Municipalities of the region improve its website

A study by the Ministry of Finance shows the growth of the steps on-line

42 of the 45 municipalities in the website was available when this study was conducted

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, through the Observatory of the Information Society in the Region of Murcia, publishes the third edition of the study on the official websites of municipalities of the Region of Murcia, after tests carried out in the years 2005 and 2006.

The conclusions drawn from this research reflect the efforts of municipalities of the Autonomous Region for their websites focus more and better information for citizens.

It should also be noted that when this study was conducted 42 of the 45 municipalities in the region already had a web of its own and that 39 were using a URL with domain '. Is' as the address or redirect to your website.

On the other hand, the latter analysis suggests as relevant data including the mailboxes of complaints or suggestions to achieve a 73 percent presence.

In addition, there is an increase of mechanisms to facilitate citizen participation and have detected new forms of communication that allow more interactivity, such as blogs.

A total of 72 indicators to assess the progress achieved by the official sites of the consistory in the region and discuss how e-government is implemented in local government and its degree of maturity.

On-line efforts and accessibility

The on-line efforts have grown in the 20 parameters observed and 16 of them exceeding the 68 percent availability for the inhabitants of the region.

Two new indicators were added to the group on-line efforts.

The first one, which reflects the treatment that is performed on the municipal website of the existence of ALAS / Walas (computer rooms with free access) in the municipalities, has reached 64 percent.

The second indicator shows the degree of penetration that it has obtained the application launched by the Health Service of Murcia which allows citizens of the region to obtain an appointment at their health center.

The latter obtained a 31 per cent.

Also, the study shows a steady growth and an increase in the number of sites accessible to people with disabilities.

The complete study is available on the website / observatoriosi

Source: CARM


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