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Two Murcia discover new solar system body

Monday, April 7th, 2008

is an asteroid, anything dangerous, which is 5 km in diameter and is between Jupiter and Saturn

New discovery in the solar system.

Sensi astronomers and José A. Pastor

de los Rios Murcia were the first to discover a new object that is part of the solar system.

Both explorers working with MPC code J76, from the Centre Municipal de Murcia-La Murta.

This discovery makes this Centre to the height of the great observatories, thanks to the great experience in observing solar system bodies.

This is an asteroid, devoid of danger, which lies between Jupiter and Saturn, with a diameter of 5 kilometers.

The discovery took place on April 1 (between 00:02 and 02:18 hours).

Furthermore, on April 4, the International Astronomical Union gave him a temporary name for the new asteroid: 2008 Fw 61, but the discoverers have the honor of giving a name soon.

For follow-up took several hours of observation, to be sure it was really a new object.

It has been noted several times, until the MPC, Minot Planet Center, section (IAU) International Astronomical Union, published the discovery on Friday, April 4 and assigned a provisional designation 2008FW61.

When the orbital parameters are accurately determined receive its final name.

For this name the discoverers MPC calls for choosing the name they see fit and be the first asteroid discovered from Murcia-La Murta and take into account these two names as a designation.

The final name for the moment, does not seem so important because it is far from that and because they hope to discover some more.

The asteroid discovered from Murcia City Centre is a Solar system body, which is in the main asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

These asteroids are characterized by small diameter.

This is not an asteroid that poses no danger to our planet.

From the Centre Municipal de Murcia-La Murta, which focuses primarily on disclosure, it is fellowship with the investigation.

You can make systematic monitoring of comets and asteroids and other Solar System objects.

Always out of the visiting days or after the visits have been addressed.

Researchers Observamurcia-La Murta, Murcia-MPC J76, Sensi Pastor and Jose Antonio de los Reyes (as well known around the world) have achieved several successes from this Centre, as the discovery of two fragments in the nuclei of comets.

He has also collaborated with NASA on the Deep Impact Mission and is currently working on the Dawn mission, which will not end up in a few years.

Collaborates with the Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC) specifically with Dr. Josep M.


With the (IAC) Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias.

Astrophysical research as well as other institutes of astrophysics, to work with no results yet and therefore not published.

They also assist in the systematic monitoring of comets with Dr. Mark Kidger of (ESAC) European Space Agency.



Source: Ayuntamiento de Murcia