José Antonio Ruiz Vivo (PP) states that "the regional government responsible action makes them visible to the 300,000 Murcia which remain invisible to Zapatero"

The deputy spokesman of the Popular Party, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo, said that "the 2009 Budget of the Autonomous Community are the budgets that come to the rescue of punishment abiding by President Zapatero with the Region of Murcia."

José Antonio Ruiz Vivo has made these statements at a press conference after studying the regional accounts presented today by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Inmaculada García, the Regional Assembly.

Popular spokesman said that "the government official responsible action of President Ramón Luis Valcárcel is to make visible to the 300,000 Murcia that even paying their taxes, remain invisible to Zapatero."

Hence, José Antonio Ruiz Vivo has claimed that the Government of Spain to update the population variable in the current economic funding model, "which is so unfair to the citizens of the Region of Murcia to which they are owed for this item more than 1,400 million euros. "

In this regard, Live Ruiz pointed out that "compared to 40 million euros less with the executive Zapatero has punished the Region of Murcia, the regional government will invest more than 10 million euros a day in social spending with the current economic situation will not affect those who most need government protection. "

"These are budgets that make a priority: the fight against unemployment and ratify the commitments of the Plan of Revitalization of the Economy promoted by President Valcárcel when others denied the crisis."

Popular spokesman has stated that "we are convinced that regional government will spend every cent of the 1,000 million euro promised to tackle the economic crisis."

Therefore, Ruiz Vivo finished by stating that "regional budgets show that the accounts of the autonomous region is healthy and puts the region as one of the smallest autonomous level of indebtedness."

"We are optimistic because, while the State Budget were made back to the crisis, the 2009 budgets of the Region of Murcia face towards the poor economic situation and prioritize job creation and stable quality," completed.

Source: Grupo Parlamentario Popular en la Asamblea


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