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The PSOE risk alert for overcrowding in schools and regional colleges

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Jesus Lopez claims that the Regional Government has not fulfilled the agreement regarding construction of new schools.

29 Jan. '08 .- The regional deputy socialist Jesus Lopez explained that the PSOE will ask the Minister of Education to explain "why has not fulfilled the Social Pact for Education on school construction."

According to the text of that agreement there was a Global Plan of Improvement in Public Institutions, which has not yet realized the Director of Education at the Regional Assembly, while the Socialist parliamentary group has requested.

"Now do it again."

Lee noted that "only a quarter of the works promised are conducted, but the worst is that the approved budgets for 2008, the situation is not being amended."

Jesus Lopez has criticized the Education Ministry has derived the construction of primary schools to municipalities, "ten of which have signed agreements to finance the work and collect them in annuities until 2010, and in other cases, has been limited to promote agreements with private companies to build schools on public land.

For Lopez, the municipalities that have not accepted neither one thing nor the other "shall be limited simply to wait."

The PSOE has quantified the basic needs of new centers in 20-30 primary schools and 10 colleges in addition to those provided for in agreements or Budgets.

Lopez argues that "there is a clear risk of stagnating public network of schools with the consequent overcrowding of the same, which is a fact more than half of primary schools."

To allegations of a union with this situation the Ministry of Education has responded by asking silent because they signed the Social Compact for Education.

Jesus Lopez indicated that "the PSOE respect to trade unions, both the pact and non-signatories, and understands that everyone has a responsibility to require the Administration to fulfill what she promises."

"Of course the Socialist parliamentary group, who also signed the pact, which will require the Regional Assembly," he concluded.