vaccination against flu.

"In the region of Murcia will advance the start of seasonal influenza vaccination to September 21": The Minister added that "the idea is that we have as long as possible before we start to vaccinate against the flu to vaccinate risk groups in seasonal flu. "

Incidence of influenza in Murcia

Influenza A, right now, and according to established protocols, in accordance with World Health Organization, describes exactly like the flu.

The suspected case definition is identical to a case of flu and flu case since the clinical picture is identical.

Our surveillance system recorded the daily number of influenza cases in the Region of Murcia, in health centers and primary care in hospitals.

The last week accounted for in the region, 33 weeks, the number of flu cases rose to 76 as the monitoring system in primary care, a minimal impact.

The estimated incidence rate in Spain in the last week of 41.17 cases per 100,000 population.

The impact so far has had the flu in the region of Murcia is minimal, well below the epidemic threshold.

Only one case of hospitalization.

This is a boy, diagnosed with flu, with pre-risk conditions, which is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital de La Vega.

His health is stable within the gravity.

There has been no death in the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM

IU accuses the PP repository is "the tail" in the field of social insurance

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The head of the UI Social Policy in the Region, Worship Peñas, said today that Murcia is "the tail" in the field of social coverage, quality employment and training of workers because of "disastrous" management of PP in this community.

According to Peña, the production model driven by the Popular Party in the Region is responsible for "the underground economy, low wages and job insecurity more than half of Murcia workers with low social security contributions and contracts junk .

In this sense, the regional government demanded that "do not worry about real and effective investment in employment and training, which will result in improving the living conditions of the population."

Source: IURM

The loss recorded in the regional road this summer is the lowest in recent years

Monday, August 31st, 2009

In July and August, accidents in the National Road Network of the Autonomous Region have fallen some 32.5 over the same period 2008

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, José Ballesta, said today at a press conference of the declining number of accidents on the National Road Network of the Autonomous Region of Murcia during the months of July and August 2009 that yielded the lowest accident rate during this period in recent years.

In the months of July and August 2009 declined 32.5 percent overall accident rate in regional roads from 2008, a fact that the Minister considered as "a positive development as we are talking about human lives, but we should lead to a triumphalist attitude, because a single accident on the road is always too much. "

José Ballesta said that "the reduction in claims is mainly due to the greater wisdom of our drivers, who are aware of the need for extreme caution to avoid accidents during the summer, the period of intense traffic, and in which are the new improvements made by the Directorate General of Highways along the 3,000 km of regional roads. "

More than 350 works of road safety

In particular, during the last three years, the Department executed more than 350 actions to improve road safety.

In this sense, Ballesta said were actions such as installing protective barriers for motorists in dozens of sections of regional roads, the use of a non-slip floor which reduces the number and severity of accidents by up to 70 percent or installation of streetlights shock "that have saved many lives in the region."

Also, the Region of Murcia is the first Spanish region to signal Segments accident concentration, a recognized initiative in the national level to reduce accidents on the road, with the elimination of the first black dot marked in Spain or the day on of lights on buses provided by regular public transport services of passengers in the area of the Community.

The aim of these actions is to improve road safety for pedestrians, users and drivers.

According to the Minister, all projects developed from the beginning of this legislature in road safety and reclamation of roads "are bearing fruit with a reduction in accidents since the beginning of the year, showing that the efforts of Murcia Executive to provide the best security conditions in the National Road Network in the Region of Murcia are paying off. "

Finally, José Ballesta referred to major roads developed by the regional government over the past two years, including the opening to traffic of the highways of Totana, Mazarron (RM-3), Alhama-Campo de Cartagena (RM-2) and RM-23 motorway, which connects the two, as well as works by improving the highway del Mar Menor (RM-19) and Highway Lorca-Eagles (RM-11), all aimed to provide a quick access, comfortable and safe on the beaches of the region.

Source: CARM

The regional government calls on Zapatero to "stop giving out blindly with money from the Spanish"

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The Minister of Economy and Finance Executive criticizes the socialist "raise taxes on middle class to pay their mortgage policies"

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Inmaculada García, today demanded that the prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to "stop a shot in the dark with the money of all the Spanish and start working on effective measures to bring to Spain of the crisis. "

Garcia criticized that "the socialist Executive raise taxes on middle class to pay their mortgage policies" and, to the statements of various socialist leaders this weekend, adding that "it is an improvisation over a Spanish government that no we deserve. "

"The president of the Spanish people has lost its way and is leading the country to drift and successive attempts erroneous, in their efforts failed and no effective solutions, of course, do not go through a tax increase," he said Immaculate García.

The Minister of Economy and Finance noted that "the tax increases announced by the team president Rodríguez Zapatero is the only thing trying to reconcile the figures because they need the income to leave their accounts of these mortgages have to pay those are keeping them on the couch. "

He stressed that "at a time of crisis like the present, raising taxes is the worst as they can take because it will produce the opposite effect is that going to reduce revenue."

Inmaculada Garcia stressed that "this is another example of Rodriguez Zapatero has no policy or fiscal policy, which is the most important because it is precisely the one that affects all Spanish."

Source: CARM

The autonomous granted 80,000 euros to build a nursery school in Ivory Coast

Monday, August 31st, 2009

This helps the NGO Solidarity, Education and Development will enable the expansion of a school in Senegal.

The Autonomous Community, through the Office for Development Cooperation, awarded a grant of 80,000 euros to the NGO Solidarity, Education and Development (SED) to build the Infant School Marcellin College of Bouake, Ivory Coast, according to the agreement signed today by the Minister for Social Policy, Women and Migration, Joaquín Bascuñana, the director of the NGO, Antonio Tejedor.

The project, part of a complex school education has a cost of 205,110 euros and will be paid, in addition to the Ministry (80,000 euros) for the NGO itself (60,000), the company The General (40,000) and the Institution Marist (25 110).

Completion of construction is scheduled for February 2010 and the other facilities include a primary school, secondary, superior construction and nursery or preschool.

This complex is located in Bouaké, which is the second largest city, with one million inhabitants, and, more specifically, in the popular district known as 'industrial area', where there is no establishment, either public or private; preschool.

This center provides Catholic teaching, but is open to all applicants regardless of their religion or origin.

The launch of the new school will create 12 jobs, including teachers, cleaners and surveillance.

The grant aims to expand the school, which will contribute to increase enrollment rates in the cycle immediately above, by integrating into the education system for children from three years.

This will directly affects the achievement of one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): to achieve universal primary education and ensure that by 2015 all children complete a full course of primary schooling.

Educational disadvantage are compounded in developing countries, such as Ivory Coast, with a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.432, which ranks 166 of 179 countries monitored by the UN.

However, despite these negative data, Ivory Coast has not been listed as "priority country" in the new Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation 2009-2012.

In addition, sub-Saharan Africa, the net enrollment rate in primary education reaches only 71 percent, which means that some 38 million children are still attending school.

These figures are higher in the case of Ivory Coast, which has an enrollment rate in primary education 56 percent, despite the effort from his government are doing to approach the MDGs, after the economic slowdown during last war.

For these reasons, from the Government of the Region of Murcia is to help Ivory Coast reach one hundred percent enrollment in primary education, in line with the development cooperation policy with the recommendations contained in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2006).

For its part, the NGO Solidarity, Education and Development works mainly in education projects in impoverished countries in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, which has financed over 600 initiatives, promoting the education of children without financial resources and programs improving the quality of education, food and school health.

In fact, EDS is developing proposals since 1994, in collaboration with the Marist Institute, as this of Bouake.

Source: CARM

Public Works allocated 32 million euro to promote the architectural heritage of the Region

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The goal of these grants to local government is to preserve the historical and architectural heritage of the region, protect public buildings and create new green areas

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, José Ballesta, reported today that the autonomous region, through the Directorate General of Housing and Architecture, will invest 32 million euros until 2012 in the promotion of regional architectural heritage, creating new public spaces and green areas, and the removal of architectural barriers in the different municipalities in Murcia.

"The goal of these grants to local government is to preserve the rich historical and architectural heritage of the region, protect spaces and public buildings, and create new green areas and leisure spaces that foster social cohesion and peaceful coexistence" said the Minister José Ballesta.

Of the 10 million euros to be granted this year to municipalities in Murcia, 4.5 million for this award, an amount which, added to the budget of other works currently being undertaken by the Ministry in architecture and upcoming projects that will run until 2012, amounting to 32 million euros.

"This set of actions will involve also the creation of more than 6,500 jobs in the region, as different rehabilitation and construction of new spaces are a stimulus to public works which results in immediate job creation "said the counselor.

Among the projects presented by the various municipalities emphasizes conditioning Garden Mota Santomera, the conditioning of public space in the Coso, Cehegin, improving the environment Nogalte Castle of Puerto Lumbreras and the rehabilitation of district La Cruz, Albudeite, the conditioning of Aledo City Hall Plaza, and drafting the project for the construction of a heliport in La Manga, among others.

Removal of architectural barriers

In addition, municipalities receive assistance for the removal of architectural barriers and planning and drafting of municipal accessibility help improve the quality of life of citizens of the region.

"The removal of physical barriers represents the full social integration of people affected by a disability, and these actions will improve the accessibility of spaces and public buildings, so as to ensure the adequacy of access to people with mobility difficulties, "said the counselor.

Thus, conditioned access to the beaches of La Manga del Mar Menor, architectural barriers be removed in several streets in the municipality of Archena, improve access to the Casa de la Cultura de Alhama, will finance the drafting of municipal plans and Ulea Calasparra accessibility, and improving the entrance of the Public Library of El Palmar, among other projects.

Source: CARM

The Socialist Party calls on the Regional Government aid in addition to the lower widow's pension

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Equality Secretary of the Socialist regional Executive, Gloria Martin, recalled that Murcia women in this situation are third from bottom nationally and thousands of them living below the poverty line

Secretary of Equality PSRM-PSOE, Gloria Martin, claimed today the Government to allocate regional Valcárcel additional aid to women in situation of widows receive pensions that are below the poverty line (less than 593 € / month).

The socialist leader criticized over a quarter of the population of the autonomous region, especially women living in widowhood, have difficulty to live with dignity, while Valcárcel wasted all the money to create foundations Murcia to reposition "golden luxury retreats "persons related to PP

The head of Equality regional socialist Executive said about 58,000 people receiving a pension of widows in our region and the regional average of 510 euros per month, only ahead of Galicia and the Balearic Islands, which ranks as the third most lowest in the country.

This represents up to 143 euros less than the pensions which are perceived in the Basque Country (653 € / month) or 116 fewer than in Madrid (626 € / month).

However, Martin noted that this is average and that "the harsh reality" is that thousands of widows living well below the threshold of poverty in our region ", with pensions that barely exceeds 300 euros per month.

For that reason, as has been done in regions of social cues from the PSRM call for involvement of the regional government for widows in the region receive at least the amount of the minimum wage (SMI), encryption 624 euros per month in 2009.

They poorer than men

Martin recalled that the group of people who are widowed, there is great economic disparity that is weighted in favor of men.

Thus, the data referred to the Household Panel European Community, which demonstrate that women endure up to 45 per cent reduction in their income following the death of a spouse, in relation to men who are in the same situation .

The socialist leader said this "social injustice" occurs because many "have devoted more effort to work at home and childcare than their working life personal."

Therefore, the secretary-PSOE PSRM Equality said that the Government of Valcárcel should be "brave and united, as have other communities, and contribute to pensions for widows provide" more worthy "to Murcia.

Gloria Martin said that the pain of losing a partner, these women joined the drama of having to reduce social life to a minimum due to low incomes.

He said the vast majority of widows are forced to become true heroes of the administration and economy and, nevertheless, often their efforts are not adequate to meet household expenses and much less cost " extras "as common as repairing a damaged home.

In that sense, regardless of whether Social Security is the regulator of pensions for the whole country and they are governed unanimously by contribution levels, the regional governments "need to support their improvement with additional aid."

Martin said the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has worked since 2004, to increase the quality of life for families and vulnerable people.

It recalled that in its five-year term, lower pensions have been increased by almost 30 percent.

An effort, he stressed, "should also be encouraged from the regional administration."

Also non-contributory minimum income

Finally, Martin said the move would "round", if the Executive Valcárcel also complementing non-contributory pensions and minimum income for social integration to achieve the value of the SMI.

PSRM view of all these measures together would add about 30 million euros, "less than the regional government has allocated this year to regional television or foundations expensive and useless."

Therefore, the Socialist leader described as "indecent" that Valcárcel despise the plight of an important number of citizens over which it has the responsibility to govern.

While "said" wasted in the creation of agencies that duplicate functions that correspond to their ministries and, in practice, are helping to put "a finger" people "related to PP."

Gloria Martin said, finally, that "Valcarcel has no qualms about funding these golden luxury retreat with Murcia money all," while more than a quarter of the population of the autonomous region headed, especially women at widowhood live in poverty.


Popular Parliamentary Group calls for the central government to lower the cost of food for celiac patients

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Gonzalez: "The crisis is compounded for many Spanish families that have to be added to the shopping cart to purchase a supplement to the food they need "

The deputy of the Popular Group Severa Gonzalez today demanded the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to "deliver what it promises to celiac patients and lower costs of food without gluten" to which he added that "have already spent nearly two years since the central executive promised to this group and their families a decree to improve the labeling of this food, decree that is neither expected nor was he. "

In 2007 the Central Government announced the development and adoption of a decree that would regulate the mandatory labeling of food products to ensure that people with celiac disease do not contain gluten.

Decree, according to Gonzalez, "like all the promises of the PSOE has gone up in smoke."

"This would make it more bearable cheaper serious crisis being experienced by many of these Spanish families also have to pay extra to buy products and food they need."

The popular MP pointed out that celiac disease affects on average one in every 133 babies and causes atrophy of the villi of the intestine leads to malabsorption of nutrients.

There are no medicines to cure this disease, as explained.

The only treatment for life is to bring a strict diet control, removing from it the gluten, "a remedy that, a priori, it seems simple, but nevertheless, the reality is that for celiac gluten free can become all a feat. "

"A family that lives a person suffering from gluten intolerance reaches monthly increase in more than 200 euros (per person with intolerance) your shopping cart with respect to a family that does not suffer celiac disease . "

According to the Celiac Federation, approximately 80% of processed foods in the European Union have gluten.

Foods as diverse as sausages, ice creams, yogurts, chocolates or jelly beans, may contain varying amounts of this protein.

Severe Gonzalez has announced that the Popular Parliamentary Group will present a motion to be discussed at the Regional Assembly "in which the Central Government to urge the adoption of the decree of specific support for celiac disease patients, according to his engagement last November , 2007. "

Source: Grupo Parlamentario Popular