López Miras: "We lower taxes to create jobs, grow and progress"

January 18th, 2019

The president of the PP in the Region of Murcia defends in the National Convention the tax reduction because "generates confidence" and warns that "I will not allow Murcia to pay for be the worst financed autonomous community "

The president of the PP in the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, has defended in the National Convention of the party that welcomes Madrid this weekend under the slogan "Spain in Freedom", the economic model based on the tax reduction that from the Regional executive has promoted, and has ensured that "I want the money of the citizens in their pockets because they know better than anyone else where to invest it".

"It is about generating trust and, in addition, it is about justice", said López Miras at the ceremony staged by the "popular" autonomic candidates and which has been moderated by the deputy secretary of Organization and Electoral of the PP, Javier Maroto.

The regional president of the PP has put the Region of Murcia as an example of tax reduction policies, "my Government has eliminated the unfair Inheritance Tax In one year, all Murcia have saved 225 million, and in 2019 we lowered the Income Tax, "he said, to remember that" even so we have improved income because, with freedom, the economy grows. "

"We are the most punished for freely voting future projects based on equality," López Miras said in relation to the underfunding suffered by the Region of Murcia by the State, and warned that "I will not allow that punishment pay the murcianos ".

The 'popular' president of the Region of Murcia has reaffirmed the conviction that "less taxes is more wealth, more job creation and more progress".

He also lamented the socialist policies that "raise them to satisfy those who want to break Spain."

"They are creators of crisis, managers of unemployment and exploiters of the classes measured", has said about the management of the socialist government of Pedro Sanchez to put as examples the tax burdens on diesel and self-employed.

"The PP believes in people, we trust them and lower taxes so that any project can be successful for the benefit of all," insisted the "popular" regional president for whom reducing the tax burden on citizens "is a sign of identity of the PP and it is in our DNA ".

Speaking to the media upon his arrival at the National Convention, Fernando López Miras has reiterated that with less taxes "the economy and the productive sector of society are reactivated", and he has mentioned the economic forecasts of independent agencies and organizations for the Region in 2019. "We have the highest growth forecast for this year, the highest business confidence index and we have the best employment data of the last 10 years," he added.

The president of the 'popular' in the Region of Murcia has also spoken of the objectives of the Convention and stressed that "we will say what we have said for 30 years with clarity, forcefulness and without any doubt."

"We are the party that has guaranteed the freedom of the Spaniards and the maintenance of the welfare state," he said to recall the 5 million jobs created under the Aznar government and the 4 million prompted by the Executive of Rajoy.

"We are the only party capable of guaranteeing the unity of Spain, the party of principles, values ​​and ideas that has struggled to face the challenges of our country."

Source: PP Región de Murcia

The PSOE claims better health planning so that areas such as the Altiplano or Cieza have guaranteed specialized care

January 18th, 2019

Deputy Yolanda Fernández denounces that the absence of rheumatologists or other services is a grievance for the inhabitants of these areas

The deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Yolanda Fernandez requires the regional government, through the Murciano Health Service, greater and better planning of health care in the area of ​​Health V, corresponding to the Altiplano region, as well as in those other areas , like that of Cieza, where there is an absence of certain specialist services.

The Socialist Parliamentary Group will present a question in the Assembly addressed to the Minister of Health, for what explains the reasons why in the Altiplano or Vega Alta region there are no specialists in rheumatology.

Yolanda Fernández denounced the discrimination suffered by the inhabitants of some health areas for decades regarding specialized care, which is a grievance and a clear violation of the principle of equality among the citizens of the Region.

"The absence of rheumatologists or other specialists in the health areas of Yecla and Cieza is inadmissible because it forces patients to travel many kilometers to be treated, while demonstrating poor planning, since while in some areas there are up to five rheumatologists, in other areas there is no attention. "

The Socialist parliamentarian recalled that the absence of these doctors is not the only case.

Last October the Socialist Parliamentary Group demanded in the Assembly the start-up of a mental health emergency service in the "Virgen del Castillo" hospital in Yecla, since these patients had to move in some cases to Murcia to be taken care of

In addition, from the lack of digestologists, which forced to cancel the Colon Cancer Screening Program in the Altiplano.

Fernandez said that about 60,000 people living in the municipalities of Jumilla and Yecla often suffer delays in medical appointments, which increases the waiting lists of specialties.

Therefore, it demanded equal treatment from the regional government for all areas of health, so that all the inhabitants of the Region have guaranteed comprehensive health care, "and as the Murcian Society of Rheumatology says, it can also be carried out a necessary preventive work ".


The flu continues its upward trend with 2,300 cases this week

January 18th, 2019

The Minister of Health today visited the emergency door of the Morales Meseguer, Reina Sofía, Arrixaca hospitals and some health centers such as San Andrés

The flu continues its upward trend this week, with 2,300 cases reported this week.

In the absence of completing the week, the incidence rate is approaching the level of average intensity and sum from the beginning of the season (on October 1) a total of 5,439 reported cases.

During last week, 909 cases were registered until Friday.

The Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, visited the Morales Meseguer, Reina Sofía and Arrixaca hospitals in Murcia, as well as some health centers, such as San Andrés, to see first-hand the situation of their emergency doors, where the The pressure of care is considerably higher during these days due to the incidence of the flu and of multiple respiratory conditions typical of these dates.

Villegas thanked the professionals of the Murcian Health Service for their work, who take charge of the largest influx of patients due to the increase in the demand for care and whose work has been reinforced by the hiring of more than 150 workers.

The regional head of Health also highlighted the efforts made by the Murcian Health Service (SMS) to ensure quality health care with measures such as the opening of 130 additional beds, the establishment of separate areas in the emergency areas for patients with suspicion of influenza or the opening of pre-admission and short-stay units for patients who must remain hospitalized between 48 and 72 hours.

Currently, a total of 88 patients with influenza are admitted to the different SMS hospitals, 10 of them in the intensive care units.

To date, 4 deaths have been recorded due to complications aggravated by the virus.

Avoid contagion

The vaccine is the most effective preventive measure to avoid the disease and antibiotics are not effective against the flu.

It is also advisable to take preventive measures such as frequent hand washing, especially after coughing or sneezing, since the flu is spread from person to person, mainly by coughing or sneezing.

Likewise, other measures must be observed to avoid transmission of the virus, such as coughing or sneezing, preferably with disposable handkerchiefs and to avoid reusing the tissues used when sneezing or cleaning nasal secretions.

If you do not have a disposable tissue, you should never cough directly on the hand, but on the inside of the elbow.

Source: CARM

'Fash Food' full of gastronomic passion and red color their most sensory experience

January 18th, 2019

30 diners dressed in full red to celebrate the fourth Fash Food dinner, held in the new photographic studio of La Cámara Roja, in the Vistabella district , under the concept 'CUE'

The menu was created and cooked by chef Freddy Salmerón, from the Hotel Occidental Murcia Siete Coronas, and his kitchen and dining room

The dinner focused on the concept 'CUE', and was indicated by red signs through details, such as lighting, decoration, clothing, minutes and much of the chromatic dishes presented by the chef

Products of the land offered by Makro, Fornet kitchen machinery and food pairing by Estrella de Levante and Jumilla PDO wines prepared by sommelier Esperanza Pérez de La Gracia.

Murcia, 1

Illuminated by a break dance dancer dressed in red LED lights, that was the first sign that the lucky guests received that won a place for the fourth Fash Food experience in Murcia.

At the rhythm of their steps and the red light, the 30 guests were guided to the place where they would dine an exclusive menu of first level gastronomy, from chef Freddy Salmerón and his team at the Hotel Occidental Murcia Siete Coronas.

The newly inaugurated new space of the Red Chamber (led by photographers David Flores and Silvia Marte) was the place chosen by the organization of the movement Fash Food (the communication agencies and events BAR Taberna de ideas and Lalumier) to turn it into a restaurant ephemeral overnight for 30 diners.

The first contact was in the form of an exclusive cocktail, by the hand of Campoluz and his barman Rafa, the premiere of Bonante, an aperitif with a wine base, red in color.

The photographic studio, the development laboratory and the classroom of his photography school were converted into a gastronomic space (living room and kitchen), where the 'Cue' atmosphere was breathed by all the senses.

Set with red lights and photographic elements, industrial centerpieces with red liquids, diners' wardrobe, a 3-D design (deciphered through 3D glasses), including a musical playlist inspired by the color red, They turned the ephemeral experience into a waste of energy that was breathed among the diners throughout the night.

To start the night, Freddy Salmerón thought of several chromatic snacks to open his mouth: a pass in brown, green apple, foie gras and rum;

another in green: roasted chicken toast with avocado and herbaceous touches;

and in orange: crunchy carrot, cardamom, orange and salty bacon.

All of them served in exclusive ceramic and glass ware from Procerámico, and accompanied by a Punta Este beer from Estrella de Levante, paired by Esperanza Pérez, sommelier from La Gracia.

From there, the parade of dishes, flavor, aromas and color was raising the tone of the dinner, in dishes such as beetroot panacotta, grilled strawberries, truffle, red tuna tartar with currants, spinach and egg poché, a hake with cockles or the roast beef of acidic Iberian prey, which took them around the world to diners, paired with different Jumilla PDO wines, such as the Perla Real rosé and the red Ribera del Juá, Torrecastillo Barrica or High Bank of the World.

During the dinner, the photographers of the Red Chamber were responsible for making a portrait with an analog camera to each pair of guests, to have an indelible memory of the unique moment they shared during the dinner, full of emotions, surprises, conversations and toasts for many plus.

The last bite of the dinner were two desserts: bacon of vegetable heaven with passion fruit and petit fours of chocolate, paired with the sweet wine Amarus, Jumilla DOP gold medal.

In this way, the diners of Fash Food 4 met to make a final toast and dismiss this ephemeral experience with a group photo that immortalized this meeting with good taste forever, until the next dinner that will be totally different from the ones lived Until now.

To the movement Fash Food have joined the City of Murcia, the Department of Commerce, '1001 Flavors of the Region of Murcia' of the Center for Tourism Qualification, as well as major companies in the field of drinks and food, as Estrella de Levante, Wines DOP Jumilla, Makro, Fornet, Procerámico tableware design company, Campoluz, Twin Freaks Studio, Vic Soriano Photography and La Gracia, led by sommelier Esperanza Pérez.

Source: Agencias

Columbares and Estrella de Levante share solidarity

January 18th, 2019

Our Association receives a donation of 2000 euros corresponding to the collection of the "Cerveza de Navidad" of Estrella de Levante

This morning the Columbares Association has received a donation of 2000 euros from Estrella de Levante that will go to the Integral Attention to People in Situation of High Vulnerability of our Association.

The amount of this check corresponds to the sale of the special edition "Christmas beer" of Estrella de Levante in the Christmas market of the City of Murcia, which for three weeks has been installed in the Roundabout.

Yayo Delgado, responsible for Communication and External Relations of Estrella de Levante, has delivered the check for 2,000 euros for the collection of the sale of the Christmas Beer 2018 from Estrella de Levante to the president of our Association. , José Nicolás.

A total of 1,000 solidarity canes have been served at the Estrella de Levante stand at the Christmas market in Murcia.

The Murcians and visitors of Murcia have tasted the original Christmas beer of 2018 and at the same time they have collaborated with Columbares.

This contribution will serve to sponsor our social inclusion projects.

This action is the first of the future collaborations between the Murcian brewery and Columbares, thanks to the signing of a collaboration agreement that we have signed both entities.

Columbares Association has been working for 40 years to improve the lives of people in our Region, especially those who are in a situation of social, economic, educational or cultural vulnerability, to contribute to a more just, supportive and respectful society. environment.

All this with a transversal, multidisciplinary and close approach, using art and culture as tools of social intervention and with a gender perspective.

We channel the solidarity of society to empower people, providing them with the tools and capabilities necessary to be active members of their community.

Each year we help more than 17,000 people through the more than 60 aid programs we have in place with projects in education, employment, health, housing, childhood, integration, environment and culture.

Source: Agencias

The Community provides transport services to 4,200 people with disabilities from Famdif

January 18th, 2019

The Regional Mobile Park will carry out 139 transfers to facilitate social and cultural integration among the users of this association

The Community will once again provide an adapted transport service for the 4,200 users of the 18 organizations that make up the Federation of Murcia Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (Famdif), with the aim of promoting full integration and participation in the social and cultural life of people with physical disabilities.

Specifically, the buses of the Regional Mobile Park will carry out 139 transfers on weekends and holidays to facilitate the movement of users to their extracurricular activities, sports, cultural visits and leisure, such as the visit to the monumental city of Cartagena, the routes of the wine of Jumilla, the flowering of Cieza or the Holy Week of Lorca, which the federation is scheduled for this year.

The Minister of Finance, Fernando de la Cierva, today signed the renewal of the agreement with the president of Famdif, Carmen Gil, and noted that "we maintain collaboration with this association and 27 years, with the aim of reducing obstacles that may hinder the We believe that by facilitating their integration, we encourage the free development of their personality and favor their dignity. "

The ten vehicles that will provide this service are adapted to be used by people with organic, physical or psychic disabilities, as well as the volunteer staff that accompanies them, equipped with spaces for wheelchairs, hydraulic platform for ascent and descent, as well as lanes for anchors and approved safety belts.

The buses will be used for trips to sports, visits to nature, cultural, as well as to make trips to different municipalities, leisure activities and free time, personal autonomy, among others.

"Thanks to initiatives like this one, which is the only one of its kind that is currently carried out in Spain, users of these associations can share leisure and free time activities with other people on equal terms, whether they have disability or not," added De the Cierva.

During 2018, the Regional Mobile Park has made 6,326 transport services for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, between fixed and discretionary services.

The agreement with Famdif to facilitate the transfers of its users began with the provision of 26 services and has been increasing annually, to cover their transport needs.

Famdif currently includes 18 associations for people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

It was born with the aim of joining forces and thus advance the integration of its users, to ensure that they can participate in society in a standardized manner and under conditions of equality with the rest of the people.

Source: CARM

The Centro Párraga program for the first semester of the year 60 actions focused on art, the scene and contemporary culture

January 18th, 2019

The Culture space will receive reference figures such as the video artist Mieke Bal, the painter Luis Gordillo and the dancer Daniel Abreu , who opens tomorrow the scenic programming with 'La desnudez'

It will host 19 shows and 17 exhibitions, as well as workshops, cross-cutting activities and a program to support creation

The Párraga Center of the Region of Murcia has scheduled more than 60 activities in the first half of 2019. Regional, national and international proposals combine to offer a faithful reflection of the most innovative contemporary creation within contemporary art and performing arts, giving also answer to the concerns of the emerging culture through transversal and formative activities.

The Minister of Tourism and Culture, Miriam Guardiola, today presented the lines of programming and the most outstanding proposals of this space that, as stated, "year after year sees its number of users and activities increase thanks to the interest of the public and from the creators of the national and international scene, who find in the Párraga Center an adequate space in which to present their proposals ".


Within the Contemporary Art area, 17 exhibitions will be organized in Spaces 2, 3 and the Machine Room.

Some proposals that, following the line of work of the Párraga Center, "show the closeness or relationship between the scenic and contemporary for which this center is committed", said Guardiola, who announced the presence in Murcia of Mieke Bal, "international figure whose work is essential to understand the development of art history and contemporary visual culture. "

At a national level, the intergenerational dialogue that the veteran painter Luis Gordillo will establish with Miki Leal and Rubén Guerrero in 'Triplex', an exhibition curated by Sema D'Acosta, stands out.

A sample that joins the recently inaugurated 'Elastic Distances' and 'Green Chroma', which offer the opportunity to catch the pulse of the most avant-garde national art.

All this, added the counselor, "while paying attention to the talent and creative quality that exists in our Region".

On this occasion, the Párraga has selected the work of the architect and creator Fernando de Retes, with more than 40 years of experience, and Ángel Haro, a versatile artist who will showcase his scenographic work.

Along with them, the sculptor Carmen Baena, the creator Gelen Alcántara (Jeletón) and the artists selected in the grants awarded by the Department last year, the researcher Tatiana Abellán, the painters Concha Martínez Barreto and Carlos Pardo and the photographer Mar Sáez, will integrate the second collective exhibition of the year.

Finally, the Engine Room, "consolidated as a space to give visibility and support to young creators," said the Minister of Culture, will host the work of Murcia Ramon Sanchez Resalt, Cristóbal Hernández Barbero, Arturo Méndez and Blanca Gracia.

"Four different ways of understanding contemporary art that converge in a promising career," he said.

Performing Arts

Within the Performing Arts, the Párraga will receive an eclectic group of creators.

In contemporary dance you can see the latest proposal of dancer Daniel Abreu (National Dance Award), which will open tomorrow the program with the acclaimed piece 'La desnudez', winner of the Max Awards.

After him, Manuel Rodríguez will present the solo 'Body on Paper', Janet Novás will go on stage with the singer Mercedes Peon in 'Mercedes and me', and Daniel Hernández will present two works together with Mario G. Saez ('Aguanta') and Alberto Alonso ('ACAB').

Finally, the dancers Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa will come back to stage their personal vision of the movement.

The program also incorporates the proposals that the companies Isabel Lavella and Pekarna develop at a regional level.

Collaboration continues with the first degree of university dance, created by the UCAM, staging their shows, and this semester, Guardiola announced, "we will take another step with the collaboration with the dance company of the University of California, which He will make a stop in Space 0 within his international tour, thus giving the opportunity to generate exchange between the institutions and among the young dancers ".

Proposals closer to the theater will be those of Societat Doctor Alonso ('And the bones talked'), La Tristura ('Future Lovers') and the collaboration between Jorge Dutor, Guillem Mont de Palol and Cris Blanco, who will provide the necessary humor to survive in the scene with 'The small'.

Also, Emilio Manzano, Raquel Garod, Paz Martínez and Aisa Boaa are the regional creators that will show their theatrical proposals.

Closer to the new dramaturgies and experimentation will be the work that the international platform based in Blanca, AADK, will offer in the Párraga with a sample of their work in progress by Abraham Hurtado and Selu Herraiz, and the invited artists Soiane ( Canada) and Carlos Suárez (Galicia).

Finally, the opera singer Amber Kay and the performer and sound artist Joaquín Berenguel will show the result of an intense residence in the Párraga to develop the hybrid project 'Enter'.

Finally, Culture will maintain collaboration with institutions such as the Superior and Professional Music Conservatories of Murcia, the Dramatic Art School of the Region, the Caixaescena Foundation, the UCAM and other associations such as Alquibla Escuela Teatro.

Support for creation and cross-cutting activities

In the Párraga Center during 2019, the residency program for projects in the creation phase will continue, either beginning to generate the project or needing a professional space to define the latest artistic parameters.

Many of these projects pass to the scenic programming of the center through shows themselves or as samples of the work process.

As for the transversal and formative activities, the design 'Play Restart' and 'Mu-Tantes' will continue, together with a new proposal around the illustration.

The Festival of Friends and Acquaintances of the Enlightenment (FACIL) will join specialized workshops by theater directors (Paco Maciá, Jesús Nieto and Jose Bote), production directors (Nacho Vilar) and actors (Norman Taylor and the clown Anton Valen ), not forgetting the family audience with the proposal of 'Dance in family' that drives Chussa Alcaraz.

Source: CARM

His Majesty the Queen receives the organizers of Fruit Attraction

January 18th, 2019

The president of Proexport, Juan Marín, has participated in the reception held this morning in Zarzuela, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the fair

Her Majesty the Queen has received today in audience the organizers of Fruit Attraction: IFEMA and FEPEX, on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the International Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair, held last October.

Juan Marín, president of PROEXPORT, an association integrated in FEPEX, has participated in this reception in Zarzuela as a representative of the Murcia association, which also forms part of the Organizing Committee of Fruit Attraction.

Marín recalled that the Region of Murcia and those associated with PROEXPORT bet from the beginning for the celebration of this international fruit and vegetable fair in Madrid, which has grown exponentially in these ten years.

"The presence of Murcia fruit and vegetable companies has been very important in all editions of Fruit Attraction and thanks to our involvement we have achieved that Spain is a meeting place in the commercial relations of the fruit and vegetable sector." We thank His Majesty for the support that with this act offers to such an important sector for our country ".

The production and export of fruits and vegetables constitute the first sector of Spanish agriculture, representing 60% of all agricultural production.

In the field of foreign trade has allowed Spain to be the world's largest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables, with sales abroad that will approach the 13,000 million euros in 2018, with a growth of 63% since it began this project.

The president of FEPEX, Jorge Brotons Campillo, has highlighted the decisive joint work of both institutions "since 2009, the year in which we started this project in order to generate hope in a national project, which gave visibility to the strengths of the sector of fruits and vegetables, and since the last edition, including also flowers and plants. "

For his part, the executive president of IFEMA, Clemente González Soler, stressed that "Fruit Attraction represents an example of sectoral will to be open to the world and a model of fair, today recognized worldwide as the best ambassador of the Brand Spain in the fruit and vegetables sector ".

Fruit Attraction, a fair held annually since 2009, has become in just ten years one of the main events and business forums in the fruit and vegetable sector of the world.

In its latest edition, it had the participation of 81,235 professionals from 122 countries, which represented a growth of 19% compared to the previous year.

On its 10th Anniversary it registered the largest and most competa of all its editions with the participation of 1,621 companies from 40 countries, and an occupation of 51,400 square meters net of sectoral offer.

The Fair is confirmed as a fundamental instrument for the internationalization of the sector, a meeting point for all the professionals that make up the entire supply chain, and a framework for innovation in the fruit and vegetable market.

The next edition of Fruit Attractión, will be held from October 22 to 24, 2019.

The Association of Producers-Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables of the Region of Murcia (PROEXPORT) is integrated by +50 groups of agricultural companies, cooperatives and alhóndigas dedicated to the production and commercialization of fruits and vegetables, conventional and ecological.

Their joint productions, over one million tons, are marketed in international markets and allow to generate 28,000 direct jobs.

Proexport develops together with its advanced partners programs of social responsibility, promotion of healthy eating in schools and respect for the environment, for which it has received different national and international awards.

Source: Agencias

The Costa Cálida repeats in ninth position of the Top 10 of beach tourism destinations

January 18th, 2019

Cartagena presents itself as a trend for a national City Break in 2019

For the sixth consecutive year, Atrápalo, international company specializing in the online sale of travel and experiences, presents its study of "Habits and Trends of Tourism" within the framework of FITUR 2019, which will take place from 23 to 27 January at the fairgrounds of IFEMA (Madrid).

For the elaboration of this study, the data of the reservations of vacation products made by the users of the portal throughout 2018 have been compiled, creating an x-ray that includes the habits of the tourist during the past year and the destinies that will be trend in 2019

According to the information gathered by Atrápalo, the Costa Cálida is ranked ninth in the national ranking of the most popular places for tourism in Atrápalo beach for the second consecutive year.

The average price for accommodation in this destination Murcia was € 552.06 and the average length of stay of four nights (4.3), staying with respect to 2017.

Its beaches and coves, cliffs, its lively atmosphere and more than 3,000 hours of sun a year are the main attractions of the popular Costa Cálida de Murcia.

Among the tourists, La Carolina Beach, Cala Leño and Playa de los Cocedores stand out.

Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

Costa del Sol (Malaga)

Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

Costa Blanca (Alicante)

Costa Azahar (Castellón)

Costa Dorada (Tarragona)

Costa Cálida (Murcia)

Coast of Almeria (Almería)

On the other hand, Cartagena is positioned as one of the destinations that will be a trend in 2019, entering for the first time in the list of national City Breaks thanks to the celebration of interesting events such as Holy Week, one of the biggest hallmarks of the place by its uniqueness, which has achieved a great tourist impact at the national level.

Source: Agencias

The Community connects the airport with the Mar Menor tourist complexes

January 18th, 2019

The Minister of Public Works stresses that "the passenger transport service is adapted to the schedules of the flights and increases the intermodality of the airport"

The Autonomous Community promotes tourism to the Mar Menor with two direct bus lines from the Murcia Region International Airport to serve the thousands of visitors to the Mar Menor tourist complexes, as well as the inhabitants of the area.

These bus lines have their origin stop at the airport and tour the tourist areas of San Pedro del Pinatar, Lo Pagan, San Javier, La Ribera, Los Alcázares and six urbanizations with golf courses located on the coast.

The public transport system of the airport is completed with two other lines with direct connection to Murcia and Cartagena.

The Minister of Development and Infrastructure, Patricio Valverde, reported today the regular bus services that are provided at the airport since its commissioning, and stressed that "their schedules are adapted to the current flight planning, both on arrival and departure, to facilitate the intermodal transshipment of travelers ".

Thus, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days with the most frequencies of buses linked to air operations.

The counselor Patricio Valverde advanced that "the quadrant of the summer flights is being closed so that the bus lines will be readjusted with the proper destinations of this time of year, in which the number of visitors to the Region increases".

The regional government is already working on the definition of a new line to La Manga and Cabo de Palos for its implementation before Easter, coinciding with the summer season of flight planning, which begins in April.

It is also studying the possibility of opening other lines with the airport, such as in the southern area of ​​the Mar Menor, Lorca, Mazarrón and Águilas.

The counselor indicated that "the new bus lines will be implemented to meet the needs, for which the real demand of travelers will be studied," adding that "we must take into account that the creation of a transport line does not generate a priority destination, but on the contrary ".

Bus stop

The two bus lines that connect the airport with Murcia and Cartagena have their stops at the bus stations of both cities and at the airport, although other points of attraction for travelers are being studied.

Their prices are 5 and 6 euros, respectively.

For its part, the regular passenger service Airport-Los Narejos runs through the municipality of Los Alcázares and six developments with golf courses: La Torre Golf, Terrazas Golf, Mar Menor Golf, Serena Golf, Los Narejos and Roda Golf.

Buses stop at the golf courses, while they have a marquee on Avenida Libertad de Los Alcázares, next to the church of La Roda and on Avenida de Cartagena in Los Narejos.

The price of this tour amounts to 10 euros.

The bus line that provides the service between the airport, San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar has stops at Lo Pagán, the San Pedro bus station, the Academia General del Aire avenue in La Ribera and the Mar Menor and Aviation avenues. Spanish of San Javier.

The ticket for this line has a price of 10 euros.

These services have a weekly cycle of 47 round trips, of which 24 are one way and another 23 return.

The busiest days are Tuesdays and Saturdays, followed by Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

These lines guarantee territorial coverage throughout the Region, since from the bus stations of Murcia and Cartagena the tourist can reach any final destination in the Region.

Users can check the schedules and stops of each of the lines on the website of the company that provides the service (www.interbusmurcia.es), where they can purchase their tickets in advance through online sales.

Source: CARM

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