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Consumption buyers should review their rights in the sales campaign

Monday, June 30th, 2008

The Minister of Tourism and Consumer Affairs, Jose Pablo Ruiz Abellán, announced today a series of recommendations for the sales campaign, which begins tomorrow, Tuesday 1 July.

Ruiz Abellán recalled that "we must also review the rights at this time of year, as consumers have the same rights as any other time.

The article should only be reduced in price, not quality. "

The recommendations of the Department are that both the discounted price as above must appear on the label, or the percentage of rebate, or even a single price for each item type.

In case of second or successive sales, items must be marked with the original price, the price of the first price reduction and subsequent sales.

It is also useful to request the ticket or proof of purchase as security for a possible return or complaint.

In all cases the consumer must also require the warranty period, the legal guarantee is two years if deemed defective products.

Ruiz Abellán explained that "if an establishment accepts returns throughout the season, will also do so in sales time, otherwise, you should warn explicitly.

Facilities that support credit card payments for the rest of the year, are obliged to do so in sales, at no charge on the price. "

The Department of Consumer Affairs warns that the availability and stock of products subject to rebates shall be sufficient.

If the sales are limited to the exhaustion of the items, the merchant will be clearly informed about the total number of units covered by the activity.

Likewise, it prohibits the existence of unfair terms and, in particular, the decoupling based on typographical and printing errors.

I recall the convenience of making purchases at participating establishments to the Consumer Arbitration Board, offer better guarantees.

If you do not agree with the service provided, facilities are required to provide the complaint forms.

All establishments are required to have them available to consumers and users.

Finally, the consumer will consider to be offered seasonal items in perfect condition unless defective or manufactured specifically for these sales.

If you believe, as a consumer, a trade that has not respected their rights requires the complaint form can also be addressed Monday through Friday at the Municipal Office of Consumer Information, the Department of Consumer Affairs, to any or call Consumers Association the Telephone Consumer 901 501 601.

Source: CARM

Pujante said that the arrest of 58 immigrants in Torre Pacheco was a "relentless persecution"

Monday, June 30th, 2008

The coordinator of IU in the Region of Murcia, José Antonio Pujante, said today that the arrest of 58 illegal immigrants in Torre Pacheco is part of a "relentless persecution that opts for the repression."

In this sense, Pujante asked "if these arrests represent the beginning of the formal application of the European return directive", which he described as "shameful" and "unacceptable."

He lamented that the future of the immigrants arrested in Torre Pacheco is "quite uncertain in the light of the implementation of this policy which conflicts with the announced policies on immigration by the regional PP.

"Why then the training and integration plans for immigrants?" Asked the coordinator of IU in the region after claiming that PP and PSOE "only cosmetic differences between him" in this case.

Source: IU Región de Murcia

The Minister of Public Works in Santander advocated a mixed system of funding road infrastructure

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Ballesta participates in a course at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo on road pricing in Spain

The Minister of Works, Housing and Transport, José Ballesta, today defended the Menendez Pelayo International University (UIMP) Santander mixed system of financing (public-private) infrastructure during his speech at a summer course organized by the UIMP on pricing for use of road infrastructure in Spain.

In addition to José Ballesta, also attended the course directors of Public Works, Planning, Housing and Urban Development of Cantabria, José Maria Mazon, the Department of Planning and Public Works of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Joaquim Nadal, and Infrastructure and Transport of Valencia, Mario Flores.

The first session of course, led by the president of the Spanish Association of Dealers Highways, Tunnels, Bridges and Toll Road (ASET), José Luis Feito, was held at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander and consisted of a panel discussion that dealt with the positioning of the regions on the financing of infrastructure systems.

In this sense, José Ballesta has said that "at a time like the present one, in which infrastructure financing may be constrained by economic reality, it is important to explore new financing schemes."

Source: CARM

ONO increases to 6 meg speed Internet to all its customers than 4 megs in the Region of Murcia

Monday, June 30th, 2008

The Murcia and have access to this improvement automatically and free

ONO announced today that it has increased to 6 meg speed or offering to all its broadband customers than 4 megs in the Region of Murcia.

Thus, the Murcia and have access to a 50% automatic and free deformation of the capacity of your broadband connection.

"This initiative reinforces the commitment of ONO to innovation and constant improvement of the quality of services we offer to our customers," said Miguel Garaulet, Southeast regional director ONO.

"Furthermore, it is also a way to celebrate together the tenth anniversary of our company."

ONO has over 1.2 million Internet customers to enjoy true broadband markets in different combination, three modes of Internet access (25.12 and 6 megs) and many others from TV ("Essential" " Extra "and" Total ").

It also has an offer of 2 megabytes, designed to minimize entry barriers to the use of high-speed Internet in Spain.

The offer-the most competitive of all those currently on the market, is designed to aquellasfamilias who want access to the Internet for the first time and includes a service bandaancha of 2 megabytes, without any limitation.

ONO, launched in 1998 its network deployment in the region of Murcia.

Since then it has deployed a fiber optic network providing telephony, television and broadband accesode more than 100,000 customers, including individuals and companies.

Source: ONO

Sustainable Development prepared by the municipalities and social groups five plans of management of forest areas

Monday, June 30th, 2008

The first is that of the Northwest region, the territory of the Region with more forest area and will serve to enhance and sustainably manage the environment

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning has begun to develop strategic plans of five management of forest resources to enhance and manage in a sustainable manner the natural environment of the region.

To achieve this goal, the Ministry will seek the views of local councils and the various social groups such as nonprofit organizations, farmers, scientists or neighborhood associations.

The first Strategic Plan and Executive Management of Forest Resources will be the region of the Northwest, announced today the Minister of Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Benito Mercader, along with representatives of municipalities of Bullas, Cehegín, Calasparra Caravaca and Moratalla.

Merchant said: "These plans complement the Regional Forest Strategy and will feature the views of all municipalities and individuals and groups who, in a direct or indirect, are linked to forestry, to regulate and manage in a way forest resources more effectively in each region over the medium and long term.

This project was put in place in the Northwest region because it is the territory of the most forested region with almost 137,000 hectares. "

The plans are aimed at general empowerment and sustainable management of forest resources district, to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and help create jobs and wealth in rural areas.

This will develop specific objectives to establish guidelines for the management and utilization of forests, ensuring they do not endanger the persistence of ecosystems and maintaining the productive capacity of the mountain, the planning of forest activities and the establishment framework where they can sign agreements and contracts between management and owners.

"Ultimately, what we will achieve these plans, forest resource management is further progress in protecting natural spaces and species, ensuring the sustainability of resources, reconciling different uses and land use, transform forest resources management to ensure effectively and participate and make a decisive contribution to rural development, "said Mercader.

Northwest Region

The Northwest region has 136,907.18 hectares of forest with high biodiversity, among which include the pine, juniper, Kermes, kermes, riparian forests, scrub, grassland and so on, as well as animal species such as otters, eagles Bonelli, ibex and Kestrel, among others.

Within the region there are 44,415 hectares of areas proposed as Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and 72,555 of Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPA).

Source: CARM

Inmaculada García: "The Chinese market is a great challenge but also an opportunity for the Region of Murcia"

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Murcia is the third province in the ranking of exports to that country in 2008

The appearance on the scene of the great China market, especially relevant in the last four years, with annual growth of exports of 22 percent and imports 26 percent, represents "a host of challenges for our businesses, but also opportunities for the Region of Murcia, which has led to the round of interviews we have held this week in China, where we have close ties with various local and state authorities in order to attract investment to our region, "said the Minister of Economy , Business and Innovation, Inmaculada García.

The Minister expressed his satisfaction with the business collaboration agreement signed last Wednesday with the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Jiangsu Provincial Government, the second leading export Chinese province that encourages Chinese investment abroad, and the alliance reached with State Agency for Investment Promotion of China (CIPA), but acknowledged that "the characteristics of this market requires, by its character, a greater effort than others, an effort that we make."

To this is added the contacts with the Investment Promotion Agency of the Chinese Government through the meeting held on Tuesday in Shanghai.

The result of this meeting came the commitment to sign an agreement, preferably in commercial cooperation between this organization and the Instituto de Fomento Region de Murcia.

The Minister of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation also recalled the successful attendance of Investment Seminar held by the delegation of Murcia in the capital of Jiangsu Province, Namjing, which, as stated, "We had the opportunity to meet Chinese companies and address their concerns about our economy and market. "

50 million in product sales in the first quarter Murcia

Inmaculada Garcia took the balance of the mission that led him to visit this week, along with the director of the Institute of Development, the cities of Shanghai, and Beijing Namjing to report on the latest data published by the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX .)

These data, as said Garcia, "located in Murcia as the third Spanish province, behind Barcelona and Madrid, in the ranking of exports in the first quarter of this year" and added, "In this period, sales of products Murcia in this market totaled 50 million euros. "

"The high sales figures in recent months are a reflection of the efforts of the regional administration, with its three Business Promotion Offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, and business is conducted in the Asian market," argued Garcia, who joined the trade missions that take place within the Trade Promotion Plan of the Region of Murcia, where they work jointly Development Institute and the Chambers of Commerce of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca.

In 2007, exports from the Region of Murcia with China reached a balance close to 140 million euros.

The main items exported from Murcia to this country were in the fields of chemical industry, environment and energy production, raw materials and industrial technology.

Source: CARM

The Executive Murcia Valverde congratulated for his victory in the championship of Spain to fund road

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

The general director of Sports, Antonio Peñalver, moved on their behalf and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Pedro Alberto Cruz, congratulated the cyclist Alejandro Valverde for the victory today in the championship of Spain to fund road , held in Talavera de la Reina.

The head of the Directorate General of Sports said that this victory, which comes just days after the proclamation of the Dauphine Libere winner, "represents a new example of the excellent season being done Valverde", while the runner wished luck Tour de France.

This adds to congratulate Antonio Peñalver went cycling yesterday Mülenen Luis Leon Sanchez of Spain won the time trial championship, and lumbrerense Manuel Martinez Costa, who won the first ranking in the mountain bike championships in Spain.

Source: CARM

Agriculture announces the seventh edition of the awards 'Quality Food'

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

The purpose of these awards is to recognize the work done by food companies, restaurants and media

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water has announced the sixth edition of the Awards 'Food Quality' in order to recognize those food companies, restaurants, as well as professionals in the media, the actions taken to encourage the promotion and distributing food in the Region of Murcia.

Awards 'Food Quality', whose bases are listed in the Official Gazette of the Region from June 26, is organized around various forms.

These include recognition of the Agro-Food Company, aimed at rewarding the efforts of companies in the sub-modalities of better technological innovation and investment, higher economic growth, and better promotional and advertising of food quality.

Also awarded prizes to the Restoration, which are designed to reward the best establishment in the submission, selection, wine storage, and enhance the use, presentation, innovation and good use of food in the region in food.

Also recognize the work of communication related to cultural and gastronomic aspects of food Murcia, with the modality Award Media.

The recipients of these awards are legally constituted companies, professional media, federations, associations and consortia, as well as Regulatory Boards of Appellations of Origin and Regional Council for Organic Farming.

The prizes in all its forms will honor, and do not involve any financial allocation.

The winning companies will receive a certificate and trophy certifying that may be published on letterheads, announcements and reports, as well as broadcast in any media.

To qualify for the grant of these awards, interested parties must complete an application and attach a report explaining the activities which are considered worthy of the award before the 30th of September, when that is the deadline for submission of documentation.

Source: CARM

Beginning of opposition to the bodies of high school teachers

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

During today's session will be held from 9:00 am, Campus de Espinardo and the Conservatory of Music the first year of the selection process to the body of secondary school teachers, Official Language Schools, Teachers Technical Training, Music and Performing Arts and Visual Arts teachers and Design.

The general director of Human Resources, José María Ramírez, said the call for such evidence "has been divided into two shifts to avoid crowding, so this morning have been summoned some 5,000 people, over 9,000 are reviewed , and other tests carried out by the afternoon. "

Ramirez also said that the beginning of the tests has been developed with "absolutely normal in every classroom."

Source: CARM

Antonio Cerda General Assembly closed the release

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, closed today the General Assembly of the Drop, SL, recognized as the Organization of Fruit and Vegetables (producer organizations) since 2003.

The counselor, who was accompanied by the president of the company, Antonio Galindo, highlighted the work done by the 216 members that comprise that "agriculture remains an economic engine and a future activity."

Antonio Cerda said that "in the Region of Murcia there are 99 producer organizations, of which 78 had operational programs to the Ministry of Agriculture and was paid 35.4 million euros of EU funds for the improvement of production, marketing and quality of horticultural products.

These 78 companies last year had a production value of one billion euros.

Source: CARM