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The employment rate of graduates in the region reached nearly 80 per cent

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Data from the Ministry of Employment and Training for the first quarter of 2008 reveal an unemployment rate below 3.8 percent

The employment rate of university students in the Murcia region rose in the first quarter of 2008 to 79.25 percent, representing almost 23.6 points higher than the regional average, and 27.2 more than the whole non-college workers, according to a study by the Department of Employment and Training.

The information provided by this department reflects also the existence of a direct relationship between levels of qualifications and opportunities for participation in the labor market.

As for the unemployment rate, the student population in the region is in a technically unemployed, with figures that are in the 3.77 per cent, ie almost 6 points lower than the regional average and almost 7 below the set of non-college workers.

Data from the Department of Employment and Training reflect the high qualifications of graduates from Murcia, as well as the capacity of regional labor market to employ these professionals.

Furthermore, by comparing the volume of temporary and permanent contracts of the university with the total of both types of contracts made in the Region of Murcia in the first quarter, you can also see that the proportion of permanent among academics is much higher than temporary contracts.

Thus, while temporary contracts accounted for 3.99 percent of all contracts of this kind conducted in the Region in this period, that of indefinite represents nearly 8 percent of the quarter made permanent.

This trend is even more pronounced in the case of graduates, which account for 4.3 percent of total permanent contracts compared to 3.59 graduates concentrating means.

Source: CARM

Tomorrow begins the campaign 'eldíade' with city and intercity buses for free every Sunday from June

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

It is an initiative of the Ministry of Works, Housing and Transportation for the promotion of public transport

Tomorrow begins the campaign to promote public transport, sponsored by the Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport, as a first step, a pioneer in Spain, is the free shuttle buses, both urban and intercity, during every Sunday of June in the Region of Murcia.

This measure, called 'eldíade', offers the possibility for any citizen of the Commonwealth of use ordinary public transport services by bus without paying the bill for the five Sundays in June.

This is a pilot project that will mobilize more than 128,000 passengers on 80 routes of 16 public transport companies involved.

The estimates also indicate that travel miles to be 160,000 in the estimated more than 10,500 shipments.

In addition, the concessionaires of public transport in the region will enable the buses that are necessary to meet the demand, whichever is higher than expected.

The free service mainly seeks to promote public transport between those citizens who still do not use the bus, and seek savings in the economy of those who already regularly use this medium.

The regional government's intention and, through package design, power means of transport like bus, with a lower accident rate than the car, avoiding traffic jams, eliminates the difficulty of parking, and reduce air pollution.

The month of mobility

The campaign also provides for a package of measures will be developed throughout the month of June, as I Mobility Forum to be held on 26 and 27 June, organized by the Public Transport Authority.

Also during this month, the Department awarded grants to improve transport infrastructure, through which supports the construction of railway yards, truck parking, taxi ranks and bus shelters and bus stops in the municipalities.

Also awarded grants for the implementation of security screens and global positioning satellite designed to taxis, the subsidies for establishment of new rural routes for the transport of passengers, and will study the competition for exclusive platforms for public transport.

Other measures include the granting of subsidies to promote sustainable mobility in the 45 municipalities of the Region of Murcia, which is the construction of bike lanes, the implementation of bicycle transportation service, and the preparation of plans , feasibility studies and pilot projects related to urban mobility.

Source: CARM

Sustainable Development includes electric motorcycles in aid for the purchase of hybrid vehicles

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Buying one of these bikes, with a maximum power of 10 kilowatts, are subsidized by up to 750 euros per unit

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning, through the Directorate General of Clean Energy and Climate Change, included electric motorcycles in aid for the purchase of hybrid vehicles.

The total budget for the purchase of these vehicles is 147,000 euros, of which 50,000 will be for grants to families and about 90,000 for companies and municipalities to renew some of their other car fleets cleaner.

Benito Mercader said "we have expanded aid to the purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles to electric motorcycles with a maximum power of 10 kilowatts.

The grant is available to purchase one of these vehicles is up to 750 euros, representing 15 percent of the cost of many models. "

Also, the Minister stated that "minimize the emission of air pollutants and improve air quality.

Keep in mind that most of the carbon dioxide emissions produced in the region come from the use of private vehicles, so that from the regional government are promoting a series of measures to achieve sustainable mobility, promoting reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment. "

The aid, which can be requested in the Department of Sustainable Development until 30 September, set a maximum of 6,000 euros for electric powered vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell, 2000, for the hybrid propulsion, gas natural or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and from 450 euros to transform a conventional vehicle powered by LPG in another.

As for electric motorcycles, the aid is 750 euros per unit.

This action is part of the Plan of Action for the Development Strategy and Energy Efficiency Savings in Spain for the period 2005-2012 and is based on the agreements signed between the Autonomous Community of Murcia and the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving Energy (IDEA).

Source: CARM

Agricultural research alternatives to achieve greater permanence of lemon on the tree and reduce the costs of cultivation

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

The IMIDA occurred for more than 25 years in the field selection of clones of lemon, looking for varieties with better agronomic characteristics, production and quality of the traditionally grown fruit

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water investigates alternatives to keep lemons on the tree longer and machine harvesting of these fruits for industrial processing in order to reduce the cost of cultivation.

The search for these alternatives was brought before the crisis in the sector.

According to Adrian Martinez, director of the Instituto Murciano Research and Agricultural Development and Food (IMID), citrus products are among the most emblematic of the region, and that "after the vegetable is the most important agricultural sector for its socio-economic significance" .

In this regard, as noted its great dynamism "in recent decades much has been achieved in plant material and in their productive structures, in order to increase the quality and farm profitability."

In the collection of Fino lemon trees, the IMIDA seeks to maintain the quality and shelf life of fruit on the tree through the use of gibberellins in the field.

According to Ignacio Porras, director of the research project, "in fruit tree maintained and treated with various doses of gibberellins, collected at 45 and 90 days after treatment, no significant increases in the levels of polyphenols compared to those observed in the corresponding controls. "

With regard to mechanical harvesting, Ignacio Porras noted that "the detachment of the fruits of lemon is difficult, requiring a force greater than 10 kiloponds, so have tried different phytoregulators that promote the release."

In this regard, notes that "the use of vibrators from February allowed the collection of more than 80 percent of the remaining fruit on the tree," adding that "the chamber storage of the fruit is harvested with vibrator optimal, provided that they have no injuries from thorns. "

25 years of research

Imide has been doing for over 25 years in the field selected clones of lemon, looking for varieties with better agronomic characteristics, production and fruit quality than traditionally grown.

Adrian Martinez said that "all new clones of potential interest are subject to previous studies before being renovated using in vitro techniques.

Subsequently, these varieties are planted in experimental plots in La Alberca and Torre Pacheco for his study. "

Within Fino type varieties, as the responsible autonomy, "is intended to produce new clones with fewer seeds and trees without thorns, and search late harvest varieties."

As for Verna variety, "the aim is to increase fruit quality with new selections to improve the clones on the market."

Currently, the 'Fino 49' is the most widely has been its high productivity, excellent fruit quality and good maintenance, according to Adrian Martinez.

Among the varieties Verna obtained, which show greater interest are 'Verna 51' and 'Verna 62', "which are more productive and bear fruit of better quality than traditional garden", he adds.

The current trend of market demand is the seedless variety, which, according to the director of IMIDA-involves production problems, "as in seedless varieties of fruits tend to be small."

Source: CARM

Merchant Espinosa proposed that the meeting of the committee studying the nominations for biosphere reserves to be held in Murcia

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The Minister proposes that the Ministry work together in the Mar Menor using current studies are there in the Community

The Minister of Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning, Benito Mercader, has proposed to the Minister for Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Elena Espinosa, the Region will host the meeting of the national technical committee that evaluates the nominations for the biosphere reserves to be held in September.

The director made this statement in the Special Sector Conference on the Environment that took place today in Madrid.

In this regard, said Merchant, "we have asked the new Minister of Environment to be held in Murcia during the second half of September the national technical committee meeting to study the applications of aspiring areas Biosphere Reserve, so that she and her team can see the unique characteristics of Calblanque and achieve designation as a biosphere reserve by Unesco. "

Also, the counselor offered Espinosa-date scientific studies are there in the Autonomous Community of the Mar Menor, as available to the Ministry are outdated and do not reflect the current reality of the salt lake, a major environmental jewels the Region.

In addition, Benito Mercader Elena Espinosa asked to reconsider the usefulness of the Commission for the Mar Menor, created by the Ministry last December, since 80 percent of the competencies on the salt lake are of the Autonomous Community Murcia, and considering that since 2005, the Foundation Cluster del Mar Menor is working on the preservation and enhancement of this area and its influence on the collaboration of various government institutions.

"The regional government wants to work jointly and in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment in the conservation of the Mar Menor.

In fact, we are doing important work in coordination with local governments and other entities from the Foundation Cluster Mar Menor, which we believe without a doubt the best platform to achieve a common goal: the preservation of natural wealth gap salt and its area of influence, "he said.


One of the key points discussed at the Extraordinary Conference of the Environment Sector is the fight against forest fires.

The Ministry will send to Caravaca de la Cruz on June 16, bomber, helicopter, with capacity for 4,500 liters, which will join the device wide fire prevention and Infomur Plan, which has three other brigades helicopter transport aircraft.

This new helicopter will remain at the base of Caravaca until 15 October.

Remember that Sunday begins the period of high risk of wildfires.

Infomur Plan has a budget of 11 million and provides that during the high danger period, from 1 June to 30 September, almost five hundred people work daily in the work of prevention and suppression.

In total 499 people are those who work every day work of extinction, monitoring and coordination, 19 more than last year.

The other important point addressed in the conference and Sector affecting the region was the geographical distribution of grants from the program "Protecting and enhancing the natural environment 'for 2008.

A rightful Murcia two million euros, but has requested to revise the allocation criteria and best value the rich natural heritage that counts the region and requires heavy investment.

"Issues as important as power lines crossing the Special Protection Areas for Birds of the Region of Murcia and work on endangered wildlife species, not considered essential items for the distribution of aid. For this reason We have requested the change of criteria so that they can consider these aspects are essential for us, "he said.

Source: CARM

Awarded the Gold Medal of the Region Barberán Muñoz, Asensio Sáez, Antonio Pérez Crespo and Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The Governing Council today approved the decrees granting the Gold Medal of the Region of Murcia, on the one hand, the official historian of the Region of Murcia and first president of the Regional Council of Murcia, Antonio Pérez Crespo.

On the other, and posthumously, the painter Manuel Muñoz Lorca Barberán, and teacher, painter, author and official historian of the Union, Asensio Sáez García.

And finally, the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, in recognition of the important clinical work, research and innovation carried out by the hospital.

Also, the Diplomas have been awarded the Distinguished Service public schools of Industrial Engineers and Industrial Engineers, in response to the contribution provided to the Department of Economics, Business and Innovation for their outstanding work and actions in relation to the Region Murcia, especially in the exercise of the functions assigned to them on the industry.

Also receiving this award on Real Murcia football club, sports organization founded in 1908 and this year marks the centenary of its founding and most important football club in the region to promote the sporting spirit of Murcia and bringing along his path numerous titles and interests in official competitions.

Source: CARM

Approved by the decree for the execution of works on coastal management

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The Governing Council has approved in its meeting today the decree provides for the Project and Execution of Works in Coastal Management.

The text is the regulatory implementation of Legislative Decree 1 / 2005, by approving the revised text of the Law of the Land in the Region of Murcia, in particular Chapter III of Title VII in regard to implementation projects coastal management works.

This decree is intended to specify the process of project processing and implementation of the works carried out in the easement area of protection and influence of the maritime-terrestrial public domain, including the occupation thereof duly authorized.

It has eight articles, a transitional provision and disposal.

Thus, it is intended to provide legal security processing and implementation of works projects, providing a stable legal framework to tackle in the coming years making a series of infrastructure projects.

The articles are distinguished different procedures for dealing with these projects as the works are under existing planning instruments and coastal management plans, whether or not the question of simple repairs and improvement and maintenance or .

Source: CARM

Aid for Fishermen's Federation for the removal of solid waste in the sea

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The Governing Council has approved a grant of 70,000 euros to the Federation of Fishermen Murciana for solid waste removal from the sea and providing fishing information extraction, through the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and water.

In 1996 he signed a collaboration agreement between that Department, coastal municipalities (Eagles, Mazarron, Cartagena and San Pedro del Pinatar) and the Federation of Fishermen in the Region of Murcia, whose main objective was the removal of the sea of solid waste appeared in the fishing nets of the trawler fleet in the daily exercise of their activity, their transportation to the port and deposition in containers authorized for this purpose.

This collaboration has continued through December 2007, date of expiry of the term of the collaboration agreement signed last.

The collaboration that has been keeping providing great benefits for fishery resources, through more and better monitoring of catches at the point of first sale, and through the promotion of environmental awareness of the fisheries sector, which is of interest continue with the action taken for more than a decade.

Under the new agreement, the Ministry through the Directorate General of Livestock and Fisheries, provided a sufficient number of containers more suitable to the trawlers to the waste tank.

Coastal municipalities in the fishing ports provide the necessary elements for the collection and removal of the waste landed by the trawler fleet.

The Federation of Fishermen Murciana coordinate the work of waste collection and tipping sea port.

Also forwarded to Fisheries and Aquaculture Service information on the development of this action.

Also send data on catches for each vessel, thus allowing the regional government to meet the obligations in this regard, to have essential information when assessing the status of the fisheries sector and to adopt measures appropriate management.

Source: CARM

Agreement with Ecoembes society to improve the collection of packaging and ensure recycling and recovery

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The Governing Council has approved the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning and Ecoembalajes Spain (Ecoembes), non-profit society for the collection of solid waste and ensure recycling and recovery of packaging .

The agreement will replace and improve the agreement signed in 2004 and regulates the commitment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, local authorities and consortia and Ecoembes voluntarily adhere, regarding the performance of the integrated management of packaging and recycling .

The new agreement is aligned with the reality of the region marked by population growth and promotes the development of single-material collection systems packaging cardboard (blue bin) and multi-material collection systems, plastic packaging, cardboard for drinking and metal, with social acceptance criteria, technical efficiency and environmental and economic feasibility.

It also establishes mechanisms to ensure the recovery and recycling of waste as well as information campaigns and environmental awareness to increase the effectiveness in the collection.

Source: CARM

Approved the new aid framework agreement for energy savings and energy efficiency

Friday, May 30th, 2008

The regional government, a proposal from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning, has given its approval to the framework agreement with the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA) for the definition and implementation of the measures envisaged in 2008-2012 Action Plan Strategy and Energy Efficiency Savings in Spain.

This agreement provides a number of financial aid for achieving eco-efficiency in the region.

Specifically, the agreement lays the foundation for a series of cost saving measures and energy efficiency for the industrial, transportation, household equipment, utilities, agriculture and fisheries, as well as the transformation of energy.

Priority eco-efficiency measures under the agreement are public aid program for industrial service, urban mobility plans, management of road transport fleets, driving efficient cars and commercial vehicles, fleet renewal, improved bound Thermal existing buildings, improving the energy efficiency of thermal plants, the indoor lighting, appliances Renewal Plan and the development of the potential for generation of electricity.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning, in collaboration with the IDEA, will be responsible in the region to implement all orders of aid under the 2008-2012 Action Plan (PAE4 +) of the Strategy for Energy Saving and Efficiency Spain.

Source: CARM