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Red Cross, benefited in Murcia last Campaign 'score at the Toy'

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

gifts provided by the ACB team will be spread throughout the Region

If CB Murcia previously had donated toys to the Child Protection Center of Holy Angel and Jesus Forsaken, this afternoon he has had to turn to the Red Cross.

And it is this third installment also corresponds to the Campaign 'Encesta His Toy', promoted by the ACB, in collaboration with the now 'famous'.

According Agueda Gomez, Coordinator of Youth Red Cross Murcia: "All these toys will be distributed by Murcia, Levante and the county area north of the Mar Menor.

So, it really is not just what is Murcia capital, but for the entire region. "

In addition, the Red Cross wanted to remark that "the major difference this year was that we had no call has been the CB Murcia which has been directly in touch with us."

"The initiative generally highly value," he says Gomez.

Source: CB Murcia

Valcárcel: "The regional government wants nothing more than High Speed"

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, reiterated today during a traditional breakfast briefing provided to the media, who, in railway, "the regional government wants nothing more than High Speed because, he said," the current not a bird, is some unidentified bird. "

He insisted on claiming a high speed train arriving at the Region of Murcia by Cieza, while demanding that "the AVE for Murcia meeting the same criteria that you will enjoy the rest of the Spanish" and that " not limited to the 85 mph speed on some of its sections, as shown in the layout approved by Public Works.

During the ceremony, Valcárcel showed the agreement between the Chambers of Commerce, employers and the regional government in Murcia for the bird came to the region by Cieza and a path that allows the 300 kilometers per hour, at an event which was also attended by representatives of the PSOE.

Community President stressed that "the bird was a battle," the regional government, and that "since the PSOE find the lack of cooperation, criticism and obstruction."

Valcárcel claimed that "the Ministry's plans do not allow Murcia High Speed" and claimed that the AVE to reach the region be the same "we agreed in St. Stephen."

"And this is what I said at the Aznar government before and now I do with Zapatero," said regional chief executive, who announced that "if tomorrow governs the PP again, we will demand that the route is the one that has to be ".

As for the plot by Novelda, recalled that "what was agreed upon is to incorporate a separate freight via road passenger", and claimed that the route approved by the government led by Zapatero does not provide this option.

"We demand a third way, exclusive of goods, improving the connection with Torrellano and high-speed train service," said Valcarcel, who showed the allegations made by the Executive Murcia Ministry's proposal.

Three years of claims by the High Speed

Thus, in 2006, the Government responded to the study Murcia information from the Ministry of Development for maintaining the tunnel Elche on single track, double the capacity of rejecting it, which "strangles" the capacity of the line between the two provinces .

In addition, as suggested in this study report, there are limits to a maximum speed of 85 miles per hour between Crevillente and Elche, the government led by Zapatero has not been raised addressed.

Given the Ministry's plans, which do not allow the High Speed Murcia, and differ from the rail network features enjoyed by other regions, the regional government in December 2006 introduced a requirement prior to judicial review, claiming again a third way exclusive of goods, improving the connection with Torrellano and Cieza AVE through that reach 300-350 mph.

In 2007, the Ministry rejected the request, refusing to build a third track for freight, requiring that they continue coming through Cieza Murcia and Chinchilla, instead of incorporating the Mediterranean corridor.

In response to this decision, on 5 October 2007 by the Governing Council authorized the filing of an appeal by the contentious-administrative appeal against the approval of the draft study report of the AVE line that would link Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, the Valencia and Murcia.

Finally, in 2008, claims submitted to the casting stage construction project of the Good Life-Murcia, which is affecting the region, asking, again, the third lane of traffic exclusive merchandise, as well as improving territorial permeability.

Some allegations of Murcia regional government have been almost three years later, attended by the Ministry of Development.

Source: CARM

Valcárcel criticizes Zapatero's government has developed a new model of regional financing without meeting all communities

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The president of the Community of Murcia stresses that the angry response of communities governed by the Popular Party broke the president's initial strategy Government to close the model with Catalonia and Andalusia

Remember that the existing regional financing system in 2001 was approved unanimously by the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy which provided for the renovation of the population

The President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, today criticized the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has finally developed the new model of regional financing "for the first time in the history of democracy, not bring all the autonomous communities."

The President of Murcia, who made the remarks during the course of the press conference to take stock of 2008, underlined that this fact implies that "has been broken open discussion among all the communities around an issue of vital importance ".

Valcárcel recalled that the existing regional financing system in 2001 was approved unanimously by the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy, while in the present case the Prime Minister "started negotiating bilaterally with the communities of Catalonia and Andalusia and only the angry response of communities governed by the Popular Party, including Murcia, broke his initial strategy and forced him to receive another. "

For the president of the Community, "Zapatero has fallen short" because, although it subsequently received the presidents of the regions of Madrid, Extremadura, Galicia, Valencia and Asturias, "have been left out of negotiations the rest of autonomy, we could not convey our demands before making the proposal, "he lamented.

Demanding payment of the debt by the population increase

On the new model, Valcarcel said "there is to know if there will be enough money, if the per capita distribution will be the same for all communities, and whether it will address the recognition of accumulated debt with the Region of Murcia central government's refusal to update the population, as provided for the current model.

Zapatero hopefully prove to be the president of the Spanish "clinched.

In this regard, said that the Region of Murcia Murcia has 300,000 more than in 1999, which has generated an accumulated debt of the State with the Community of Murcia for the lag in population amounted to 1,600 million euros.

Valcárcel showed reporters a document from the Regional Assembly which includes the presentation on March 22, 2004-just days after Zapatero's victory in general elections that year by the Socialist Party in the Region de Murcia for the withdrawal of a motion he had submitted in October 2003 its current general secretary, Pedro Saura, to join the request to take into account the population criterion in the future model of regional financing.

Wary of the Region of Murcia to the new model

Moreover, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Inmaculada García, after learning the proposed model sent today by the Central Government, said "this is a document that the Government has prepared exclusively for Rodriguez Zapatero fulfilled its commitment to Catalan tripartite keeps you on the Government to have it finished before the end of the year. "

The Minister Murcia, reiterating criticism of the document by the way it has managed its development, "which has been ignored and despised to a million and a half of Murcia", said the position of the Region of Murcia is "expectation."

"It is useless to attempt a more thorough analysis before such vagueness, such as degree of generality and abstract proposal.

For the Region of Murcia serve him, the Government will get wet in the how and the how the new model, "he added.

Source: CARM

The PP asks Saura "more kitchen and less showcase"

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Ruiz Live: "The best proof of your submission is not yet signed the manifesto for a competitive rail proponents CROEM cameras"

The spokesman reminded people who had no alternative to government budgets in the Assembly Valcárcel, "so that their occurrences lack of credibility"

30, December.

'08 .- The Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo, has asked the Socialist Party spokesman and secretary general of PSRM, Pedro Saura, "more kitchen and less window dressing" in reference to what the spokesperson PP has described as "tournée media in which it was dedicated to exposing and occurrences referred to and passed by the regional government in their plans and actions."

The spokesman noted that the "great contradiction of Pedro Saura is that their statements are not in correspondence with their actions because, as we know, declined to submit an alternative to the budgets prepared by the Government Valcárcel on the ground that are ideal for Murcia Region. "

"The only balance that can show Mr. Saura is to be a partner required for Zapatero's government has reduced its investment in the region of 40 million euros or drag a debt of around 1,700 million for not updating until the time, the population factor and keep three hundred thousand Murcia and invisible, "he added.

"The best demonstration of this attitude of submission of Pedro Saura is that still not signed the manifesto signed by the Chambers of Commerce and employers Region CROEM For a competitive rail which calls for a first AVE to 300 k / h ".

Source: PP Región de Murcia

National Water reserves is 47.7% of total capacity

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

189 hm ³ increases over the previous week while that of insurance is at 19.4%

December 30.

08 .- Water reserves are 47.7% of total capacity.

There are currently 25,903 hm ³ of water stored, representing an increase of 189 hm 3 (0.3%) compared to the previous week's levels.

This week, the river Tagus 19 hm ³ decreases while the Duero basin increased 56 hm ³.

The reserve area is:

Costa Galicia is at 74.1%

Miño-Sil to 56.8%

Cantabrian 82.4%

Basque basins to 95.2%

54.3% Duero

Tajo to 44.7%

Guadiana (Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura) to 45.5%

Andalusian Atlantic Basin to 38.2%

Guadalquivir 35.9%

Andalusian Mediterranean Basin to 33.8%

Segura 19.4%

27.2% Júcar

Ebro to 66.6%

Basins of Catalonia to 66.9%

The rains have affected the basins of the Mediterranean area.

The maximum occurred in Girona with 55 liters per square meter.

Source: Delegación del Gobierno

UCID joins the call for concentration to support the Palestinian people in Murcia

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The Union of Islamic Communities in Murcia (UCIDMurcia), representing the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE) and the Islamic Commission of Spain (CIE), wishes to express its support of the campaign to rally in support of the Palestinian people various groups have carried out for the evening of Tuesday 30th September at the Plaza de Santo Domingo de Murcia.

The Union of Islamic Communities in Murcia urges all international institutions and the Security Council of the UN to take action to stop Israeli attacks on Gaza and to protect the Palestinians and urged the Murcia regional government in solidarity with offering the Palestinian people all aid to cope with this slaughter.

Source: Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de Murcia (UCID)

Valcárcel announced new tax measures in 2009 to benefit businesses and families

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The president of the Community says it will cut 99 percent of donations tax and requires Rodríguez Zapatero tax breaks for small and medium enterprises invest in R + D + i

Notable among the main objectives for next year's growth of investment in public works, with 145 new miles of highways and the creation for it to 2,000 jobs

Completed the construction of the new hospitals in Cartagena, Mar Menor and the Arrixaca Maternal and Child with an investment of more than 300 million euros, with a total 1,428 hospital beds

The President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, today announced new tax cuts over the next year "to benefit businesses and families most affected by the economic crisis" during the traditional balance of the year made the media .

The Chief Executive explained that the Executive regional Murcia will eliminate 99 percent of the donations tax as was done with the inheritance, and recommended the president of the central government to make tax cuts for small and medium enterprises to invest in I + D + i, training, and internationalization as well as a decrease in the level of taxation of Spanish companies, "as has been done in Portugal."

Valcarcel said, "research, development and innovation in Murcia grow faster than the rest of Spain, so he demanded that" will increase deductions for Spanish companies in this area. "

Valcárcel, in its year-end balance, said: "Murcia has done their homework and we have been rigorous, which encourages us to face adversity with muscle and strength."

Announced that the budget execution year to exceed 95 percent, and stressed that "the regional government was the first to get to work with the definition of plans and actions, while the Socialist government was bent on denying the evidence."

"We are a healthy region and which have greater borrowing capacity, described as rigorous in spending," the president for whom "the reality is that it is a difficult and complex" but "we have the experience to excel," he said.

To Valcárcel "unemployment is the main concern", and "there is a letter to the Magi, or a joke, is a very serious thing," he said, and recalled that the PP government took a region with 27 percent of unemployed and came to the work stoppage. "

He said, "In 2008 we laid the foundation to support this situation", noting, inter alia, the implementation of actions as the Plan of outplacement assistance for workers affected.

He also noted the adoption in March Economic Revitalization Plan, the Industrial Plan, the austerity measures implemented by the Executive Murcia, or FinanciaPyme Plan to help small and medium enterprises and workers.

FinaciaPyme about this plan, special emphasis was Valcárcel notes that "is proving successful small and medium businesses are expressing their satisfaction at seeing that there is a real tool at your service."

"We are on track in there to explore and move forward" and "is what we have done and what we are doing," he added.

The Executive will allocate 10 million euros a day to social policies

In the same vein, as already announced in the beginning of this term, is also the regional government's commitment to social policies whose social spending, which "will not be eroded in the year 2009" and said that next year Murcia the Executive allocated 10 million euros a day to social policies, and that "health education and social services as a whole will grow by 6 percent."

For the year that starts Valcarcel said, also increased by 27 per cent of investment in public works "with the construction of 147 kilometers of new highways that will create 2000 jobs."

This means, he said, an example that "we respond to difficult situations muscles."

In addition, another important milestone to note for next year is to conclude the works of new hospitals in Cartagena, Mar Menor, and the Maternal and Child Arrixaca, which involves an investment of more than 300 million euros, with 1,428 hospital beds and only those of Cartagena and Mar Menor is attending a combined population of 340,000 people.

Work on the new International Airport in the Region of Murcia "going at a good pace, as they have not been delays by the crisis."

Valcárcel said the intention of further strengthening the network of schools in the region to adapt to the needs of schooling, which, according Valcárcel, in 2009, "will improve and strengthen the facilities throughout the region with the construction of new facilities. "

He also stressed, in reference to education, the focus on universities and the introduction in the infant and primary cycles of bilingualism, and recalled that 2009 "will bring very good news with the signing of the new Compact for Education, supported as always by consensus of all educational stakeholders. "

In reference to water policy, said that "we have achieved a great achievement to convince the program Zapatero WATER was not the solution, there are now a door can be opened and that means talking about transfers, ensuring the Tajo-Segura Ebro and continue talking, "he said.

Regional government's achievements in 2008

More than 1,000 million for the contingency plan to stimulate the economy and Job Consolidation

770 million euros for the Industrial Plan for the Region of Murcia

Creation of 232 new social economy enterprises

More than 100 million annual funding for SMEs through FinanciaPyme plan

Work begins International Airport Region

Completion of motorway-Country Alhama and Totana, Mazarron Cartagena

Reduction of a quarter point in the regional section of the income tax for all Murcia

New tax cuts in tax grants

43,000 workers acquire training

12,000 contracts become permanent temporary

Extra EUR 150 million for public universities

Over 100 hectometres

of purified water per year, representing 25 percent of national total

Has increased tenfold the production of photovoltaic solar energy, which produces enough electricity to supply 121,600 homes


Murcia have been evaluated for the performance of the Law Unit

This opens the Roman Theatre of Cartagena

International tourism registered the highest increase in Spain, with 712,000 tourists, 78,000 more than in 2007

Objectives for 2009

Increase of 27 percent of investment in public works to address the crisis

More than 145 new miles of highways

Completion of Zeneta-San Javier motorway

Home of three new freeways: Caravaca-Lorca, Jumilla-Venta del Olivo-Caravaca and Yecla-Santomera

Completion of construction of the Hospitals of Cartagena, Mar Menor and the Maternal and Child Arrixaca

Murciano Bio-Health Research Institute, New Center and Hospital Neurorehabilitation Oncohematology

More than 124 million in R + D + I

EUR 52 million to train 50,000 workers

455 million euros for the agricultural sector

Increase of over 17 percent of Local Economic Cooperation budget for municipalities

More than ten million euros a day for action on social policies

14 new schools in 12 municipalities

Implementation of bilingualism in primary education in schools.

A New Compact for Education

Branding 'Murcia'

Addition of 305 new agents to the Special Security Units

Source: CARM

The Community contribution of almost four million euros for infrastructure in eight municipalities

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration, María Pedro Reverte, today signed agreements, mainly for infrastructure construction safety

The Ministry of the Presidency and government, through the Directorate General of Local Government has allocated EUR 3,915,000 to the municipalities of Calasparra, Cartagena, Cehegín, Ceuta, Las Torres de Cotillas, Lorca, Pliego Puerto Lumbreras, to collaborate in the funding of various municipal infrastructure, among which are those for public safety.

The Minister, María Pedro Reverte, today signed agreements with the eight municipal officials in a ceremony in which he stressed "the new regional government effort made to ensure the best services to all Murcia."

Of the eight, five contemplate the collaboration of the Autonomous Region for the construction or rehabilitation of buildings that will become the bases of the local police.

A Cehegín is granted 700,000 euros for the construction of the security headquarters town, and Puerto Lumbreras 650,000 euros for the Police Service Centre in the hamlet of El Esparragal-Station.

Cotillas Towers receives 600,000 euros for the construction of a Comprehensive Security Center, Lorca, 400,000 euros for the construction of two regional centers for security in the districts of Puri and Ramonete, while Cartagena aid amounting to 375,000 euros for rehabilitation of the building known as 'The Castillito' in the district of Los Dolores, where there is a base zone of the local police.

Reverte suggested that investment in police infrastructure during 2008 amounted to almost 11 million euros, "to be added to the 30 million euros have been invested in the Regional Public Safety Plan, which demonstrates the commitment that the Government maintains the security of all Murcia. "

Nearly 1.2 million for works

The other three agreements signed today by the holder of the Presidency and government a total of 1,190,000 euros, most notably the one with the City of Calasparra, amounting to 700,000 euros to help fund the work on the future of the town hall building, which will involve a total investment of 3.2 billion euros.

The towns of Ceuta receive Specifications and 330,000 and 160,000 euros respectively for recovery and refurbishment of various municipal areas.

In particular, Pliego helping planning will use this space Barranco de las Cañadas, the draft of 1.7 million euros matter, and Ceuta to the remodeling of the Plaza José Virgili.

The Minister emphasized the Government's investment efforts in the municipalities of the Region, which culminated in two fundamental areas: the Special Plan Basic Municipal Infrastructure and Local Cooperation Plan.

He also recalled that 2009 is going to open other lines of municipal cooperation as the project to underpin the financing of current expenditures of the municipalities in the region and seeking additional funding for municipalities in the European Union.

Source: CARM

This year we have created 23 new businesses and are 234 artisans and those in the Region

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The Minister for Universities and Research Company today presented awards to VI Contest Craft Unique works of the Region of Murcia, ' Regional Craft Award '

The Minister of Universities and Research Company, Salvador Marín, delivered this morning's awards competition LV Crafts Unique works of the Region of Murcia, 'Regional Award for Crafts "and emphasized the strength of this sector.

In fact, as recorded in the registry local craftsmen the number of companies registered during 2008 increased by 23 and already 234, which employ 929 people, 50 more than last year.

Also, the region currently has 292 individual artisans, 19 more than in 2007.

Marin said that "the craft of Murcia, and good examples of it are the papers presented at the" Regional Craft Award ', is dynamic, thanks to the enterprising character of the craftsmen who are looking for artistic and commercial successes.

The commitment to the concepts of design, quality and creativity, keeping the tradition that makes us different and unique, requires, as a basis for their competitiveness, constant innovation in materials and techniques. "

The regional government support to the craft and its expansion is reflected in the increased involvement in trade fairs.

For example, the artisans of the region have been present with great success in major national samples such as the two editions of Intergift-International Gift Fair, the Crafts Fair, Feria Valencia Farcarma Craft Castilla La Mancha, where artisans from the region were recognized as' best provincial delegation. "

"Also, to further enhance the craft of the Community, from the Ministry, through the Directorate General of Crafts and Trade, is finalizing the Plan for Modernization of the Craft Sector in the Region that will have various measures to boost the sector and to continue its expansion, both nationally and internationally, "said Marin.


The first prize in the VI Contest Craft Unique works of Murcia 'Regional Award for Crafts', endowed with 4,000 euros, went about the work of master craftsman Martín García Lario, a piece of pottery made by traditional technique potter's wheel, then shaped and strung on iron.

The second prize of 2,500 euros went to the master artisan Peaguda Maria Luisa Gonzalez, for his play 'The Cryptogram Human', a sculpture of several pieces, made by cooking at high temperatures, with slips, glazed and patterned.

The book 'Essence', the craft Carmen Martínez Azorín, and which has used the technique of thermoforming, has won the third prize, accounting for 1,500 euros.

Also, due to the quality of works submitted to the contest, the jury has awarded two runners.

The first to play 'Miss Mirror', the master artisan Ginesa Albaladejo García, and that makes an allegory of Picasso's work representing a female figure in the mirror, and is done through modeling, slip and sgraffito.

The other runners-up prize in the work 'Venus Recycle' Belchí artisan Miguel Sanchez, and it is a sculpture of his series 'outcasts', a base of sculpture and welding boiler.

Source: CARM

ASAJA expected heavy losses in the vegetable sector unless urgent action

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

General Secretary ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, estimated at 15% the fall of the regional production of vegetables for this campaign

Murcia, December 30, 2008 – Murcia ASAJA agricultural organization has shown its concern over the crisis plaguing the regional sector of winter vegetables, you might face one of the worst seasons on record for years.

In this sense, the general secretary of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, lamented that this year has dropped by 15% the surface facing the horticultural production in our region.

These data, according to Gálvez Caravaca, show the "situation of uncertainty experienced by the industry."

In addition, the holder of the agricultural organization said that "the high prices of inputs, low prices for the products and water shortages are some of the factors that come to explain the reduction of cultivated area in our region."

To Gálvez Caravaca, the problems afflicting the sector, "remain unchanged", but "now they are aggravated by the financial crisis we are experiencing globally."

Of course, Murcia ASAJA holder has remarked that "the scarcity of water remains one of the main problems facing farmers in the region."

Problem, according to Gálvez Caravaca, "is unlikely to be resolved while the central government did not establish a clear and planned water policy."

"We're trying everything, but to no avail early retirement or false promises of agriculture save the unemployed from other sectors," complains Gálvez Caravaca, who notes that "the crisis of agriculture does not seem to matter to anyone.

We just want to live with dignity in our work. "

In this regard, the holder of Murcia BDA deplored the "state of neglect suffered by the sector", the couple has asked that, so urgent, put the appropriate means "to remedy the situation.

"Do not leave the accounts.

Farmers lose money every day, while our more expensive products do not stop at the point of sale, "said Gálvez Caravaca, who said the only way to save, as far as possible, what remains is to work for campaign coordinated and concentrate supply.

For the leader of ASAJA Murcia, "the industry needs now more than ever, producers, distributors and consumers to work in an orderly manner.

It is the only way to avoid price shocks and ensure the survival of the field. "

Source: ASAJA