The Socialist Party in the Assembly asked the status of the record of the man who was burned to the Bonze in Murcia

Congresswoman Lola Hernandez asked about how often he had contacted social services, how long has it been since you contacted and what services had been supplied

The Socialist Party, given the seriousness of the incident of a man who has burned today to bonzo in Murcia, as he was apparently waiting for the Community to adopt a basic income for integration, the Assembly requested information by the interested situation he was in his file.

Responsible for Social Policy of the Socialist Group, Lola Hernandez, specifically want to know things like how often he had contacted social services, how much time had passed since I contacted and asked for help, what services and supports had been supplied and how had resolved, if it did, his record by the Autonomous Community.

Source: PSOE Región de Murcia


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