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The Minister of Public Works request to the minister of housing an increasing number of aid for the region in the State Plan 2009-2012

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The head of Public Works and Planning, José Ballesta, presented today at the Sector Committee main needs of the Region in housing

The Minister of Public Works and Planning, José Ballesta, today sued the Minister of Housing, Beatriz Corredor, an increasing number of aid for the region within the State Housing Plan 2009-2012, today presented a draft of which the minister in Federal Housing Commission to the leaders of the autonomous area.

After the meeting, Ballesta reported that "the cornerstone of the State Plan is to support the rent, which accounts for nearly 40 percent of the budget."

The counselor went to the minister "the need to adapt the actions outlined in the document to the actual demands of the Region of Murcia, since the vast majority of Murcia preferentially make home ownership rather than by rent, and this should be one of the key objectives of the Plan. "

Among the actions outlined in the draft, José Ballesta showed their rejection to the establishment of a minimum area of 30 square meters for housing units and requested that the new document makes use of the current regulations governing housing schemes Murcia, the State Plan 2005-2008 and the Regional Plan 2007-2010, so as to set the construction of social housing and wider according to the needs of its beneficiaries.

Also, the Minister said that "in the state document provides a minimum of 200 homes for rehabilitation aid isolation of buildings, a limit was not established in the previous Plan, which conditions the implementation of such actions priority concern in our region, in which there is strong social demand. "

Moreover, the Minister expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the Ministry complement the measure already put in place by the regional government, through the Housing and Land Institute, consisting of public acquisition of land intended for public housing, a initiative in which the Autonomous Community has invested more than six million euros from regional budgets over the past year.

Ballesta stressed the need to standardize the type of council housing, so that the circumstances of the applicant family-income, special features such as disability, being a large family, single parent, etc .-, to determine the various aids to access to subsidized housing, and maintaining a system of direct financial assistance tailored to the needs of each segment of the population.

Finally, the Minister proposed to the Minister of Housing Plan incorporating specific support for large families and people with disabilities, and that the draft protection only reduces the group of people with disabilities.

Source: CARM

Jara: "Valcárcel Zapatero claims that he did not dare to ask Aznar"

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

PSRM spokesman, José Ramón Jara, said that in his remarks, Valcarcel "wants to hide their shame, but that has not sent or a document demanding the debt La Moncloa historic "because he knows that would be the hazmerreí

Jara says, that had a historic debt to the region, would require the central government had breached an agreement of funding, which has not happened since Zapatero's government has so scrupulously and Aznar agreed Valcárcel 2001.

"He was not then heard Valcárcel claim an annual census of the population," Jara added.

Jara, however, has responded to Valcárcel "that is calm, the Socialist government of Zapatero is going to do now what he and Aznar soured in 2001" because the new model of regional financing will cover not only the population but annual review also.

"What we should do Valcárcel would apologize to the Murcia for being compliant with Aznar, and have swallowed 'millstones' not only to regional funding, but also to transfers of education and sanitation", ended Jara.

Source: PSRM

It is the "Panel of Elders" of PSRM

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The socialist regional deputy secretary of Social Welfare PSRM explained that the Senior Group will be a body for discussion and networking composed of older members and affiliates, and also for supporters, which will target "the analysis and the preparation of proposals in the area of policies relating to older people. "

This initiative aims "to make visible to older people within the Party itself, and to count and with his experience, his work and activism."

Hernandez, for whom the elderly "has much to contribute," said that this forum will serve to bring together both the role of older people in the political organs of PSRM and to evaluate the policies of local governments, regional and central ".

The MP believes that "can not ignore the experience and wisdom of older persons affiliated PSRM, both in the composition of the executive committees and in the electoral lists, discussions or proposals."

Hernandez stressed that "traditionally the most heavily involved in the Houses of social groupings" and that through the newly created Group of Elders will have the opportunity to do so in coordination with the Region.

At the federal level there is already a Group of Elders of the PSOE.

Source: PSRM

PSOE: "That Valcárcel Cospedal convince Rajoy and that the Tajo-Segura should continue"

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

PSRM spokesman, José Ramón Jara, has responded to the PP spokesman, who today called on Zapatero to consider "alternative" to send water from the Tagus to the Segura Middle , "the best alternative to the Tajo-Segura water transfer Tajo-Segura. "

Jara as a "surrender" by the PP in the region to national PP, and a "waiver" to the defense of the Tajo-Segura, the fact that Peter A.

Ask Sánchez Zapatero said in a statement to consider forward and develop the proposal made Valcárcel Narbonne on a switch from the Middle Tajo.

Socialist spokesman says, however, that Valcárcel and all the Popular Party of the Region "you have to do is demand that their national leaders and De Cospedal Rajoy, who dismissed the proposed reform of the Statute of Castilla La Mancha on the expiration of the Tajo Segura, a transfer that is economically profitable, not only for our region, but also to Spain. "

PP Jara reiterated the proposal made by the secretary general of the Socialist Murcia, Pedro Saura, to form a regional common front in defense of the Tajo-Segura.

Source: PSOE Región de Murcia

Pujante: "Unfortunately, there are many Zerricheras in the Region of Murcia"

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

deputy IU + Greens, José Antonio Pujante, today criticized the attitude of regional government to the corruption cases in the Region of Murcia and said, "Unfortunately, there are many cases like the Zerrichera" In this community

Thriving regional government noted that "in Murcia has allowed real attacks committed against the natural environment," and denounced "the worst is that the shadow of doubt has been installed in democratic institutions."

"This suggests that the government of Murcia is a faithful servant of those who have carried out speculative practices that have led to the current economic debacle," said the coordinator of IU in the Region of Murcia.

Zerrichera on the case in Eagle, said it was "another example of the failure of the model of development imposed by the PP" and said that "in the same range, but on the part of the municipality of Lorca, is an example unsustainable urban development, however, has curdled. "

He stressed the importance of having an environment dedicated to counseling as an "impartial" and that "is not annexed to any department."

"It is clear that the president of the autonomous government, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, the environment is an awkward problem, he does not know where to locate," said Pujante noting that "a great responsibility to load a much-needed counseling in the region."

Source: IU Región de Murcia

Treasury blamed the fall in tax revenues to EUR 400 Zapatero

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The director general of taxation, Miguel Angel Blanes, called the measure "antisocial, it only benefits the higher income"

The director general of taxation, Miguel Angel Blanes, said today that the decline in tax revenue in the region is "at the collection of taxes administered by the Inland Revenue, not the regional administration, a decline that has been particularly significant in the Income Tax of Individuals. "

To Blanes, this decline in tax revenues due to "antisocial as 400 euros return approved by the government of Rodriguez Zapatero, who has only benefited the highest incomes, and have criticized since the first time since the regional government. "

The head of Taxation said the measure "only served to squander the budget surplus for nothing, because it has helped to revive the regional economy or, as it is a regressive measure that has absolutely been a drop in revenues effective taxation. "

"We hope that the Socialist government to rectify and implement measures of economic and fiscal policy have a real impact on improving the economy," Blanes, who said that the regional administration "will continue to take measures to help families, youth and SMEs in the region. "

Source: CARM

Valcárcel denounced the "lies" of the Socialists Murcia on funding

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Murcia The Chief Executive stressed that the regional financing system was adopted unanimously and that Zapatero is responsible for the delay by the lack of updated population

The President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, reported today that the discourse on regional financing of the Socialist Party in the Region lacks rigor and lack of respect for citizens, who are lying. "

Valcarcel, who was speaking at Lorca, when asked by reporters before the opening ceremony of the school year, adding that the Socialists Murcia support their arguments "in the mess and demagoguery."

Valcárcel reminded that the regional financing system was adopted unanimously in 2001 in the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy "and not a compact between the Government of Murcia and Aznar, and strive to make people believe the Socialist Party representatives Region .

"All communities decided that this was the best system from the state to fund certain policies in the regions of Spain," the president said, stressing that the funding system "is not bad, but very good and includes a variable population which has both fought and continues to the regional executive. "

Valcárcel criticized the current government of Spain "is not fulfilling the agreements of this system that President Rodríguez Zapatero is doing wrong precisely because it does not comply, failing to recognize the 300,000 Murcia where our population has increased since 1999."

Given the growing number of people recorded in the Region of Murcia, which exceeds 25 percent in a decade, "it is normal to update the data, because we have to serve more people, so that the State has to increase in the same proportion of resources allocated to the region, "argued the president, who said that" this funding gap is a cumulative amount of more than 1,400 million euros. "

Default of payment of funding for Health

Ramón Luis Valcárcel reiterated that 95.7 million that the State undertook to advance to the financing of the Murcia Health responds to an agreement proposed by Rodríguez Zapatero at the Second Conference of Presidents, held in September 2005.

"At this conference, the Prime Minister promised to advance some of the money that the tax charge regions and our share, and now we are denied," said the president.

The regional chief executive noted that "the advance of the State Treasury has nothing to do with the regional financing system, but is a tool that was agreed in 2005 and the Socialist government now refuses to comply."

Criticism of the 2009 PGE

Moreover, the president stressed that investment Valcárcel for the region within the State Budget for 2009, "must be analyzed not so much what is said to be done, but what is actually done.

One thing is the money promised in the Budget and another thing is what gets executed, "he said.

"The State undertakes budget and even includes some works that after bid is not awarded, so they do not run, as evidenced by the data of final execution of the budget, which never gets beyond the 50 per cent on promises' concluded.

Source: CARM

The Socialist Party calls on the Government to support regional councils in public safety

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The regional deputy socialist Bartolomé Soler has presented a motion in the Regional Assembly which called the Governing Council to "study the feasibility of financial support" to those municipalities which are unable to comply fully with the terms of the agreement signed in your day with the Community's security.

Soler explained that the obligations of the municipalities, as agreed at the Public Safety Plan signed two years ago by the municipalities of the Region, at the request of the Autonomous Region, are to "maintain at least the same ratio local police and inhabitants that existed when the agreement was signed. "

Some councils now have economic difficulties to fulfill this commitment, so Soler believes that the regional government has to "help them financially, or exempted from the agreement."

Source: PSOE Región de Murcia

Amusal supports a three-year plan for the social economy of the Region

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The Minister of Education, Training and Employment announced its support for the reform of the Companies Act Labor

Ballester identified two immediate challenges for the Association of Social Economy of the Region of Murcia (Amusal): A Three-Year Regional Plan for the Social Economy with the regional government and other employers, and improve corporate governance Murcia.

XXI Amusal held its Annual General Meeting attended by Joaquín Almunia, Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Union, who picked up the gold badge that the entity was granted in the 20 th anniversary for their support to the world of Social Economy.

The meeting between the partners was held at the Convention Center Tower Lake Golf Resort.

Another important presence was that of President of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, who has always shown great sensitivity to the Social Economy of the Region of Murcia.

Amusal President noted the importance of reaching early agreement on the Social Economy I plan promoted by the regional government.

The Plan proposes actions for the promotion and incentives, training and research, outreach and awareness activities, institutional and social coordination, and actions to promote associations.

Amusal Expansion

During the ceremony, announced the expansion of Amusal in the region by opening five new locations.

The places where the Association of Social Economy Enterprises in the Region of Murcia will be present are the cities of Cartagena, Lorca, Caravaca, San Pedro del Pinatar, and Yecla.

Amusal thus see their expectations fulfilled to grow and made available to companies in Murcia.

Amusal increases its presence in the points with greater concentration of economic activity.

It is also noteworthy that the opening of these five new venues will mean the recruitment and will fuel the job market in the Region of Murcia.

Amusal expansion is motivated by the extraordinary help of 3 million euros from the regional government to promote the Social Economy.

This is one of the most ambitious executive murciano 9 cause the creation of employment advice across the region, as announced by the Minister of Employment and Training Sotoca Constantine on 18 September 2008.

Of the 9 offices unannounced Amusal open 5.

CAM and winning UMU

During the closing session of the Assembly, Amusal acknowledged the work of the Savings Bank of the Mediterranean and the University of Murcia in the creation and implementation of the Department of Social Economy.

A pioneer chair of Spain.

Carmen Castelo, a journalist at the forefront of the "We care" of the regional television channel 7 Murcia Region, presented the ceremony.

Murcia Amesal Presentation

In addition the Association of Women Business and Professional Social Economy of the Region of Murcia (Murcia AMESAL), formed recently, is presented in society.

Encarna Espinosa, president of Murcia Amesal calling for equal opportunities for men and women, in a coming-out that had the presence of the president of Amesal Spain, Julia Garcia-Glass.

Amusal Assembly was full of important personalities of the century as society González Tovar, government delegate, Pedro Saura, general secretary of the Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia, Constantine Sotoca, Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Inmaculada García, Minister Economy and Finance, Miguel Millana, president of the Business Confederation of Labour Companies of Spain (Confesal) or Fernando José Vélez, Director General of Labor, among others.

Photo: Joaquin Almunia, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Encarna Espinosa, president of Amesal-Murcia, Miguel Millana, Confesal president, Jose Francisco Ballester, Amusal president, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, President of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, and Mateo Perez, vice president at the XXI Amusal Assembly.

Source: Amusal

PP: "The Budget for 2009 would lead to more crises and more unemployment"

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Pedro Antonio Sanchez: "The only social game is to increase unemployment benefits, heralding more job losses"

Popular Party spokesman in the region of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, has responded to the Government that the State Budget for 2009 "will bring more crisis and more unemployment."

Sanchez has stated that the fastest growing item in these PGE is devoted to unemployment, "so that we announce more job losses in the coming months."

Also pointed out that Zapatero not to speak of social policies "while withdrawing funds to the Autonomous Communities to address health policy even though health is a priority for the Spanish."

In particular, he pointed out that denies the Region of Murcia 96 million euros in advance for health care financing as agreed at the Second Conference of Presidents.

Along with this, added that beyond unemployment benefits, social spending "is not increased, but clipped" to lower the financing of autonomous regions and municipalities, which will result in cuts of fundamental rights such as education , health, dependency or social care.

PP spokesman pointed out that Zapatero's government "continues without updating the variable population and does not take into account the growth experienced in recent years, an increase by 300,000 people."

"In addition to the 1,400 million euros and we must, for the year 2009 is still not fund the Murcia Region according to their actual population, which increases the debt to our community."


"You're serving the great figures in the paper if it is not followed through."

In this regard, he recalled that "year after year is budgeted at the same works that are never executed."

As an example, recalled that "the Socialists have come to Murcia to promise two AVE", and "the end will not have any, as the delegate of the Government and made it clear recently that the railway line by cliques is conventional, whereas Alicante line is shared by stroke, conventional long-distance, commuter and freight. "

Source: PP Región de Murcia