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The FELGTB commitment to union with the trade unions to combat discrimination at work

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

"The visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and brings out the discrimination and protection needs of tod @ s"

Do not deprive along with other member associations of the Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (FELGTB) joined the union claims this May in mind the need to combat discrimination against sexual diversity and ensure equal treatment of persons in the workplace.

In a time of serious job losses, the most vulnerable are hit hardest and trade union action to defend jobs and rights of workers has the full support of the FELGTB.

Now is especially necessary commitment to cohesion and social protection, to combat discrimination against different groups, traditionally weaker in the workplace: women, youth, immigrants or persons with disabilities, among others, but also LGBT ( lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual).

Solidarity is essential to address this crisis and respect for minorities is part of that principle.

On the other hand growing labor complaints related to sexual diversity.

Antonio Poveda, president of the FELGTB, says that "in recent months workers found more complaints of discrimination related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

As we are more visible, we are more exposed to discrimination.

After legal equality has to come true equality, that of each day.

From that day to day work environment represents a good deal.

The challenge that we face lesbian, gay, transsexual and bisexual men is now conquering our dignity, our visibility, even in the workplace, and for that we should collaborate more and better with the trade union movement. "

The FELGTB is working, especially with the CCOO and UGT, in everything related to the formation of their union representatives to learn about the LGBT reality and know how to deal with situations of discrimination that can occur in business.

On the other hand FELGTB will shortly invite all the social partners (unions and business organizations), and the government, to join an initiative to protect the free exercise of employment rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender promoting their visibility.

Do not deprive participate in the demonstration called by the CCOO and UGT in Murcia this May 1.


Garcia (IU) believes that the outcome of the Local Investment Plan is "mediocre"

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

-PCE PCRM advocates for the defense of employment and social protection to fight crisis

The Secretary for Economy and Labour Federal IU, José Antonio García Rubio, said today that the Local Investment Plan launched by the Government of Spain is getting a result "mediocre" because of the 8,000 million budgeted for municipalities, only 1699 have been implemented.

Garcia Rubio, who was speaking at a press conference along with Secretary of Labor World Region Communist Party (PCRM-PCE), Josenxtu Duran, said the money invested in the scheme is used by the consistory to recruit mainly for active workers and to a lesser extent, to the unemployed.

He recalled that the latest data from the Labour Force Survey (LFS), indicating a rise in unemployment to over 4 million unemployed and the existence of a million people with all members unemployed, show the "failure" of measures that the Government of Spain has attempted to "perform.

Rubio García also referred to the supplementary allowance for workers with no resources, the realization "is delaying the solution of which are the regions which do meet these payments, which means that they are richer contribute more, and poorest, least so at IU, he added, believe that this is a matter of state. "

Described as "inadequate, poorly planned and ineffective" as the central Government for which the borrowing capacity of municipalities amounted to EUR 11 billion, noting that "not only the consistory owe money to small and medium enterprises , but the whole government, totaling 33,000 million euros owed. "

For this reason, proposed that the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to be responsible for these debts and the government subsidizes the interest that would be the official price of money set by the European Central Bank, which would mean "a small charge for State and substantially prevent the worsening financial situation of municipalities.

For his part, Secretary of the World of Work of the Communist Party of the Region of Murcia (PCRM-PCE), Josenxtu Durán, today presented his organization's campaign to combat the crisis, which focuses on "social mobilization" and in defense of an economic alternative from a class perspective.

Duran explained that the framework of the campaign, launched in February, 30,000 leaflets have been distributed and organized information stands in various municipalities of the Region of Murcia, located mainly on the doors of the workplace, schools and universities center locations.

"The responsibility of rising unemployment, the loss of purchasing power and the privatization of public services are the neoliberal policies of the governments of the PP and PSOE in the last 15 years. Both have argued for a model housing financial sector, through policies regressive tax and labor reforms. "

According to Duran, these economic policies have resulted in "a loss of industrial base and creating a housing bubble that has pushed up housing prices, making the Spanish economy dependent on international financial sector."

Source: IU Región de Murcia

Sánchez Lapaz retract their testimony against Mendoza

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Act of conciliation prior to filing a lawsuit for libel, including the president of the UCAM, José Luis Mendoza, and the president of Afanuse, Antonio Sánchez LaPaz

The president of the UCAM, José Luis Mendoza, and the president of Afanuse, Antonio Sánchez Lapaz, have resolved their differences through an act of reconciliation which has resulted in the withdrawal by Sánchez Lapaz, offensive statements made at past in some media, which affected the honor of Jose Luis Mendoza.

Notably, as conclusions of the judicial process, the commitment of Sanchez Lapaz From rectify any possible injury that may have upset the president of Catholic University and the commitment to publicly correct the libelous statements that led to the conclusion that act of reconciliation.

Source: UCAM

The PSOE is in the demonstration on May 1 in Murcia and Cartagena

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Socialists are in solidarity with those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis, and are committed to economic and social policies to enable it emerge stronger Spain

The secretary general of PSRM-PSOE, Pedro Saura, announced that the Socialists of the Region will be tomorrow's May 1st demonstration called by the unions with the theme "Employment and Social Protection Public Investment."

Members of the Regional Executive Committee, representatives, senators, mayors, municipal spokespeople, and other charges in addition to militant socialists in general, go to the demonstrations that will leave at the Plaza Circular in Murcia, and the Plaza of Spain in Cartagena.

In the Manifesto of May 1, 2008 "the PSOE is given full support and solidarity of men and women socialists" to workers who have lost their jobs due to international crisis "and the bet" by economic and social policies that lead out to Spain from the crisis stronger and more jobs. "

To mark International Labour Day, the PSOE states in its manifesto that "in the European Union, the Government of Spain to assume the Presidency in January 2010, and the PSOE in the European Parliament, will lead a new direction for Europe in which it puts people and workers as a priority, with a new social agenda, new policies and instruments for equality, combating discrimination and a renewed commitment to social Europe, the rights of workers to work and a decent working hours compatible with health, reconciliation and the elimination of social dumping. "


PCRM UJCE-PCE and the region call for participation "massive" in the manifestation of Primero de Mayo

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Communist Party (PCRM-PCE) and the Communist Youth (UJCE) in the region today called for the participation "massive" in the demonstration to take place tomorrow, Labor Day, so that this day will focus in the "global struggle against the capitalist crisis."

According to sources, PCE and UJCE PCRM, "this crisis, which is accentuated particularly in its production and financial system, supporting more than 4 million unemployed, has led to an unemployment rate above 19 percent in the Region levied on the destruction of all the achievements won through many years of struggle. "

"We are witnessing an offensive of the employers and the Government to shift the cost of the crisis of capitalism on the working class: the socialization of losses, deregulation of employment layoffs, and 1089 workers murdered in their jobs ", added the sources.

They further noted that "the working class has to give a collective response to this situation, which passes continue to move, taking the fight of our jobs to the street and the general strike by trade unions as the only weapon for the workers and workers do not keep paying the crisis of the capitalists. "

They demanded that public money is used to resume strategic sectors of production, and called for launching a fairer distribution of wealth and labor through higher wages and the minimum wage, the reduction of working time 35 hours a week and "decent work for all".

Indicated also that the next May 1 PCRM members and supporters UJCE-PCE and carrying a banner with the slogan "Faced with the crisis and corporate abuse, general strike" in the demonstration to be held in Murcia to celebrate Workers International.

Source: PCRM-PCE

IU will participate tomorrow in the May Day demonstration to demand the rights of workers

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The motto of the Federal IU manifesto is "Before the crisis, Speak for your rights"

IU in the Region of Murcia (IURM) will participate tomorrow in an event held to commemorate May Day, International Day of Workers, to demand compliance with labor rights and an exit from the crisis "in favor of the majority."

In that movement will be present in charge of Economy and Labour Federal IU, José Antonio García, and Areas, Lola Sanchez, the regional coordinator of the training, José Antonio Pujante, and the mayor of IU + Esther Herguedas Greens, etc. leaders and supporters.

Booming stressed that the current economic situation is the result of "a crisis of the capitalist system, of an unjust system that has failed miserably in the development of social rights, and has beaten the workers with special intensity and force."

Executives said that central and regional levels have taken measures "ineffective" to deal with the crisis, while defined the socioeconomic development model promoted by the Popular Party in Murcia from "failed and speculative."

"We need a new model that ensures quality full employment, the right to housing, public education, equality between women and men, and in which health, dependent care, protection of the unemployed and pensions are consolidated, "he said.

He also called on public authorities to take necessary measures to create jobs, protect the unemployed and bring economic recovery to help resolve the liquidity problems of small businesses and freelancers.

IU vigorous advocates noted that reducing the workday to 35 hours without incurring a reduction of wages, emphasized "making progress in the fight against workplace accidents," and denounced speculation in agricultural commodity prices .

The leader of the leftist federation also said that women "are specifically represented in informal employment, which is characterized by low pay, working conditions very poor and lack of protection."

Source: IU Región de Murcia

The first case confirmed as new flu in the region has overcome the disease

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The National Center of Microbiology reported that the samples studied belong to the first suspected case detected in the Region have tested positive for influenza A (H1N1)

The patient, aged 26, was yesterday discharged completely asymptomatic and fully recovered from the bout of flu after being treated with antiviral recommended by the World Health Organization

Remains under observation at home and medically controlled

The National Microbiology Center this afternoon has confirmed the first case of new influenza virus A (H1N1) in the Region of Murcia.

This is the first case detected as suspicious surveillance protocol on Sunday, and one of the three identified in total in the region as possible.

The patient, a boy of 26 who had arrived from Mexico on April 22 and had flu-like symptoms, was treated and treated since his admission to the hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca with antiviral recommended by the World Health Organization and outcome was favorable.

The response to treatment was good and, after presenting a picture completely asymptomatic and fully recovered from the bout of flu, was yesterday discharged.

The patient has since remained under medical surveillance and respiratory monitoring at home.

In addition to the confirmed case, remains the investigation of two other suspected cases in hospitals in Los Arcos San Javier in Murcia and Queen Sofia.

The patient, aged 20 years of age who were hospitalized in isolation in hospital del Mar Menor, is being treated with antiviral recommended by WHO and its samples have been sent to Madrid to be collated by the National Center for Microbiology .

Has initiated an investigation of contacts and his condition is stable, with favorable results.

The other possible case in the region remains in hospital is 17 years old girl admitted to the hospital Reina Sofía.

She remains in isolation and their condition is not serious.

In both cases are still pending investigation of his clinical course, and is awaiting the results of samples sent to the laboratory of the National Microbiology Center to rule out or confirm definitively that have been cases of novel influenza A ( H1N1).

13 confirmed cases in Spain

Referring to the situation in Spain, and as reported this week the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, so far confirmed 13 cases of new influenza virus A (H1N1) in Spain, six in Catalonia, two in Castilla La Mancha, two in Madrid, one in Valencia, one in the Basque Country and the Region of Murcia.

Of these patients, ten were admitted to hospitals, maintain an illness and the condition is not serious, and four have been discharged from hospital and remain under observation in their homes as a precaution.

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy has convened an urgent session of the new Health Interterritorial am Friday, from 17.00.

Source: CARM

The PSOE PP values change in regional funding to join the set of variables given by Zapatero

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Begoña García Retegui notes that the PP is also added to the proposal to study further technical data quantifying the historical debt

The deputy spokesman of the Socialist parliamentary group, Begoña García Retegui said after the Special Committee on Regional Finances welcomed the changed attitude of the regional government of the PP to accept the adjustment variables as dependent student population and also to update the population so that leave the region benefited in the negotiation of new financing system, "because the offer made by the Government of Spain is good but even better."

To which he added that once this is achieved will be addressed the "historical debt."

And for that the Commission will continue its work to collect economic data contributed by real technical scope of that debt.

This corresponds to the offer that the PSOE has been doing the PP and the regional government about the possibility of reaching an agreement on the quantification of historical debt to the Region of Murcia.

"We understand that when we speak of historical debt, we mean the public capital stock that the state has with the Region of Murcia, not by the people not updating, but because this community historically has lost it in certain facilities that are not fact and whether other communities have. "

The estimates put the stock at 1,000 million euros.

700 million euros

To these must be added, the historic debt that will eventually be agreed at the Regional Assembly, measured in current euros 750 million deficit transfers.

To those who would still have to add the derivative of the disastrous negotiations conducted by the Aznar government Valcárcel and the health and education transfers, which we placed at the tail of Spain in per capita resources.

"This can and should be calculated and this was precisely the historic deficit could arrange and carry out the reform of the Statute of Autonomy pending.

Thus we have offered the Popular Party and apparently this is what will happen, "he said.

García Retegui added that the PSOE has not refused to claim the historic debt, quite the opposite.

"But the historical debt to respect the Popular Party, that is, the funding model 2002 that Valcárcel signed a historic debt is not only the result of poor trading and the regional government submission to the Executive Aznar at the time.

So that the debt has Murcia Valcárcel with 1,400,000.

Socialist Parliamentary Group Complaints

Socialist MP also wanted to record the complaint of the Socialist parliamentary group called for the Commission, with the consent of the other groups, the Autonomous Region all the documentation that the Department has on funding: external and internal reports, studies and all documents sent to the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy.

"We wanted all the groups and the public were aware that the regional government has never claimed the Government of Spain in any document to update the population and that is something that" calls out "and claimed in Murcia and quite another posing in writing to the ministries. "

Finally, he regretted that the Committee on Regional Finances sits without being able to have one of these documents only because the Ministry has not referred to the parliamentary groups, although included in the request for signature by the three parliamentary groups.

Indeed, some of these documents have been used by the Minister of Economy hiding from them the aspects that came to the nefarious influence of negotiation model that has hurt the region of Murcia, leaving us in funding per capita well below the average .

Source: Grupo Parlamentario Socialista en la Asamblea

The PSOE requires Cruz explains why filmmakers do not have to Murcia in the Short Film Festival

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Congresswoman Begoña G.

Retegui recalled that precisely in the film industry, the region has numerous professional national and international prestige |

The regional deputy Begoña García Retegui announced that the Socialist parliamentary group requested a hearing with the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, to explain why there has not been with professionals from the region in a Short Film Festival to be held in May .

Retegui solidarity with the Association of Filmmakers and Writers in the Region of Murcia, who have publicly expressed their anger over the fact that the company hired by Cross to carry out a regional short film festival, has not received professional Murcia .

"The Region of Murcia has a quarry extraordinary filmmakers, writers, technicians and highly respected performers, many of them with important national and international awards," said Retegui, "and is totally unacceptable that they are not available for regional film event like the Festival of short films' REC Murcia.

Short is better 'announced by the Minister, and to be held from 4 to 9 May in our community.

For the Socialist deputy will be "the paradox that, during those days, will be making short with the Region of Murcia as a background, as announced by Cruz himself, directors of various Spanish regions, which in principle are not aware of the reality of our community, while the filmmakers, writers, producers and actors and actresses in the region may not participate. "

Retegui also criticized the "lack of transparency of the Hearing regarding the cost of the Festival" as it is encompassed in the campaign of 'fraud Karavatic' and the Minister has given no explanation of what it will cost to Murcia this Festival.

"People in the Region of Murcia are engaged in culture have a disappointing feeling to have become mere spectators in their own land, instead of being the protagonists of at least a good part of the cultural events," concluded .

Source: Grupo Parlamentario Socialista

Health is investigating a third suspected case of swine flu at the Hospital of Los Arcos

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

It is 20 year old was admitted last Tuesday with flu-like symptoms and returned to Mexico last April 22

The patient remains hospitalized in isolation and has a favorable

The 17 year old girl admitted to the Reina Sofia is still in isolation pending the results of their analytical, although his condition is not serious

The first investigated by the new flu in the region remains under observation at home after hospital discharge

The Minister of Health, María Ángeles Palacios, reported today that the surveillance protocol has encountered a third suspected case of infection by the virus A (H1N1) flu in new region of Murcia.

This is a 20-year-old man was admitted to the Hospital of Los Arcos on Tuesday with flu symptoms after traveling to Mexico, which returned last April 22.

The patient is admitted in the hospital isolation of the Mar Menor and is being treated with antiviral recommended by WHO.

Has initiated an investigation of contacts and his condition is stable, with favorable results.

The other possible case in the region remains in hospital is 17 years old girl admitted to the hospital Reina Sofía.

She remains in isolation pending the results of their analytical, although his condition is not serious.

The first investigated by the new flu in the region yesterday received a medical discharge in the hospital Virgen de La Arrixaca, after presenting a picture completely asymptomatic and fully recovered from flu.

Young, 26, who joined the early morning of Sunday, poses no risk of infecting others and, as a precaution, it will remain for several days under medical supervision, with the recommendation of quarantine.

In all cases, is awaiting the results of samples sent to the laboratory of the National Microbiology Center to rule out or confirm definitively that have been instances of new A (H1N1).

Ten confirmed cases in Spain

Referring to the situation in Spain, and as reported this week the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, so far have confirmed ten cases of novel influenza virus A (H1N1), and counted 87 people in research, three of them in Murcia.

According to the Ministry, there are ten confirmed cases of novel influenza virus A (H1N1) in Spain, six in Catalonia, two in Castilla La Mancha, one in Valencia and another in the Basque Country.

Ten patients have a mild illness and the condition is not serious.

The Ministry of Health will report the situation through a press release this afternoon from 18:00 pm to update the situation in the Region of Murcia.

Source: CARM